Pekins is a shelved concept for a comedy film, which was added to the Dozerfleet Comics inventory some time in June of 2002.

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As a farm in Ohio begins to go bankrupt, the farmer begins to consider liquidating his assets. Pekin ducks Cad and Krumple decide they're not gonna stand for being butchered and eaten, and Cad finally talks Krumple into fleeing to California with him so they can be movie stars. They are soon joined by Lana, a highly narcissistic Rouen who insists on going with them. Their quest for the Red Carpet becomes one set of whacky hijinks after another.



The story's plot and themes were inspired by various elements of early 2000s pop culture, from music stars to insurance ads. Cad was to be as tortured as the Aflac duck, with Krumple mostly avoiding the grief that fell on Cad. Their personalities were inspired by those of the Budweiser Lizards, with Cad being modeled after Louie and Krumple after Frankie. Lana the Rouen was to be a satirizing of vain female pop stars. The use of Pekin ducks at all was inspired by the comical antics of the various types of ducks and chickens that the Dozerfleet founder's family raised in 2000 and 2001.

Early ideas

Before going deep into shelving, various ideas were explored for Pekins. It was originally planned to be a two-part story, with part 1 focusing on Cad and Krumple being stolen by two bumbling burglars. After realizing they grabbed the wrong crate, the burglars tried to catch the two ducks. However, their efforts to re-capture Cad and Krumple proved fruitless. Part 2 was to be subtitled They Went to Hollywood, and was to feature the plot that is presently depicted. Originally, there were going to be various jokes involving Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake. However, years of Development Hell have rendered those jokes irrelevant. Also, there was going to be a parody of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon involving chipmunks.

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