Megan Barker (nee Mason) was a student that was in some classes with the Dozerfleet founder at Ferris State University, in the Television and Digital Media Production program.


In addition to attending Ferris; Megan became an intern at a health facility where Alex went interning for a separate program. An outspoken woman of God, Megan was also heavily involved in the campus' His House organization. Before going into TV production, Megan had done work as a model.

After the birth of her second child, Addie, she has taken a break from her professional pursuits to focus on raising a family.


FerrisGoldFlame Ferris projects
Ep. # Title Position

January - May 2010

1 "Sleepy Theatrical Wings" Camera lady and editor ("Kristi Williams", "What Superpower Would You Have?")
2 "Can't Stress Mechanics Enough" Segment producer ("The Secret Life of Dr. Seuss")
3 "Diet Wolf and the Architects" Camera lady and editor ("An Olympic Weekend", "Firefox vs. Chrome")
4 "Pretty Dispatch, Let Me Light Your Chemicals" Segment producer ("Exercise the Wii Way")
5 "Cancer Prancer, Liquor Prints Quicker" Camera lady and Editor ("New Media Printing and Publishing")
6 "Undeclared: The Last Werewolf Bender" Segment producer ("Baking a Cake in a Microwave")
7 "Drank the Pantry Way Too Zune" Camera lady and editor ("Project Starburst")
8 "Fox in a Plastic Decade" Segment producer ("Megan Willoughby", "If You Could Go Back in Time, Where Would You Go?"
9 "Take Back the Fudge-Men" Camera lady and editor ("Wellness Matters Too")
10 "Cross Your Eyes and Dot Your Liars" Segment producer ("Pretty Little Film Recommendations", "Organic vs. Preserved Foods")

January - May 2010

14 "Diverse Sports and the Blasted Radio" Camera lady
15 "Cautiously Optimistic Crow Hockey" Camera lady
16 "Screened Festivities" Stage manager
17 "Intelligence Optional" Video engineer
18 "Woodycow Go" Graphics engineer
19 "Torchy Seuss Killed the Gallery Star" Show timer
20 "Basket Campus Enforcement" Technical director
21 "Apart-Eyed Monologues" Director
22 "Keep Your Carbon Off My Footprint" Audio engineer
23 "Multicultural Honors Up the Gazoo" Producer
24 "Golf Nutwork" Lighting director
25 "Cloudy With a Chance of Diversity Dogma" Camera lady
26 "Deadly Lakes and Softball Demons" Camera lady
27 "125 Obsessions" Show timer
X Gilberts' Carpets Plus commercial 2010 Producer

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