Q-Basic Gorillas: Beneath the Golden Dome: The Album is a digital playlist that functions as an unofficial soundtrack for Q-Basic Gorillas: Beneath the Golden Dome.

Track listing

  1. The 1812 by Bond
    • Note: Since a remix of all the original BIOS beep music was nowhere to be found, it was decided in the first album that homage should be paid to the fact that a few notes of the original music are derived from "The 1812 Overture." Since a remix of that was used for the first album, a violin version of the song featuring the women of Bond seemed a good follow-up for this album.
  2. Through the Ghost by Shinedown
    • Keeping with the theme of having Shinedown appear at least once on all Q-Basic Gorillas albums.
  3. Crash by 12 Stones
    • There was some doubt in choosing this song. Paul McCoy, the lead singer, has a voice very similar to that of Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down. This track is not available on
  4. Shooting Star by Air Traffic
  5. Mockingbirds by Grant Lee Buffalo
  6. Crazy by Pylon
  7. Baby in the Rain by Shy Nobleman
    • This track is not available on
  8. I Shine by | Infected Mushroom
    • This track is not available on
  9. I Can by Arkadi Duchin
    • This track is not available on
  10. Fire in the House by Hard-Fi
    • This track is not available on
    • I Will Defend by Recovery Child
    • This track is not available on
  11. Cheetah by Rocket from the Crypt

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Q-Basic Gorillas: The Album

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Q-Basic Gorillas: Beneath the Golden Dome: The Album

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