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The Security-Centric Alliance Lending and Learning Of Phaelites' Designated Women's Containment Center of Houston, often dubbed SCALLOP Women's Containment Center or SWCC for short, is a scientific research center and internment camp / prison that exists in The Gerosha Chronicles, featuring most prominently in Cataclysmic Gerosha and the Gerosha Crossover Gaming Universe in Sodality and Swappernetters. It is the closest Gerosha multiverse analog to what Camelorum Correctional is to the Dromedeverse in Camelorum Adventures, though with not as humorous a setting nor setup.

In the Vindication arc, many Geroshans and Florentines that entered Team Caged Dove found themselves being sent here by SCALLOP, in order to address the Beliah Amendments to the Kirby Act in court whilst also paying for the destruction they've caused during their past world-saving efforts - and to keep them from being lost in the rigamarole of state and federal prisons not equipped to handle their special needs nor special abilities.



SWCC is part of the greater SCALLOP Designated Containment Initiative, authorized under the Kirby Act and expanded upon via the Beliah Amendments. The DCI focuses both on internment of non-convicted Altered Humans who are at-risk, as well as Altered Humans who have faced some form of a conviction. Oftentimes, the internal SCALLOP justice system will render verdicts in its own courts, so as to prevent the individuals from facing harsher sentences in the regular justice system - often with fewer affordable options for acquiring a lawyer. DCI courts seldom require restitution payments of those sent to its internment centers, whereas a similar individual could be convicted in a regular court to a far longer and harsher sentence while also being required to pay prohibitively expensive fines.

This initiative converted two buildings originally set aside as research centers for SCALLOP, confining the research operations and requiring most of the building interiors to function as prisons for special cases defined under greater Kirby-related legislation and fiats. These two facilities became the Women's Containment Center and the Juvenile one.

However, the war that broke out due to the alliance of Halal Affadidah with Rappaccini and Duke Arfaas, as well as the violent nature of some Marlquaanites, meant that adult women who qualified for SWCC internment or incarceration often seldom lived long enough to be sent there. SCALLOP decided to renovate its old center into a prison with the understanding that it would be a small operation compared to other prisons, and that it would often operate well below capacity. The specifics of qualification for its South Wing Second Floor bunk community prison would be such that most women who qualified for it would usually be transferred to a low-security prison for the non-Altered. As such, this area was designed more as a temporary housing on par with a city jail.

Throughout SCALLOP's history of having to enforce Kirby Act (and later, Beliah Amendment) demands, it discovered that it had a far greater success rate at acquiring adult male and juvenile inmates than adult female ones. This was in spite the higher mortality risk of male subjects should they pick a fight with Extirpon. The SJCC was modified from a science lab designed to double as a daycare center, hence its more laid-back structure (except when housing dangerous juveniles like Flintirah.) Due to these concerns, a whole new building had to be constructed to serve as SCALLOP Men's Containment Center, proving a far busier operation than the Women's and Juvenile Centers.

Mission via housing wing logistics

SWCC fulfills its mission through its 4-level structure through a series of negotiations with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and with various state-level agencies, given its limited size and inmate capacity.

The South Wing, for example, will only take in Altered women who have committed lesser or technical felonies, or else who have more than one misdemeanor to address. Misdemeanants of a less serious nature who are Altered will usually find themselves in an even smaller jail hall within a different SCALLOP base. Only in certain special cases will the non-Altered be housed at SWCC.

Members of the Sodality of Gerosha or Sodality of Florence, for example, would qualify - should the government ever betray those organizations. (As it does in the Vindication arc.) Sodality members, or other similar high-profile heroes who've made mistakes and fallen from grace for them and who have sufficiently high profiles or dangerous abilities may be housed on the third floor (3SW) of the South Wing.

Otherwise, low-or-no-power women with such affiliations would be housed on the second floor (2SW). The degree of association with an Altered is also taken into consideration. The closer of association a Non-Altered woman has with an Altered-of-Interest, the higher their chances of qualifying to stay at SWCC in the first place. Moderate power level convicted lesser felons without association to an organization like the Sodality, or else those who did not set out with heroic intentions, would qualify for the first floor (1SW) of South Wing instead.

