Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility was a real life operation of the Indiana Department of Corrections. It was in operation until May of 2018, when it was officially decommissioned. It started redirecting inmates and operations to Camp Summit Boot Camp in LaPorte as early as October of 2017[1], due to low enrollment and state-implemented cost-cutting measures proposed earlier in 2017 following Mike Pence's election to vice president.

Madison once housed the only at-the-time exclusively-female juvenile detention center in the entire state of Indiana, focusing primarily on drug-addicted teenage girls typically from low-income / dysfunctional families. It featured prominently in at least two documentaries.

It is a frequent setting in the Centipede and Fire trilogy within the Legacy volume of The Gerosha Chronicles, being the location that once housed Ciem, Flintirah, Leopaw, and Coral Marmo. It has been attacked in the Cataclysmic Gerosha Aligned Continuity Family by villains such as Drop-In, Eric Korsicht, Quoll, the Screwworm Network, and the Anito Squad. It also employed at one point Paul "Goatgruff" Driveway, and SCALLOP agent Randy Lapborn worked here as a liaison between SCALLOP and the Indiana Department of Corrections.

While Ciem: Caldera acknowledges that the girls are moving to LaPorte, it depicts the majority of them still in Madison in November of 2017, with Candi being released from Madison in January of 2018. The center is destroyed by yet another attack - this time from Halal Affadidah's forces - in May of 2018 in Cataclysmic Gerosha, following when it was to be officially decommissioned. This final assault on the buildings forces the few remaining girls at Madison to be relocated immediately to LaPorte, thus ending Madison's possession of them permanently.


Note: Earth-GØ and Earth-Ø (pronounced "Earth-G-Nada or Earth-Nada") in Dozerfleet vernacular refers to our Earth. It is the equivalent of the original definition of "Earth-Prime" in DC vernacular, or of Earth-1218 in Marvel vernacular.


The Madison State (Psychiatric) Hospital first opened in the early 20th century.[2] Its signature buildings were erected in 1907, with the architect desiring to model them after Mediterranean cottages not uncommon in southern Spain or parts of Greece. As the facility expanded operations for the state of Indiana, one building of the psych ward was repurposed as a 70-inmate all-male prison in 1989. A few years later, several more buildings were reworked for this purpose, rendering the first Madison Adult Correctional Facility as a full-blown male adult prison in the 90s. By 2003, more than enough male prison resources had been allocated across Indiana. However, the limitations to security options for the Madison facility for adults made it qualified as a minimum security-at-best center.

Issues arose elsewhere across Indiana with the need to house female inmates for minor offenses, mainly drug-related offenses. In 2004, the prison side of the greater facility became an all-female operation, with the men relocated to newer places more capable of meeting their specific needs. The adult system expanded to six buildings just to house all these women.

With even more buildings being constructed all the time on campus, business boomed. However, there were concerns about the growing number of female juveniles that required intervention, and needed a female-dedicated facility. Realizing that a handful of extra buildings existed for general population going beyond what the adult facility required, the state elected to turn the excess buildings into a juvenile center - one that would implement different programs for corrections than what had been tried in the predominantly male juvenile centers across the state. This was all in the hopes of getting to troubled young girls early enough to prevent them from finding themselves in situations that would necessitate desperate behavior to survive, thus reducing the risk of recidivism.

Madison's juvenile wing was opened for operations in 2009[3]. While its population rapidly exploded the first year, the number of juvenile offenders going through its program at the time quickly turned things around once out - with many of them heading home and using the successes of the program to inform other local communities of what worked and didn't. Schools started paying closer attention, and delinquency amongst teenage girls began to decline by 2013. This was in spite the fact that the Opioid Crisis continued to grow the need for adult female incarceration.

