Max (a.k.a., "Barefoot-Inmate") on DeviantArt is a concept artist and machinimator who operates primarily with Second Life as an engine.

Dozerfleet involvement

From his since-deleted AJDC penitentiary inside the Second Life engine, Max created the OCs of Jasmine and Jacqueline Cuffington. One of them was wrongly accused of stealing Wi-Fi and locked up there. The other was charged with a hit-and-run murder. The Dozerfleet founder stumbled across Max's pictures while doing research for Sodality: Vindication in 2015. The picture "Inmate Jackie" on Max's gallery page was uploaded in May of 2015. Through some confusion, Jasmine and Jackie got merged into one character.

It was decided for Camelorum Adventures that this "Jackie Regg" was wrongly locked up on false allegations of stealing Wi-Fi, and slowly began losing her mind as she was transferred from one prison to another. Marissa remained a bully that gave Jackie a miserable time. Fearing that Marissa would find her if she were transferred again, Jackie takes advantage of being temporarily stationed at Camelorum Correctional to escape amidst some chaos involving extra-dimensional evil gnomes. She escapes to a circus and becomes a clown named "Laney the Laughable" to avoid recapture. Thus, the character was given a happy ending.

Laney was eventually worked into the greater Dromedeverse lore, and was given the power to control elephants. Due to this, Max is now considered a co-creator of the character. Max has stated that he found it "odd" that Jackie became the "sort-of-like Harley Quinn character," given that was how he originally intended Jasmine to be.

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