Ananda Soebagio is an Indonesian model most commonly known for her role as the preferred model utilized by Ardhana Galih Wicaksono for his "Maleica" collection on DeviantArt.


Much like Ardhana, she is a hobbyist photographer. She also claims on her DeviantArt profile to like cats. She is otherwise very secretive.

She did post a video to her YouTube channel of a tour through the streets of Jakarta.

Dozerfleet relevance

Via permission to modify, Ardhana allowed certain images of Nanda to be tweaked to portray the Flippo triplets of Candi, Miriam, and Marina in 2012. She was to be the main model portraying the girls in stock photography for the Cataclysmic Gerosha timeline. Due to her bodily shape not matching the girls, and her general inactivity and difficulty in being reached for feedback, she was eventually replaced with Lee Loo La for the part in mid-2015.

She may have a face more accurately similar to those of the Flippo triplets, but Lee has a closer overall body shape.

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