Not all was great at the facility. In spite its best efforts, the facility wasn't able to 100% protect juveniles inside from sexual misconduct by staff. Cody Konkle, Kody Hale, and Jacob Wise all proved to be real-life Drop-Ins, just minus the cool Hebbleskin toys and homicidal tendencies.[4] Bryant Jahrries, a fourth, presumably committed suicide in order to avoid prosecution. One reason the girls were relocated to Madison in the first place was due to the Far-West Juvenile center's lackadaisical attitude about staff-on-inmate rape, and general lack of concern for enforcing the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. [5]

As the Madison adult center's capacity reached 84% and the number of juveniles enrolled started to decline rapidly to the lower 50s in number, writing was on the wall for the center to be repurposed. Shut down operations began in October of 2017, and full closure of the juvenile facility was official in May of 2018. By March of that year, the majority of operations had already been relocated to LaPorte. The old juvenile center buildings were to be rennovated and reworked into part of the adult campus.

Documentary presence

As research was being done for how to handle Candi's situation in Ciem: Inferno - which would later inspire the rest of the Centipede and Fire trilogy as well as Fall of the Critter Resistance as a spin-off - Dozerfleet Comics took on a very curious interest in the social climate and logistics of female juvenile detention centers. However, reliable materials on the subject were scattered, and offered little insight into the social climate of how inmates and guards realistically would interact with each other under mundane circumstances. There was a scramble to search for materials that would shed more light on the subject, compounded by a need to further research adult centers for Sodality: Vindication.

Hollywood and indie company movies proved to be of little use, with most depicted scenarios coming off as highly contrived and stereotyped around 1970s exploitation film tropes. Jared Cohn's Jailbait, released by The Asylum, was the inspiration behind early drafts for Inferno, in which Candi took Anna's place - but was too overpowered and overconfident to be so easily abused. Kody (played by Erin O'Brien) became the main inspiration behind Amirah Rose, except her seemingly all-powerful social bubble in Jailbait was routinely subverted and humiliated by Candi's actions in ways that borrowed cues from the Peter Parker and Flash Thompson bully fight scene in 2002's Spider-Man. The Sparks of Vengeance were originally to be a parody of the Low Riders, but they were later rewritten to be less evil and more sympathetic.

Jailbait was later set to be parodied in the Camelorum Adventures 2-parter "17 and Amphibious," wherein which Candace Mason travels to the Teen in Terror Life pocket dimension to stop Rita Rigatoni's evil plans; but then gets mistaken for a juvenile delinquent and sent to the same center as Anna Ford. After some careful testing of Candace's DNA and bones reveals she's not really a teen (she's almost 21 by that point), Candace is then taken to an adult center, in a parody of Prison Break: The Final Break. She returns to Camelorum with MODM's help, with a clone of Anna somehow being created by the Percolation Wave. Said clone is then turned into a frog by being too close to Carly Rancine upon entry to the main Dromedeverse, and is hired by Stan Woudean to be his new secretary - much to everyone's confusion. (A confusion made worse when the frog does a better job than Julie Mulie.)

Several episodes of Locked Up and Lockdown were released on Netflix for research, yet these were almost never around juvenile centers and seldom featured women's centers. More to that, non-staged interactions between prisoners proved to be very rare, leading to ineffective pursuit of research for social climate depictions that would be useful for writing Inferno. Heavy editing also complicated matters.

The series Las Vegas Jail offered some insight; but was mitigated by the majority of prisoners focused on being adult males and of a reflection of Vegas culture rather than southern Indiana culture. None of these shows seemed to be good references to explain what Candi would have personally experienced. The A&E series 60 Days In offered some relief, as its first season was at least set in Indiana. However, it focused too greatly on adult temporary detention, not on long-term juvenile detention. As such, it was of little use for describing what Candi would've had to deal with in her journey. This was further mitigated by real-life former inmate Jaime Lind expressing her accusations of the show's producers being less-than-honest via both repurposing of pods and of heavy editing to the first season to make plants Tammi and Barb look more noble than they actually were.

The first actual gem of useful information came upon discovery of the British documentary 2-parter Kid Criminals, first released in 2015. Its second episode focused on Indiana's juvenile prison population, with parts of it emphasizing Madison in particular. While others at Madison featured on the episode, then-superintendent Tim Greathouse and then-inmate Amanda Artyamsoal got the most speaking lines.

