Neone Delft has one of the most complicated histories of any Voyager. She was born as Princess Wendim Shinroff of Neomlot, but never knew her true heritage. She was abducted as an infant, and left to die in a dumpster by Intimidator Irendus. She was rescued by a carpenter named Hidicky Delft, who raised her as his own daughter.

Neone had a lot of hard times fall on her during the early years, as Hidicky struggled to keep his shop open. She eventually joined the Save Neothode Program, in the hopes of reversing Astrabolo's poisonous influence and gradual takeover of the entire world of Neothode.

Her hopes appeared to be dashed to the ground permanently when her father's shop was raided by Pentacko, a viscous mob boss who forced Neone to watch as Hidicky was shot to rags in front of her by a gleeful gunman, as payment for a gambling debt.

Neone was then forced into prostitution, from which she managed to escape. Even so, Clandish Consto from her grade school years continued to hunt her down, longing for her death ever since she got him expelled after a playground fight.

She ends up a Voyager, and falls in love with Marlack.

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