Patrycja Dorynek is a model from Poland, best known for her "Pathyelisia" brand online. This has earned her book cover deals, as well as attention from several fandoms.

Personal life

She has revealed herself to be a fan of Serj Tankian, James Blunt, SOAD, Dżem, and Metallica. Her favorite games include Minecraft.


Patrycja is a graduate of the II Liceum OgolnokształCące w Chrzanowie high school. She has also attended Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Jagiellonian University) in their psychology program.


Little is known about what Patrycja does professionally outside of her native Poland, except for what she herself has chosen to reveal. Her earliest modeling shoots date back to early 2011. On her YouTube channel, she has posted several fingernail polish tutorials. On July 13th, she celebrated the professional use of one of her photos being used as part of the front cover to Elaura: The World of the Distors by French author Caroline Capel.

Dozerfleet involvement

In 2015, some of her images from DeviantArt were modified for use to portray Stephanie Barrin online in Dozerfleet Comics materials - given her uncanny resemblance to the character. She has been used both in an image for Pilltar and for Stephanie's mugshot in Pilltar 2. (That latter image was also used by another artist for portraying Rella Weasley on a Harry Potter fanfic wiki.)


Much like with Jessica Truscott, Patrycja has had to deal with imposters leeching off her fame and image. She has posted her official links to her DeviantArt page, warning viewers not to be fooled by imitators.

Trending videos

The following is a sample of some of Patrycja's modeling work.

FALL lookbook day to night outfit and makeup

FALL lookbook day to night outfit and makeup

Babyboomer - easy french ombre nails

Babyboomer - easy french ombre nails

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