Q-Basic Gorillas: The Album is a digital playlist that functions as an unofficial soundtrack for the Dozerfleet Comics pitch for a film adaptation: Q-Basic Gorillas, based on the game Gorilla.BAS by IBM and Microsoft.

Track listing

  1. Sound of Madness by Shinedown
    • Track was picked to begin the recurring theme of every album having a Shinedown song. This was inspired by the fact that every Transformers live-action film in the Michael Bay trilogy features a Linkin Park song.
  2. Forever by Grammatrain
    • Not available on
  3. Astounded by Tantric
    • Not available on
  4. Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) by Silversun Pickups
    • Not available on
  5. It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
  6. Wake Up by AWOLNATION
    • Second-guessing whether or not to use an AWOLNATION song, this one was picked for being just different enough to work.
  7. Feeling a Moment by Feeder
  8. 1812 Overkill
  9. 0xCAPTAINx0
    • Since the original video game uses BIOS beeps to churn out a few notes of "The 1812 Overture," it seemed only fitting to feature a remix of it for this soundtrack. This track is substituted with the original 1812 Overture on
  10. Wake Up by Story of the Year
    • The song was picked on its sound alone. It didn't occur until later on that it had the same title as the AWOLNATION song above. But since the surprise of having two songs of the same title was not revealed until after compilation, it was decided to be too funny to warrant correction.
  11. Smile in Your Sleep by Silverstein
    • There were questions about featuring Silverstein on the album. But this song fit.
  12. Always Something by Cage the Elephant
    • Likewise, Cage the Elephant was a questionable choice. This song came close enough to what was desired that it worked.
  13. Stereo by IAMDYNAMITE
    • Not available on

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