Women who are not Altered and have no or minimal association with an Altered, who are convicted of a lesser felony, would not qualify for SWCC internment or incarceration at all; and would most likely instead be sent to a normal state or federal minimal-to-moderate-security prison - based on the nature of their crime and their place of origin.

SWCC states its mission on its sign as:

"For Altered Humanity and Associates of the Altered, Special Case Internment and Research."

The North Wing is for more serious felony convictions, even if the offenders have a generally good nature otherwise and did not intend harm. The first floor (1NW) is for low-to-no-power or even non-Altered who have significant associations to Altereds-of-Interest, and who pose a credible threat to society or to SCALLOP staff. It also houses solitary confinement cells for special timeout use for any category of inmate. The second floor is for more powerful Altereds who are of equal threat level to the first floor inmates.

The third floor (3NW) is reserved for the worst crimes, or the most dangerous abilities. Tyler Hovendale, the warden of SWCC under Lex Philippine's discretion, discovers his secretary George Hebsel deliberately sabotaged Sadie Klink's lawyer and caseworkers for her trial to ensure that she was put on third floor rather than second floor. It was later also discovered that Hebsel did this so he could abuse the security footage, and make erotic edits of watching Sadie suffer from loneliness and wallowing in darkness 21 hours a day. This was brought to Hovendale's attention due to Candi putting her own future on the line to perform her own investigation and expose Hebsel. Hovendale was forced to transfer Sadie to the third floor of South Wing after that, and to fire Hebsel - who went on to be prosecuted in a regular court.

Still unsatisfied with the "apology," Sadie turns down Hovendale and Candi's peace offer to let her join the Sodality and start over when her 10-year sentence is up. Instead, she misuses her chance to go to Phaeleel. She stages a scene in order to betray Candi, so that Candi won't be blamed for Sadie's desertion. She cuts herself loose from the group, and hides when the time comes for others to return home. Candi assures her that she can be forgiven for her betrayal, but she must work to make her life worthwhile. Sadie takes the words to heart, and joins the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers. Lex decides not to order Phaelite authorities to pursue her, as her choosing of exile is seen as "good enough."


Other than Sadie, few women in the history of North Wing's third floor get to stay in there longer than two years. They are either demoted to second floor, or sent to the roof for execution. While SCALLOP has disavowed the second half of the Hebbleskins' creed of Decolarent eam, eviscerate eum, it has embraced the first half. The most common form of execution for female prisoners under SCALLOP jurisdiction is beheading by ax. However, death row inmates may request a different beheading style. Based on good behavior, they may be executed in other ways too. In order to fake her execution, Mingmei used Remotach pills and requested the guillotine. Audrey Golin narrowly avoided execution multiple times, but was eventually transferred to FDC Houston due to her lack of actual powers - and to prevent her from plotting revenge against Stephanie Tannuli for defeating her in Des Moines years earlier.

Percolation concerns

In Earth-G7.2.1, the definition of "Altered" is fluid enough due to the Percolation Wave's influence to include divine / angelic empowerment (such as Cherinob), demonic empowerment (such as Scott Morrisson or Frotchimar,) or any other strain of Abdygalis remnant empowerment - including possession of a mogriffer or a bond to the XomiaFaeCore. Being altered by a Transmogrin also counts, as do Purview Labs experiments in the Dromedeverse. Therefore, the 20s Altered Judo Iguanas could be housed in SCALLOP Men's Containment Center, in theory.

Sentence fluidity

Inmates are given oftentimes arbitrary incarceration terms, which are very fluid and can change on a dime. These numbers are usually the assumed minimum sentence, with indeterminate containment as a possibility. In-facility behavior, a well as individual power level assessments, are the single biggest determining factors. Due to SCALLOP existing outside of BOP technically, it allows for parole / probation, in spite not being a state-level agency.

A SCALLOP court usually assigns the fluid numbers for a sentence; but a state or federal court may intervene if it deems this necessary, altering the numbers or even making the sentence more definitive. Actual incarcerations for serious offenses are more likely to receive input from state or federal courts, whereas lesser felonies and full-on Kirby Act internments are more likely to stay with fluid sentences, per the SCALLOP courts.

