Poss Window is the fourth album by Every Ape and His Brother, and features the fourth character in line at the imaginary red carpet meeting where "every ape and his brother is going to be there!" Poss was initiated on February 26th of 2012.


It was always understood that another albums would/could/should follow after The Chicken of the Opera, but few leads existed as to what that album should be titled. In the late summer of 2009, an opossum lurked outside the window of the Grand Ledge House. A photo was taken, intended to be the photo for "Poss Window," an opossum that liked lurking outside windows and had a name that sounded like Mace Windu. To add to how cool the thing was, it is able to wield lightsaws. Alas, the original photo was lost. So a cartoon opossum fills in with a substitute photo.


One day, a man looked outside the door to see his front porch occupied by an opossum. But this was no ordinary opossum...this one liked lurking outside windows. It pulled out a lightsaw, and the man was never seen again. Thus began the legends of Poss Window, who immediately followed after Chicken of the Opera at the Red Carpet Event.

Tracks listing

Track listing
  #  Name  Original song   Original artist
  1  That One  Той Той  Maria Burmaka
  2  Boozer  Loser  3 Doors Down
  3  Transmorphers: Less Than Advertised  Transformers Theme  Lion
  4  The Haunting Past    
  5  Here Come the Snakes  Here Comes the Rain  The Mavericks
  6  Obama Ain't Got the Touch  The Touch  Stan Bush
  7  Ice Chimps Undone  Till All Are One  Stan Bush
  8  Sandy Twirled  Jesse's Girl  Rick Springfield
  9  Kaleidangel  Maselang Bahaghari  Eraserheads
 10  No Worries, Dear  Gwiyomi  Hari
 11  Let Me Shoop Da Whoop  Let It Go  Idina Menzel
 12  You Drank Too Much Moonshine  Walking on Sunshine  Katrina and the Waves
 13  Fry Jam  I Got You  Split Enz
 14  Winter Horrorland  Winter Wonderland  (Traditional)

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