Nick Blohm is a rock musician best known for the band Catacomb. He was also a student that was in some classes with the Dozerfleet founder at Ferris State University, in the Television and Digital Media Production program.

Career history

Ever since Nick was a small child he dreamed of becoming a rock star. In his earlier years in elementary school, he would sit on the nearby tree outside wishing his talents would finally get him away from his hostile environment. Inspired by his favorite band "Cold," he studied the group and has mastered the lead singer's voice.[citation desired]

In addition to attending Ferris, Nick became an intern at WRBR’s The Jason Lee & Kluck Show. He would go on to become a major figure in web graphics design, animation, and video production operations at Federated Interactive; as well as working on the side along with drummer Josh Toro for the rock/metal band Divided We Fall. DWF would disband as of May 26th of 2011, leaving Nick to prepare for production work with another band.

Nick grew up in Buchanan, MI; before moving to Niles. He has since moved to the South Bend area.



Status: Completed
Project Type: Magazine show


Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk Show
Season: 2009-2010
Semester: Spring

Client(s): Ferris Access Channel

Status: Completed
Project Type: Ad
Position: Producer
Client(s): Innovative Grafix


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