Mutt Mackley

Mutt Mackley is the star of The Mutt Mackley Show. He is portrayed by an R. Dakin & Co. hand puppet dog, and has a grunge voice. He is known to be very demanding, loud, snarky, and obnoxious. He frequently pretends to be trailer trash, when his actual living conditions are often substantially better. His "PSA's with attitude," sections are one of his most defining moments, and he is also known for getting away with things other characters cannot (such as violating the fourth wall.)


Mackley began his career in a recorded speech PSA in a high school class. The Dozefleet founder was the main speaker, and Mackley pitched in his views from time to time. The camera angle was wrong for the speech, however, which ruined the effect and exposed Mackley as a puppet. Nevertheless, he would go on to become the foundation of "The Mutt Mackley Show." His supporting cast for that show would star in the 2003 short film Kings in the Corner.

The Mutt Mackley Show

In the show named after him, Mackley does various odd jobs that often include mock-PSA's and putting on ham acts to fool Gambino Penguin. In the short film 3-13, for example, Mackley pretends to be a legally separated drunk looking for drugs, in order to assist in Gambino getting caught.

Mackley's Wardrobe

Main article: Mackley's Wardrobe

In this TV show premise, Mackley moves in with a college student and lives in a wardrobe. The other TMMS characters do not make regular appearances. The overall feel of this show is intended to be similar to Alf.

Farmington Hills Facebook Page Ad

In November of 2010, when the city of Farmington Hills, MI wanted some ads for their PEG channel 8 to promote their new Facebook page, Mackley was hired for one. He features as a frustrated city government website user, unable to leave a comment on the main website. Gambino Penguin, with his name censored to "Penguin Dude," tells Mackley (and the audience) about the Facebook page, and what it's useful for. Mackley reacts with his usual level of hyperactivity, and demands that the audience "LIKE IT!!!!" as much as he does.