While Amanda's accessory to arson and murder circumstances weren't ultimately used for Candi's specific situation, she did inspire the theme of Candi initially being mistaken for an arsonist. Candi's problems with being mistaken for other girls that looked like her that were wanted on felony charges continued to be a theme in Sodality: Adaptation, where Candi had to clear her name after being confused with doppelganger Julia "La Scarrabachonda" Milagro.

By far, a majority of the depictions of Madison culture in the Centipede and Fire trilogy take cues from Netflix's January 2018 release of Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up, which centered around the everyday lives of prisoners and staff at Madison between the months of March and September of 2017.

Notable inmates

Notable inmates at the real-life center included:

  • Amanda Artyamsoal (inspiration behind some of Candi's circumstances, though Amanda's exact ones weren't used.)
  • Heidi Lankin (inspiration behind Hannah Stoutquin)
  • Taryn Twine (inspiration behind Tanya Woven)
  • Najwa Pollard (inspiration behind Candi's circumstances in Ash Cloud)
  • Aubrey Wilson
  • Brianna Guerra
  • Paige McAtee

Notable staff

These real-life former staff members inspired the existence of fictional staff members mentioned in Earth-G7:

  • Tim Greathouse (one of the inspirations behind Bruce Almin)
  • Jon Galipeau (James Galloper is a stand-in fictionalized version.)
  • Jacie Minnick (inspiration behind Stacy Walleye.)
  • Cecil K. Davis (inspiration behind Sam Sinatra, a Rat Pack referential joke)

Several fictional employees' Sims 4 models were based on real-life employees' likenesses for the Staff Guidebook (linked below.) Fictional Promise High math teacher Lester Vergt, for example, was face modeled after the actual math teacher at Madison during the filming of Girls Incarcerated, as was Betty Petty's face model as computer lab assistant. (However, her hairstyle was not kept the same.)

Earth-G7 / G7.2 / G7.2.1

In The Gerosha Chronicles, mainly the Cataclysmic Gerosha Aligned Continuity Family, many events related to the life of Candi Flippo center around Madison Juvenile. It is the setting of a large portion of Ciem: Inferno, Ciem: Ash Cloud, and Ciem: Caldera. It has a cameo appearance in Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance, and is alluded to in Sodality, Anarteq: Guardian of the Soo, and the fanfic A Centipede Lost in the Spiderverse (a comic strip re-imagining available on DeviantArt of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in which Ciem is shoehorned into the plot of Miles Morales' origin story.)

Kirby Act controversy

The facility's purpose was hijacked in 2015 by the Kirby Act and Beliah Amendments. It become secondarily a housing center for female teenage Phexos, Meethexos, and Marlquaanites living in the state of Indiana whose powers, actions, attitudes, or miscellaneous situational details had led to them running afoul of the wishes of either the state government, federal government, or SCALLOP director Darius Philippine. Use of the facility for this purpose was supposedly to lighten the load on the Texas-based SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center.

This didn't stop many critics from claiming that the real reason this was being done was to further take advantage of the chaos sown by the Triumvirate on Earth as an excuse to continue the erosion of constitutional rights. Increasingly fickle reasons to condemn young women to the prison were alleged by these critics to be evidence of corruption, and were compared to Mark Ciavarella's Kids-for-Cash scam. SCALLOP lawyers out to defend Darius argued that this was an unfair analogy, as SCALLOP personnel received no kickbacks for sending children to Madison instead.

Like in our reality, Madison was shut down in May of 2018 here. However, it was shut down due to repeatedly enduring structural damage from the Triumvirate's relentless forces, as opposed to mere state budgeting issues.

Candi's time served

After getting sent to Vanderburgh County following her arrest on allegations of arson and terrorism, Candi finds herself temp-adjudicated to this facility by Judge Robert Deckinson.Inferno She is cleared of initial charges and released after ten days; but soon finds herself on trial again over the "data leak" in which locals discovered the existence of Zeran wardrobes - a felony under the Kirby Act. Candi was sentenced to indeterminate confinement at Madison, to repeat her program as often as Darius saw fit.

