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Lemon Witch
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The Gerosha Chronicles

Ciem-Sims 4

The Gerosha Chronicles is the largest and most ambitious project in the brand. The Abdygalis' destruction resulted in many BEPs, one of which was the Marlquaan. It arrived in this setting after the universe was split into several. Two alien worlds have been colonized, and history has been dramatically rewritten.
Evil is everywhere, and World War Altered Humanity is right around the corner. When superheroes fail, only a spiritual awakening stands between society as we know it and total destruction. The spirit of one small town in the 90s beckons to any who will still listen.

Dromedary Heights Universe


In this lighthearted-by-comparison universe, a BEP embeds itself in the core of the planet Xomia, and all mayhem breaks loose! Get ready for hijinks, slapstick, toon physics, surrealism, and a world where third-wave ska-punk never went out of style!

Ground zero for much of what happens is a coastal town in Delaware named Dromedary Heights, home of the world's most bizarre prison ever: Camelorum Correctional. Brace yourself for the zany times of the world's most adorably odd-lucked chain gang in Camelorum Adventures. See how a frog runs a radio station in the Philippines with The Slushy Show. Have a burger with a side of cartoon chaos in Grillitan Diner. And sing a new tune with The Trapezoid Kids.



Inspired by Japanese live-action media and US adaptations of said media, this universe formed when the EccentriaCore took residence inside the planet Cortascius and became part of its own universe. Tokusatsu, daikaiju, and J-horror genres take on an Irish-American twist in this adventure-rich universe with modern-day knights, treacherous blue faces, and a flying killer bovine!

Cagegirl Universe


If you haven't done so yet, you should totally check out Adam-00's graphic novel Cagegirl. A futuristic Hungary, sketchy powers, a doctor who knows too much, shady political figures, an eager wannabe heroine, and one mother of a woman who is as hot as the sun!

Creator Spotlight
  • Dominique GibbsGo to Dominique Gibbs
  • Eric StacyGo to Eric Stacy
  • Megan BarkerGo to Megan Barker
  • Tabby YoungGo to Tabby Young
  • FreeStockSwirlsGo to Freestockswirls
  • FugueStock (as Ivan Wilinski)Go to Fuguestock
  • Jessica TruscottGo to Jessica Truscott
  • CandiMugshotHoustonPolice.jpg Lee Loo La (as Candi Levens)Go to Lee Loo La
  • Mihaela Voicu (as Lemon Witch)Go to Mihaela Voicu
  • Patrycja Dorynek (as Stephanie Barrin)Go to Patrycja Dorynek
  • Shen KeGo to Shen Ke
  • Simone Steffer (as Maddening Rod)Go to Simone Steffer
For a more comprehensive list of creative talents that have been involved - directly or indirectly - in the creation of Dozerfleet content, see this directory here.

Chris Neumann


Chris was a creative consultant early on for Camelorum Adventures. He also has quite a few ideas of his own outside of Dozerfleet that could make for interesting TV shows. Check him out here, but also feel free to look up his ideas on his DeviantArt profile: Neumatic.

Bella Stanyer


Portraying Taterbug from The Gerosha Chronicles is only the beginning. This talented model from Stoke-on-Trent, UK may be perfect for your next project - especially if it's a zombie film! Learn more here.

Karina MacGill


This comic artist, costume designer, and art teacher became one of the earliest co-creators of the modern Dromedeverse. Learn more here.


Planned for future release

Sodality: Instigation


It's Cataclysmic Gerosha late in the year 2019. America has fallen. The heroes have failed. To ensure anyone survives the onslaught of the Triumvirate, they need to flee to Texas and regroup. They must be swift and resilient; and pray for resourcefulness and wisdom.

One false move could mean becoming the enemy's trophy. Many will be captured. Some won't live to see another year. For Candi and her friends, every day comes with a dual obligation: be prepared to live with purpose; yet prepared to die with dignity. Any day could be the last.

Volkonir: Rise of Semaphry (2015-)


Prince Volkonir was trapped in an enchanted toy for 400 years, but has since been freed from the spell for 8 years. However, the evil King Gwirmalesh has stepped up his game - and now has friends in Washington seeking to give the Gwirdons the power to conquer Earth. Worse, a cruel conspiracy has framed the prince's friends - and made them America's most wanted! With the FBI hot on their tail, Team Volkonir must save the day with the help of some new friends - and powers.

