Nightmarcher is...


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8,000 times smaller than Earth's moon


67.7 miles (135.4 mile diameter)

Surface temperature

-324 F

Rotational period

208 Earth days

Orbital period

16.7 Earth days (8.93 Menehune days)

Distance from host world

About 18,145 miles

Tidal potential

85.9 GT (vs. 739.33 TT)



Just as the dwarf planet gets its name from Hawaiian mythology, so does everything else in its vicinity. Due to Menehune's slightly warmer overall surface temperature compared to Earth's, the dwarf planet is dubbed "Planet Hawaii" by Candace Mason. Its ominous floating moon is therefore reminiscent of the Parade of Dead referred to in Hawaiian mythos as "Night Marchers."

The most likely real-life explanation for sightings of such beings is that they are demons preying on centuries of islander beliefs. In the greater mythos of the Cherinob saga, Night Marchers are Minionoids and Scorptisquids doing that very thing: impersonating souls of deceased islanders to prey on the local populace for its superstitions.

Ironically, evenings with no moon are when Night Marcher processions usually occur on Earth.


Nightmarcher was designed using Universe Sandbox 2. The file was edited throughout late March - mid April of 2018; and the sky render was completed on April 22nd of 2018, just after 1:00 AM EDT.

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