She wound up mostly having to advocate for herself, since her public defender was the fairly useless James Lonsil. She also took more heat than necessary to protect Erin and Imaki. Her superintendent was Bruce Almin. She befriended Amirah Rose and Nancy Hizrah while inside, though Amirah was initially a rival. Together, Candi and Amirah defeated Drop-In. Amirah later was transferred to SJCC. Meanwhile, Candi converted Amirah's old Sparks of Vengeance gang into a Buttercream-like group called "Last Legs."

Candi is later furloughed in order to rescue Almin after he is abducted by Eric Korsicht, in spite knowing this could lead to an extension of the time she would have to serve.Ash Cloud She was issued one more furlough, to rid the newly-forming Exodus Agenda in Gerosha from a monster identifying by "Quoll."Caldera After exposing Corey Flontin (the superintendent who replaces Almin) as an Icy Finger spy and getting James Galloper put in charge of the facility, Candi is finally released to the Trenson family - whose lives she saved in Cincinnati while rescuing Almin from Korsicht.

Miriam was almost sent here as well; but SCALLOP personnel decided that it would be wiser to send her to SJCC. They wanted to keep the Flippo sisters apart. The two sisters would each serve two years at their respective facilities, before receiving a true release.

Housing units

The buildings are assigned unit numbers. In Earth-G7, there are six such houses dedicated to the general population of girls. Each of these houses can hold potentially 20 - 40 girls inside, depending on single or double bedding for rooms. This is inspired by the fact that in Netflix's Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up docuseries, the girls of Units 5 and 6 received special emphasis. No mention of general population was made for other housing buildings, so the use of 1-4 as part of that purpose was for convenience of storytelling and organization.

Notable inmates (Earth-G7)

The following young women were known to have been housed in Madison from the time of Ciem: Inferno until the shutdown in 2018. Girls are shown in the unit number they were in when they were first introduced in the timeline. Most girls stayed in that unit until release. However, come Caldera, there's a considerable reduction in the number of girls attending. Units 1-3 were shut down as general population centers and repurposed, leaving only Units 4 and 5 operational for that purpose. The roster depicts 26 girls incarcerated, even though the real number in 2017 was about double that.