Already-published Spotlight

Cagegirl (2016)


Adam-00's graphic novel is now available to read in full on DeviantArt or ComicFury. US print release pending, once an additional publisher can be found.

Xira just wanted to put her powers to good use. She had no idea that simply refusing to be a puppet for a handful of bad men seeking to overthrow the government from within would land her in a long series of convoluted prison-related plots; which would force her to make a decision that could endanger all government structure around the world! And to replace it with what? This coming-of-age story set in a dystopian future Hungary is a must for fans of superhero fiction, as it shows that simply having powers and wanting to be good is not enough to make you so!

But will the prince's fiancee, Kayla Tarington, be able to master the Crystal Swan Cortascian Knight powers of Silnya Semaphry in time to save everyone - and confront the haunts of her dark and tragic past that have returned? Or will Volkonir have to fight this battle against the evil forces of the Gwirdons alone - and finally meet his match in the monster Diabloq? This work-in-progress novel documents the struggle of one prince to finish the job and do the right thing, as his future princess faces a similar struggle; in a world that combines the tokusatsu and paranoid thriller genres into an epic blast! </div>

Books that almost were

Ciem: Vigilante Centipede (2010)

This take on Ciem mythos sought to reinvent the character in a setting even darker than that of her Classic Gerosha comic form, and to take the same basic premise and turn it into a novel that could be sold in stores.

This was as a response to the fact that the original webcomic was made inside a video game, and therefore could not be made for profit. Ciem mythos was reinvented yet again as Cataclysmic Gerosha in 2012, in reaction to the elections of that year and also to streamline and integrate characters and their interactions better. As such, the world of this novel was made defunct, cancelling it and its planned sequels.

90 Has No Secant (2002)

Also done away with as part of continuity streaming for Cataclysmic Gerosha, this book was part one of what would have been The Meshalutian Trilogy. It attempted to capture the vibe of early-2000s J-horror, as a family trapped in their home during a supernatural hurricane has to use their wits to survive - even as home invaders plot additional malice for the family!

 Kulináriusz (2013)

(a.k.a. The Culinary Ones) This silly graphic novel epic would have revolved around a team of chefs sent on a mission to cook aliens that rain from the sky - before they become a threat. Adam-00 proposed the novel over a dare in a message board, over who could come up with the silliest possible premise for a graphic novel. Alas, the concept of Cagegirl evolved from and overshadowed Kulináriusz, ensuring it would (probably) never get released. The early evolution of Kulináriusz into Cagegirl can be seen at this exclusive link.

 The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens (2013)

It began when Prodigal-Gamer had a dream one evening about his wife being in a car accident. Most such dreams would disturb someone; but he found the world of that dream intriguing enough to keep exploring it long after waking up, and seeking to find meaning in it. Based on real-life events and experiences he'd heard of in his area, he crafted a world that would later become the basis of the comedic adaptation Camelorum Adventures.

Comics that once were



This short-lived comic sketch series, drawn by a 3rd grader in 1993, became the basis behind what would become Dozerfleet Comics many years later.

When Bikes Argue (2005)


This comic and its sequel imagined a world where vehicles held conversations and had agendas behind the backs of their owners. No, it wasn't anything like Disney/Pixar's Cars. But it was still humorous - and politically relevant for its time.

The Battle for Gerosha (2005)


Before it became a Cataclysmic Gerosha novel premise, The Battle for Gerosha was the first-ever DSHW Machinomic from Dozerfleet Comics. This Gerosha Prime entry helped solidify Gerosha mythos for all incarnations to follow.

Gored By Them Things (2004)


This classic sought to answer the question: "What if Lord of the Rings starred Beanie Babies?"

Lo-Mun's Cooking Adventure (2005)


An early attempt at Ciem 3 in 2005 came with some extras. One of them was Lo-Mun's Cooking Adventure. This was in response to a certain Ho-Yun Lee being disappointed that she didn't get a cameo in Ciem 3. Instead, her counterpart got her own story! But can she survive a talk show where the producers keep slashing her budget?



Who doesn't love a good Star Wars spoof now and then? In this one, Tiemess introduces everyone to the totally-mad "Medium Side," and maniacally laughs his way through pointless battles.

Ciem (2007)


In this Classic Gerosha comic from 2007, Candi struggles with reconciling her centipede-powered destiny; while also dealing with her need to start her life over after a complicated tragedy. Almost received two sequels.

