Pete "the Shouter" Sims is a brief minor villain the Classic Gerosha continuity of The Gerosha Chronicles in Dozerfleet Comics. He was an adversary of Candi Flippo. He appeared in chapter 15 of Ciem, never to be seen again.

Character bio

Candi resisted fighting back against his taunts and bullying, only to protect her secret from being leaked to the Hebbleskin Gang. Eventually, his temper leads him into all sorts of trouble and even death. He appears briefly in Ciem, before vanishing from the scene entirely.

Pete was a second-hand troublemaker, spreading rumors about Candi's behavior on the Viron campus that were based entirely on age and college choice profiling. In this manner, Pete himself did not even reach these conclusions, but acted in the interests of Nolle Barret.


Pete is an ill-tempered bully, who formerly attended the Viron Community Church with Candi and made her life miserable while she was enduring emotional turmoil over her feelings for Donte.


Pete was generated with the Tombstone of Life and Death debugging object in The Sims 2, and was kept around only to provide an antagonist for chapter 15 of Ciem. This went along with the fact that in Despair Gerosha Ciem, the narration suggests that there were some at Wilbur's church who made Candi feel unwelcome. It was not known at the time that all versions of the story would be factored in as separate continuities to be logged in their own right. Instead, Classic Gerosha Ciem was at the time going to be little more than an overwrite of Despair Gerosha Ciem.

Only one Gerosha universe was to be acknowledged at the time before Comprehensive Gerosha introduced the multiverse structure. Therefore, Pete's role in chapter 15 was to take the events alluded to in Despair Ciem and make them explicitly canon. The idea was that the rude and insensitive members like Pete and Nolle Barret would drive Candi away, causing her to stumble amidst her hurt feelings and become the very thing they accused her of being, as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that would haunt Candi later on.

While that plot device made sense in Despair Gerosha given how Candi reacted, it made little sense in Classic Gerosha as Candi retained her virginity until her wedding day. It made even less sense in Comprehensive Gerosha, where that Candi couldn't deny the allegations of "sluttiness" being made by Pete as they somewhat already were true. With Evansville destroyed in Cataclysmic Gerosha, it became clear Pete would not be returning for Sodality. It has not been ruled out that a future villain for that show could be modeled after him.

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