Name Charges Program duration Appears in Special notes Fate
Unit 1
Ruth Teenal Assault / drugs 12/15 - 6/16 Ash Cloud Anger issues Killed by a Screwworm agent
Marie Tipsburg Drug violations 3/16 - 6/16 Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Breanda Georgia Robbery, GTA, B&E, runaway 6/15 - 5/18 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Former Tree Hop Piru Released without incident
Michelle Shock Incendiary / weapons violations 5/14 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Anger issues Killed by Anitos
Zendaya Meteer Runaway / drugs 11/14 - 12/15 Inferno - Released without incident
Tracy Offhope Shoplifing / drugs 8/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Korsicht
Da'Javon Moliffe Assault / drugs 3/15 - 2/16 Inferno - Released without incident
Moira Noplate Joyriding / drugs 9/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Lynn Tovdreer Arson 11/13 - 2/16 Inferno ADHD Released without incident
Simone Somwhyne Alcohol violations 9/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Alcoholic Killed by a Screwworm agent
Minnie Ature Aggravated assault 4/16 - 6/16 Ash Cloud - Killed by Korsicht
Tina Starwoscan Aggravated assault 1/16 - 6/16 Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Olive O'Yiel Accessory to grand larceny 7/17 - 11/17 Caldera - Released without incident
Unit 2
Sue Ermize Burglary 5/15 - 2/16 Inferno - Released without incident1
Sheila Rozu Prostitution 8/15 - 6/16 Inferno Sex offender Released without incident2
Ura Reewaner Burglary 10/15 - 5/18 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera - Released without incident
Meagan Amez Kirby Act violation 4/15 - 12/15 Inferno - Released without incident
Pollyanne Zuratid Petty larceny (multiple counts) 11/12 - 12/15 Inferno Kleptomaniac Released without incident
Missy Tabuz Joyriding 9/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Issues with authority Killed by Korsicht
Donna Looquduhm Aggravated assault 8/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Angie O. Plastie Impersonating a nurse 9/15 - 12/17 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Joined Last Legs, loves to help Released without incident
Bri Notabakkon Drug violations 3/15 - 4/18 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Anger issues, former member of the Sparks of Vengeance, joined Last Legs Released without incident
Melissa Ojala Runaway, alcohol violations 4/16 - 11/17 Ash Cloud, Caldera Sexual abuse victim Released without incident
Riddhi Hital Destruction of property, accessory to murder 3/16 - 12/17 Ash Cloud, Caldera Clinical psychopath Transferred out to long-term psychiatric care
Rhoda Tzotski Piracy, assault with a deadly weapon (multiple accounts) 9/16 - 5/18 Caldera Anger issues Transferred to LaPorte
Robin Zubwae Robbery, drug violations 4/16 - 6/17 Ash Cloud - Released without incident
Danielle Anshaught Drug violations 2/16 - 10/16 Ash Cloud - Released without incident
Unit 3
Candi Flippo Kirby Act violation (2 counts), curfew violation 12/15 - 1/18 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera Centhuen Prototype, moderately depressed, sexual addiction, codependency, founder of Last Legs Released without incident
Amirah Rose Arson, assault 8/15 - 10/15 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud Anger issues, Marlquaanite, fire hazard, bullying tendencies Transferred to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center
Nancy Hizrah Animal cruelty 10/15 - 1/18 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera Low self-esteem Released without incident
Patty Trean Bounced a check 5/16 - 11/17 Ash Cloud, Caldera Low self-esteem, joined Last Legs Released without incident
Brittany Lohmeyer Trespassing, theft of electrical equipment, Kirby Act violation, curfew violation 8/15 - 11/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Former member of the Sparks of Vengeance, great inventor, joins Last Legs Released without incident
Samirah Fantine Home invasion 7/15 - 9/17 Inferno, Ash Cloud Former member of the Sparks of Vengeance, joins Last Legs, learning disabilities Released without incident
JiMin Park Abuse of ectasy 10/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Severe depression, joined Last Legs Killed by Korsicht
Stacy Bombhina Reckless discharge, involuntary manslaughter (of a fireman) 9/15 - 5/18 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Severe mental case Transferred to Rockville Correctional on aging up
Anita Zarplaty 1st-degree murder 10/15 - 5/18 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Clinical psychopath Transferred to an adult facility, mandatory psychiatric care
Pearl E. White Kirby Act violation, parole violation, destruction of property, assault 6/15 - 10/15, 7/16-11/17 Inferno, Caldera Marlquaanite, but mostly cooperative. To be considered extremely dangerous all the same. Alias of "Leopaw." Released, returned on parole violation, released second time without incident
Tanya Woven Vehicular manslaughter 8/17 - 1/18 Caldera Moderate depression, joined Last Legs Released without incident