Show premise highlights
Dozerfleet at Lansing Community College

Kings in the Corner (2003)

One of the first films ever made in the history of Dozerfleet Studios was this short film in the Mackleyverse, introducing us to Gambino Penguin, Detective Hooper, Smiley Toucan, and Officer Hornet. Oddly enough, Mutt Mackley himself did not appear in this entry.

The Blue Face Film Strips (2003)


Learn more here about the short film that - along with The Bison - became the foundation of the Volkonir-Bison universe.

Dozerfleet at Ferris State

FerrisGoldFlame "Service Workers" (2008)


In this episode of Who's Who at FSU? from 2008, host Terry Doyle interview various librarians, cafeteria workers, etc. to inform audiences of what it's like to be a service worker on campus. This is one of the first live performance captures to have Dozerfleet involvement.

FerrisGoldFlame "The Ferris State Criminal Justice Program" (2008)


In this episode of Beyond the Campus, then-Dean of the College of Education, Michelle Johnston, brought on several CJ students to talk about where they would be going in terms of police training academies once they left the program at Ferris.

FerrisGoldFlame Farewell Graduate: A Day at the Open House (2007)


This documentary detailed a young woman leaving high school to attend college several states away - as well as the best wishes of friends and family.

FerrisGoldFlame Mancino Pizza and Grinders of Big Rapids Ad (2010)


In 2010, this ad was released for the Mancino's Pizza and Grinders store of Big Rapids. It aired on Fox 32 Cadillac, as well as being part of the ad campaign that ran on the Ferris Access Channel for Ferris State Live and Ferris in Focus. It originally was to feature the voice of Volkonir as narration, until a last-minute replacement came in with a more pleasant voice.

Volkonir (2008)


In 2008, this film premise began the journey to developing a Volkonir mythos on the heels of The Blue Face Film Strips. A trailer was shot for it, and introduced Prince Volkonir to the world. The film was canceled due to casting issues. Had it been made, it would have starred John DeBruyn and Bethany Haase.

Volkonir Journals: Attempt #43 (2008)

Unable to make Volkonir the original way due to casting issues, this 2008 short film took its place. It wasn't great, but it was enough to establish the Volkonir mythos.

Dozerfleet at SWOCC Studios


Novi Heritage Festival


The Novi Heritage Festival in 2010 could best be described in four words: sheep and blistering heat. Learn more about this episode segment for the SWOCC Studios Special Events Show - the first one to be shot by the Dozerfleet founder. “Wanna pet a sheep? They had several.”

Farmington Idol


Back when American Idol was still a big deal on TV, the city of Farmington had its own version occurring shortly before the Farmington Founders Festival Parade. But no Simon Cowell to be found here. "This is a friendly competition!" they would tell you in a very unfriendly tone.

Commissioner's Corner


The county commissioner for Oakland County needs to know what's going on with charities and what-not. This show invited in those in the know to discuss. There was some Dozerfleet involvement in the creation of two episodes.

The Longacre House Cooking Show


In this standard cooking show, Chef Ann Marie walked visitors to the Longacre House in Farmington Hills through some of her favorite recipes. The Dozerfleet founder was there to help out the camera crew recording events at the scene.

Nature Discovery Center ad 2010


The Nature Discovery Center of Heritage Park in Farmington Hills needed an ad. So this one was made. Read up about it here.

Farmington Run For the Hills


This muggy day in 2010 known as the Farmington Run For the Hills race, was a stunt to raise awareness and funding for the Special Olympics of Oakland County, to occur at some later point.


The 2017 Power Rangers for The Sims 4


As part of development and raising awareness of Volkonir, a crossover fanfic dubbed Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers was created on Mod The Sims. Prince Volkonir, a pre-Crystal Swan Kayla Tarington, and Masato Yoneda have to stop Slaisionnach, the evil cousin of Seirsionnach, after he invades a world based on the 1993 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers show (with some references to the Boom! Studios comic continuity.) Volkonir also has the pleasure of teaming up with others to stop Slaisionnach, including the Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers, of all things! To top it off, he also meets other Rangers that are based on the 2017 film released by Saban and Lionsgate, with help from MODM from Camelorum Adventures!

DzMD, a part of Dozerfleet Labs operating out of DeviantArt (and sometimes also Mod The Sims) now contains downloads of the suits for this version of the Rangers, so you can install them in your copy of The Sims 4 today. All download detail links are provided here Now includes links to improved suit and helmet meshes from AmiSwift of The Sims Resource.

