The Novi Heritage Festival is an annual event wherein which the city of Novi celebrates the farming and ranching heritage of its past by allowing a ton of animals, country-themed stuff, and vegetables to litter the landscape at the MSU Tollgate Farms. The 2010 festival was made into a short video for the SWOCC Studios Special Events Show.


The Novi Heritage Festival could best be described in four words: sheep and blistering heat. It featured sheep petting, sheep feeding, sheep running, horses, goats, geese, ducks, bunnies, fishing, wildlife at its finest, tractor rides, all sorts of vegetables for sale, basket weaving, and even puppet shows. The one that featured in the video was Rapunzel.

Everything happened at the MSU Tollgate Farms, just north of Novi. One line best characterized the event: “Wanna pet a sheep? They had several.”


Due to the bags not being supplied with a tripod mount, this was one of a very few pieces that was done entirely handheld. Therefore, half an hour's worth or so of footage was reduced to only the most usable 1-2 minutes. There was a closeup shot of a horse's eye, inspired by The Ring.

When not enough footage of wildlife in the area made it into the stock footage, additional filming after the festival was done so that the final result piece could be aired satisfactorily.

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No budgetary figures of federal money are known. Number below is a worst-case scenario of how much the festival costs local government and why. While 18 is a bit high, it is nowhere near as bad as the number some other projects may receive.

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SoaT 18%

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