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A forgotten bastard son of the wicked King Agag, who was executed by Samuel. Duqat and his 19 Servants fled to Sheba around the time that word spread that the kingdom of Amalek was under siege by King Saul. He and his 19 Servants became some of the Wandering Ones who descended on Qilanta's Base in the time of Tinshpuut the Confident. Unlike the other Wandering Ones who merely sought world domination, Duqat had it as his specific goal to wipe out the Jews so that the promises to Adam and later Abraham would be rendered moot. He reasoned that this would allow him to destroy the Hebrew God and assume the role of deity for himself to fill the void. If the universe imploded instead, he reasoned that was okay; since a universe in which the Hebrew God kept his promises was a universe he had no interest living in. After being turned into the Ethermangs, Duqat and the 19 Servants struggled for decades to find a way to maintain a solid form around their bodies so they wouldn't perish in their gaseous forms.

They had temporary stone bodies, but it limited their ability to do much. At the same time, the Chimps grew increasingly intolerant of heat and became the Ice Chimps, needing ice suits to live in. The lack of ice suits existing for thousands of years limited Ethermang and Ice Chimp alike. Even so, Duqat tried to lay siege on Sheba. He was defeated along with the other Ethermangs when early Gorillas used a sacred vase in their possession to trap Duqat and the 19 in stasis. Once freed from the Vase of Ethermangs, Duqat learns that the life of Christ fulfilled everything that Duqat was trying to avoid. With his initial plans ruined, he vows to crush the world under his heels so that he may have his revenge.


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