Sodality: Battle for Metheel (2013)


Before the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, Phaelon had no league of heroes of its own. When the dastardly King Morzhuk decides to avenge the fallen Hebbleskin Gang, he picks a fight with the Sodality of Gerosha. Before Sodality: Vindication was proposed, Battle for Metheel was to be the finale of Sodality.

This article is about the proposed video game of Battle for Metheel. If produced, it would combine third-person open sandbox play with Mortal Kombat-style fighting sequences - similarly to the DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The Gerosha Chronicles: Centipede + 49 (2013)


Inspired by the classic Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, this game, if made, would allow players to choose to play levels as either a third-person open sandbox game or as a first-person shooter, depending on whether they chose to play as Ciem or one of 49 trained soldiers. Each level would allow players to choose which mode they'd rather play in: superhero or soldier. See the restoration of America and fall of the Halal Affadidah regime in the 2050s, as you guide the team that takes back key cities.

Oh yeah...and you get to diffuse a 1GT nuke in Big Rapids.

Dozerfleet Gold Bar Statistics System (2013)

Blast range
Modeled after the Marvel Power Grid, the Dozerfleet Gold Bar Statistics System (Dz-GBS) helps measure superhuman stats on this database. Feel free to study it when developing your own power grid system.

Sturthrom Number Rating System (2016)

The Sturthrom rating system, while vaguely defined, measures combat competency in battle as an average of skill and power level. It was designed specifically for Cagegirl characters.

The Sims Gallon Converters (2006, 2015)


These fun experiments began with the TS2 Gallon Calculator in 2006, part of a programming class exercise that sought to combine basic Microsoft app design with game design principles using the most basic examples in VB.NET. Years later, the app was recreated as an HTML/CSS app. A Sims 4-skinned version was made as well.

Task Delegator (2008)


Originally designed for streaming video classes, these sheets allow for easier delegation of creative teams and sub-teams. It was inspired by the design of a Simon game.



Winter Horrorland (2015)


This dark tale, "Winter Horrorland," is the final track off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. Not only does it complete the album, it marks the hiatus of Every Ape after 10 years of writing parody song lyrics.

The Hundred-Acre Woodland Massacre (2006)


What would happen if Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss had the sudden urge to kill Winnie-the-Pooh and all his friends? It'd probably go something like this song. Set to the tune of "Whiskey Lullaby."

Doughboy (1999)


What happens when you combine the Pillsbury Doughboy with Kid Rock? This song. In the Midnight Madness event at Ferris State in 2006, this parody was performed live - making it one of only three live performances in Big Rapids of an Every Ape song. Students were talking about it for years. Set to the tune of "Cowboy."

Cadmium (2007)


Every Ape proves that not even Evanescence is immune to the treatment. This spoof of "Lithium" examines the shelf life of nickel-cadmium batteries for remote control toy cars, and what it reveals about one man's inner psyche that drove him to loneliness.

The Bison's Apocalypse (2007)


This song about the Bison summarizes what he is able to do in The Bison and The Bison Reborn. It is the first time that an Every Ape song crossed over with a different Dozerfleet universe. Set to the tune of "Cupid's Chokehold" by Gym Class Heroes. One AmIRight commentator declared this song's lyrics "extremely ignorant." He ironically didn't know that the titular Bison is a kaiju, rather than a typical buffalo.

Capture the Flag (2003)


The founder of Dozerfleet was made aware of the short-lived band Burning Death Machine Against the Neo-Nazis of Sweden around the time that his one brother was attending Michigan Lutheran Seminary. The band formed as a vehicle for guitarist Matt Eich. Their song "Capture the Flag" featured in the credits for Volkonir Journals: Attempt #43 in 2008.



During the Ferris years, the founder of Dozerfleet personally knew Scotty Hicks - a member of this band. The early Dozerfleet Database of back then contained an article of them to promote them - and compensate for the fact that Wikipedia didn't think they were notable at the time. The article about them and their most prominent work remains on the Dozerfleet Database to this day. You can check out their classic songs on CDBaby. Another former band member, Jimmy Blankenship, went on to marry radio personality Jackie Green - now known as Jackie Blankenship of 105.3 HOT FM fame in Grand Rapids, and a former member of the crew at WXMI Fox 17.

You Drank Too Much Moonshine (2016)


This catchy ditty fared pretty well when submitted to parodist measurements. It is also one of three songs that were pitched that combine Every Ape and His Brother with Camelorum Adventures. The other one listed on this site is "Fry Jam." The song here is performed by Anita Hallot in canon, and features in the episode "Twisted Noodle."

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