The Heritage Park Nature Discovery Center is a building in Heritage Park of Farmington Hills, MI. In 2010, the intern trio of SWOCC Studios was assigned to produce an ad for the general public as a way to promote the center. This article documents the results of that assignment.


Details remain scant about this project, since the video of it cannot currently be found. Several shots of attractions in the building's interior are interspersed with shots of wildlife surrounding the area, as well as promises of a good time for anyone who visits. Some fancy shots were taken of the various fish inside the center's large fish tanks. The ad opens with a grand opening of the doors as the camera invites itself inside. The ad ends with a still of a chipmunk, giving the building's daytime hours and phone number.


The intern trio all took turns shooting and directing shots of various attractions which were available at the center. In the end, the Dozerfleet founder worked on several versions of a closing graphic before one was finally approved. The video project also served as an orientation session for SWOCC's cameras.

The final still was edited in SWOCC's front lobby, whereas most of the video itself was assembled in Suite C of the editing rooms.

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Figure below is a rough estimate. Due to the low score, it is safe to say there won't be anyone lobbying to shut the Nature Center down.

SoaT Index Rating
SoaT 6%

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