Toni Joinz Mischief involving Homeowners' Association 8/17 - 5/18 Caldera Extreme libertarian Transferred to LaPorte
Unit 4
Emma Lohtz Manslaughter 6/14 - 9/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Member of the Order of the Oraphim Released without incident
Tab Sonyu Aggravated stalking, trespassing, accessory to murder 4/14 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Korsicht
Amani Zinmairuhm Manslaughter 9/14 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Sexual abuse victim Killed by Korsicht
Raven Anrantin Unlawful protesting, runaway, Kirby Act violations 7/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Korsicht
Diamond Ozin Jewelry theft, fencing 10/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Former member of the Blacklight Streakmates Killed by Korsicht
Heather Forn Grand theft helicopter 10/13 - 11/15 Inferno - Released without incident
Ebony Katoolidge Desecration of a corpse, defiant toward parents, drug abuse 12/13 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Oppositional defiant disorder, former member of the Blacklight Streakmates Killed by Korsicht
Bella Weasel Credit card fraud 7/15 - 5/16 Inferno - Released without incident
Neva Oskthat Aggravated assault 9/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Hannah Stoutquin Drug violations, runaway, disrespectful to parents 1/16 - 3/18 Ash Cloud, Caldera - Released without incident
Nida Hallot Robbery 8/17 - 5/18 Caldera - Released without incident
Coral Marmo Kirby Act violation, drug violation (distributing Remotach without SCALLOP approval) 7/17 - 5/18 Caldera Phaelite, joined Last Legs Transferred to LaPorte
Ida Gahtit Accessory to robbery (lookout) 3/16 - 10/16 Ash Cloud Learning disabled Released without incident
Hella Votine Accessory to election fraud 3/16 - 6/16 Ash Cloud - Killed by Korsicht
Unit 5
Upma Skoor Hacking, extortion 8/15 - 9/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Released without incident
Jaqueline Lyon Trespassing on zoo property 1/15 - 8/17 Inferno, Ash Cloud Severe mental case Released without incident
Fay Talistik Attempted murder, animal cruelty, arson, kidnapping 1/15 - 3/16 Inferno Clinical psychopath Transferred to long-term psychiatric care
Claire Awfy Drug offenses, unlawful protest, runaway 7/15 - 8/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Released without incident
Emma Nobati GTA, misuse of bath salts, suicidal tendencies 6/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Severe depression Killed by Korsicht
Asha Antust Drugs / petty larceny / arson 11/13 - 2/16 Inferno - Released without incident
Polly Polisbro Runaway, stalking, vandalism, GTA 10/15 - 7/17 Inferno, Ash Cloud Severe mental case Released without incident3
Frankie Modeer Vandalism, possession of cocaine 11/14 - 1/16 Inferno - Released without incident
Machi Kuloor B&E 9/15 - 11/17 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Extreme OCD Released without incident
Mandy Fonze Impersonation of telecommunications personnel 12/15 - 9/16 Ash Cloud - Released without incident
Callie Yahlater Terrorist bomb threat 1/16 - 6/16 Ash Cloud Clinical sociopath Killed by Korsicht
Unit 6
Ashley Ansmohki Arson 2/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Clinical sociopath Killed by Korsicht
Amanda Sockarund Aggravated assault, domestic abuse 5/15 - 8/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Anger issues Released without incident
Flo Thatarway Drug violations / animal cruelty 6/15 - 4/16 Inferno Paranoid schizophrenia Transferred out to long-term psychiatric care
So-Pah Aino Production of methamphetamine 2/15 - 6/16 Inferno - Released without incident, moved to Texas
Linda Hand Shoplifting, runaway 4/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Kleptomaniac Killed by Korsicht
Kareem Omarshoo Shoplifting 9/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud - Killed by Anitos
Phoebe Gadsbury Grand theft auto 11/15 - 6/16 Inferno, Ash Cloud Severe mental case Killed by Korsicht
Nicole Cuckrus Possession of heroin, B&E 10/15 - 6/16 Inferno Joined the Last Legs Released without incident4
Cassie Plestaroon Drug offenses, resisting arrest 4/15 - 2/16 Inferno - Released without incident
Dashiell Tazno B&E, horsenapping 2/16 - 12/16 Ash Cloud Very disturbed individual Released without incident
  1. Sue's fears of the outside world were soon after realized, and her program therapy quickly undone as her concerns proved justified. She was murdered shortly after gaining her freedom.
  2. Sheila managed to get out right before Korsicht's raid, and was spared the slaughter that many other girls were subjected to.
  3. Polly survived to release from Madison, but was later killed by Affadidah's forces in 2018.
  4. Nicole was later forcibly injected against her will once outside the facility, and murdered by overdose. She entered Madison to serve her sentence around the same time Candi was temp-adjudicated. She got along with Candi fairly well, and helped teach Candi increased empathy. She was set free just a few days before Korsicht's raid, and spared the horrors of it.

