RIP Note: The following project has been canceled. Renewed interest in it is possible, but not likely at this time.

Mackley's Wardrobe is a canceled 2009 TV series premise by Dozerfleet Productions. It starred Mutt Mackley as the live-in companion of a Ferris State resident named Charlotte.


Charlotte Duvarin is a college junior studying graphic design at Ferris State. Unlike other graphic design students, she chooses to live in Bond rather than in Taggart Hall. She begins to adapt to life slowly, while dealing with the comical mischief of her friends. One day, however, a small, sassy dog sneaks in through her window when she leaves the screen open. The dog reveals himself to be Mackley, and claims he was sent to stay with her for a semester. The two argue, but she agrees to let him live in her wardrobe.

As Charlotte goes about her residential life trying to make things in her life make sense, Mackley occasionally chimes in his wisdom. In exchange, Charlotte agrees to try to keep Mackley's presence a secret.

Cast and crew

  • Mutt Mackley: A sassy talking dog that gives snarky advice to aid a college student out who is hiding him. His origins are shrouded in mystery. Portrayed by a 1980's-produced R. Dakin & Co. hand puppet.
  • Angelina McClane as Charlotte Duvarin: A clueless college student trying to adapt to her new life in Bond Hall.
  • Zach Foster as George Phillips-Stareemly: Nicknamed "GPS" pejoratively by Mackley, George is Charlotte's other best friend.


Every member of the class would have been part of the crew. Cassie Tilne was the one to first suggest The Widower and the Conspiracy, which became The Widow and the Conspiracy before becoming Kozerlen. It was the pitch for Kozerlen that most quickly prompted Mackley's Wardobe to be canceled. Later, Kozerlen itself would be canceled in favor of Blood Over Water.


Class instructor Nathan Meadows described Mackley's Wardrobe as being "a great plan."[1] Others in the class remarked that it was "very well-thought-out." Ultimately though, it was turned down as being "too narrow, and too limited to just one man's imagination." Cassie's suggestion of a serial drama gathered the most support in class, which ultimately led to Blood Over Water becoming a replacement.


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