Reily Flippo is a major character in The Battle for Gerosha.

He was born to Stan and Shalia Flippo in the 70s. When the Hebbleskin Gang took over Boonville and the Gerosha forest in 1990, they tried to abduct Reily to let their seriousness be known to all who opposed them. However, Darius Philippine rescues Reily and takes him into custody while Stan and Shalia fight to win their hometown back from Hebbleskin control.

Years later, Reily marries Ashlee Kornsdall and has a son named Kirby. They move away from Gerosha for a few years, and become celebrity chefs. When they return, they build the house that Stan and Shalia always dreamed of living in: the Triangulum.

From the safety of his unusual mansion, Reily raises Kirby up to be a respectable young man and go to college. However; Reily leaves it to Erin to worry about offering custody to Candi, Miriam, and Marina after Stan and Shalia die in a car crash. He remains stubbornly uninvolved in his sisters' lives from then-onward.

Unlike Candi and Marina, who take very seriously the family motto of "always live beneath your means," Reily is able to get away with openly flaunting his wealth. The Hebbleskin Gang decides to leave him alone, as they are convinced only Shalia's daughters are of any consequence to them.


The Triangulum, Reily and Ashlee's home

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