Jeraime was just an easygoing man in life, though not entirely impossible to excite.

On a fateful evening in December of 2019, their home in Viron was raided by Arfaas' minions, and the Malestroms were taken captive. Dolly's sister Lindsay and her husband Khumar had also been captured, along with Khumar's half-brother Donte. Jeraime was attached to an AI unit and forced to roam about the Earth doing Arfaas' bidding as the Cyborg Shrew of Destruction himself: Musaran.


Musaran in the Classic Gerosha version of Ciem.

Every night, strapped to a lab table, Jeraime longed to be set free from his career of supervillainy. When the AI pushes Jeraime too far and his Musaran persona murders the overwhelmed Denny Levens, it compels Denny's frustrated widow Candi to take action.


Named after Jame Horton, the character "Norman Osborn" from Spider-Man, the character "Norre Maelstrom" from the TV series Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?,/the Spanish word for "shrew" (a centipede's worst enemy in nature). The misspelling of maelstrom is deliberate. He is not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character Maelstrom.

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