Mantith is an analog of Earth in the universe of Stationery Voyagers. It is the setting of some early events in season 1, and the main setting for seasons 3 and 4.


Early history

While all worlds in the Inktacto star system were originally designed with the intent of supporting life, only one world bore humanoid life to begin with. That world was Mantith. Death of higher forms was not part of the Law of Entropy in the beginning.

After Dabor and Meelia put their hands on the engravings on the Lakeith Pit, ignoring God's direct order not to, the Lakeith was released. Death of higher forms was amended to the Law of Entropy, and became a part of the cycle of life. Since Dabor and Meelia were not big picture entities like the Apthalans, and were designed for intimate love rather than blind service, Minshus was promised to pay their debt, so their children could have a chance to be spared from the doom that was imminent in the universe due to their act of treason altering the laws of nature.

As the Lakeith - later known as the Muellex - entered the vicinity of Mantith's orbit; it developed a presence around Mantith and its neighboring worlds called the Thin Muellexic Cloud - which altered time and gravity so the worlds would never collide due to their collective gravity in spite their orbital proximity. And yet...they wouldn't orbit each other either.

Most of these worlds also developed Muellexic shields, with Mantith and Menehune being exceptions. Haragad was consumed inside the Muellex's main body, becoming known as the Haragad Cavity since time still functioned normally in its atmosphere.

Drisalian War

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Arrival of Minshus

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Stationery War

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Age of Astrabolo

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Neighboring bodies

  • Vorandia: Mantith's moon, and the only one of importance in Stationery Voyagers.

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