Notable correctional staff (Earth-G7)

The following staff members were known to have been employed at Madison from the time of Ciem: Inferno until the shutdown in 2018. Staff assignments are based on depictions in Girls Incarcerated and on information available on the Indiana DOC website concerning LaPorte's staff.

Special staff

Name Position Tenure Appears in Special notes
Special staff
Bruce Almin Superintendent 1/2011 - 12/2017 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera Had to resign due to his health
Corey Flontin Superintendent 12/2017 - 2/2018 Technically post-Caldera Exposed as Icy Finger spy and dealt with
James Galloper Superintendent 2/2018-5/2018 post-Caldera timeline / epilogue Oversaw transfer of few remaining students out of Madison and into LaPorte
Stacey Walleye Counselor 2/2011 - 12/2017 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera Transferred out, to be replaced with Alina Bofir
Randy Lapborn SCALLOP liaison / GAH and Marlquaanite student case worker 4/2015 - 5/2018 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera Is needed for Candi to get a S'Poler and a furlough to be Ciem outside Madison's walls. Trains Jordan Grentzwell to be his backup. Is also a case worker for Miriam, in spite her not being sent to the same facility.
Brooke Nookery Business office contact 3/2011 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Colin Gourd Custody and programs secretary / student visitation information specialist 10/2013 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Sam Sinatra Media contact 9/2014 - 5/2018 Inferno, Caldera -
Matt Carey Administrative assistant 5/2012 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Jack Silver Program director 2/2010 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Starr Teeli Community involvement coordinator 4/2012 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Lana Olanski Transition coordinator 9/2012 - 5/2018 Inferno, Caldera Introduced in Inferno, helps secure Candi's adoption by Cynthia Trenson near the end of Caldera. Plays no major role in Ash Cloud. Also handled devotions. Was unpopular with some girls for having Biblicaly-accurate views on the Vocational Destiny of human sexuality, though Candi defended her in spite knowing this meant Candi had a harder time defending her own past decisions.

Corrections officers

Name Tenure Appears in Special notes
Corrections officers
Audrey Motin 2/2013 - 5/2018 Inferno, Fall of the Critter Resistance, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Lonny Factor 1/2014 - 11/2015 Inferno Exposed as the supervillain Drop-In, killed by Flintirah.
Fran Hostar 1/2014 - 11/2015 Inferno Exposed as a Hebbleskin spy.
Chad E. Trea 8/2014 - 11/2015 Inferno Replaced by Reese Bautista.
Jordan Grentzwell 3/2014 - 8/2017 Inferno, Ash Cloud -
Reese Bautista 11/2015 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Sent to replace Chad E. Trea.
Heidi Montanier 12/2013 - 5/2016 Inferno, Ash Cloud Replaced by Jake Maroon.
Jake Maroon 5/2016 - 10/2017 Ash Cloud, Caldera Sent to replace Heidi Montanier, replaced later by Trent Ovenier.
Bill Hompetek 11/2015 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera Was sent to replace Fran Hostar after she resigned and fled.
Brian Tomes 11/2014 - 1/2016 Inferno
Brett Gazelle 1/2016 - 6/2016 Ash Cloud Killed by Anitos
Terry McCoy 2/2013 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Laney Changier 5/2015 - 5/2018 Inferno, Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Trent Ovenier 7/2017 - 11/2017 Caldera Killed by Quoll
Tom Index 3/2016 - 5/2018 Ash Cloud, Caldera -
Paul Driveway 2/2016 - 6/2016 Ash Cloud Weregoat ("Satyr") Meethexo turned good, alias "Goatgruff". Killed by Korsicht. Was originally sent to replace Lonny Factor.

Promise Jr. / High School staff (Earth-G7)

When the real-life Madison Juvenile was still operational, the Indiana DOC noticed a large problem and sought to use the Madison model to correct it: uneducated women being highly prone to recidivism. Promise High School and Promise Junior High School operated out of the greater Madison Juvenile complex, as a way to help disadvantaged young women who'd fallen on the wrong side of the law gain the GED level education that life had denied them, as a further deterrent to a future life of crime and as a way to combat the School-to-Prison Pipeline that was becoming a societal epidemic.

Candi would no doubt have found herself attending a fictionalized version of this same school. While mostly based on real-life former faculty, the faculty listed here are entirely fictionalized versions of this part of Madison's staff. All members were active from before Inferno until just after the end of Caldera, so they are "in" all parts of the Centipede and Fire trilogy - even if playing very small background roles.

Name Position
Rick Evans Principal
Lionel Monsoon Gym teacher
Mike Eagleton Science teacher
Betty Petty Computer lab technician / teaching assistant
George Brenna Post-secondary / reentry / vocational programs teacher (part time)
Christine Speasely Social studies teacher
Lester Vergt Math teacher
Miranda Vergt English / language arts teacher
Marie Silverforge Special education secretary


The former Madison Juvenile is located on the same campus as the Madison State Hospital psychiatric ward, as well as the Madison Correctional facility (adult female prison.) The operation was moved in 2018 to the Camp Summit Boot Camp in LaPorte, just a few miles from Michigan City.

Candi was released in mid-January of 2018 to the new home in Gerosha of Cynthia and Karen Trenson, who'd agreed to sponsor her until the restrictions on Erin and Imaki were lifted. Therefore, she never had to worry about moving to LaPorte.


Instead of traditional numeric sentences in months / years, Madison students were given a curriculum that they had to complete. This could either implement or replace their high school education, adding credit toward a high school diploma or GED or else giving them the tools to get a GED and bypass high school entirely, all depending on their unique situations.

Candi's being a Phexo that ran afoul of Darius Philippine meant that she needed to also gain the approval of SCALLOP to be released, along with meeting all the requirements of the staff of Madison and the state of Indiana. This was also true for Pearl and Coral, although Darius sought to make it extra-difficult for Candi.

Real programs

The programs listed below are either past Madison programs or present LaPorte facility programs that exist(ed) in real life.

More information is available on LaPorte's official website.

Steve’s Bible Study*

 * now Allen's Bible Study

Cage Your Rage (For Women)
  • Anger Has Many Faces
  • Feelings: All is Not as it Seems
  • Shame, Guilt and Embarrassment
  • Managing Anger
  • Tools that Help
  • Timeouts and Anger Logs
  • Other Anger Management Skills
Criminal and Addictive Thinking
Thinking Greatly Employability Skills Finally-Free Prison Ministry
Girls, Inc. Grief and Loss Habitat for Humanity Restore
Healthy Relationships Relapse Prevention Group Sisterhood Christian Drama Ministry
St. John’s Bible Study Substance Abuse Treatment Group Suicide Prevention
  • Dropout prevention
  • Violence prevention
  • Drug and alcohol prevention
  • Truancy reduction
  • Failure reduction
  • Anti-bullying worksheets
YES Program


Earth-G7 additional programs

  • SCALLOP Mission Furloughs: Operates with the Restorative Justice agenda to help Marlquaanites and the genetically-altered (Phexos and Meethexos) use their gifts to thwart major crises.
  • Understanding the Kirby Act: A course specifically for genetically-altered and Marlquaanite offenders who may be confused about why they were deemed offenders in the first place, and on the few options they have if they believe themselves victims of injustice. May occur concurrently with Criminal and Addictive Thinking, or in place of it, if applicable.

Candi’s programs

Even though Bruce Almin was in disbelief that Darius would be so determined to put Candi in prison, not believing she deserved it, he realized it was to her benefit to play along. After having Stacey Walleye evaluate her, he took Stacey's evaluation to Jack Silver for processing. Silver assigned the following programs to Candi's curriculum, in order to help maintain appearances and assist Candi in her role as a play-along prisoner. Promise High principal Rick Evans then enforced Candi's curriculum to include these programs.

  • Cage Your Rage
  • Steve’s Bible Study
  • Employability Skills
  • Understanding the Kirby Act
  • Finally-Free Prison Ministry
  • Girls, Inc.
  • Grief and Loss
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Group
  • SCALLOP Mission Furloughs

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