Mission by-floor

See also: SWCC floor layout

Floor Wing Function Inmate power level MPF capabilities? Emphasis on rehabilitation Historically notable inmates
1 North Punish, contain
  • Executions possible
Low Audrey Golin
1 South Intern, contain, protect, mild punishment Moderate Tabitha Pang
2 North Punish, contain
  • Executions frequent
Moderate (Unknown at this time)
2 South Intern, contain, protect, mild punishment.
  • May double as jail holding cell, for transfer elsewhere.
3 North Punish, contain
  • Executions frequent
3 South Intern, contain, protect, mild punishment.
  • Execution rare.
  • Political prisoners also.
1 Tiffany's Tower Protective custody, political prisoner Any

† Includes brief stays, with transfer to other floors or facilities later on.

†† Or organization affiliation

Notes on specific inmates

  • Candi was narrowly at risk several times of being sent to SWCC, but only officially arrived after her reckless driving when being stalked by the Screwworms, and asked Brian Mizgel to S'Pole her tether so that she could guarantee the police got to her before the Screwworms got to Frank. This plus the Kirby Act guaranteed that Candi was no longer able to simply go to jail like she had many times before; she had to go to prison. Her first time being in an actual prison was as a juvenile, 11 years prior to the events in Vindication. Her most recent prison stay before that was her brief time in Affadidah's South Bend Concentration Camp, where she first met Dolly. An abandoned warehouse seized by the Hebbleskins and being used as a concentration camp somewhat counted, and this building near the border of Texas is where the Hebbleskins attempted to execute her and Dolly - only for Navyrope to save them. After this, a combination of incompetent Houston police and a vindictive and spiteful half-brother Darius ensured that Candi had been to jail for brief stays numerous times - for many minor allegations and only a few major ones. However, once she was out of SWCC; SCALLOP was unable to get her back. She spent much of the remainder of her term at FDC Houston instead.
  • Had Candi's one-time foster mother, Cynthia Trenson, been alive during the time of the Beliah Amendment Enforcements; then Cynthia would have qualified for 2SW. Katie, Candi's foster sister, would have qualified for 2SW as well.
  • Miranda, Celia, Hea, Mingmei, Emily, and Stephanie were moved after Keet Kabo's escape, from 3SW to 2SW. Michelle, Dolly, and Marge remained on 3SW with Candi. Dolly only got to stay on 3SW because she and Candi had a special history together, and were like sisters. Pam was also moved to 2SW, but was released a short time later when all charges against her were dropped.
  • Hadley Mint was initially considered for 2SW, but was later demoted to SCALLOP Houston HQ Jail when her circumstances with the rogue vampires at North Bond Hall weren't deemed serious enough for prison. When it was clear that her mental health was fading, she was transferred to the Gum Arabic Mental Hospital. After being treated back to health, Hadley later applied to work there as a nurse. She wound up treating Stephanie later on.
  • Not long after Stephanie was moved to 2SW, her condition began to flare up and her personal demeanor became increasingly unstable. She wound up being transferred for long-term care to Gum Arabic.
  • Marina, save for one time when she visited Candi, worked hard to maintain a low profile all throughout the Beliah Enforcements. These were to guarantee that she didn't end up in 2SW for her inactive Phexo DNA. Marina remains the only Flippo child other than Reily to not require SCALLOP's attention.
  • Mingmei qualified for 1NW, given her history of espionage against dignitaries. Yet, Lex made an exception for her so she could stay on South Wing.
  • Had the initial plans been successful to capture the McLaines as the Beliah Enforcement Panel in Congress requested, then Miriam would have qualified for 1NW given her history as the hacker Sniperbadger. Her twins, Marie and Trina, would have been interned at SJCC - where Miriam herself was once upon a time sentenced to spend 2 years of her life due to aiding and abetting the Purge-Flare in Gerosha.
  • Tabitha Pang and Sarah Ruben, both former inmates of SJCC, surrendered to SCALLOP after two years of battling the Chrome Kite, and used SWCC to hide for six months. After a two-month campaign to finally take Arkansas back, Tabitha and Sarah were informed - along with Tobias Reno - that they each had 5 months and ten days to go. However, only Tabitha bothered to return. She agreed, given her role in turning Erica into Bliksemhek, to do Sarah and Tobias' months for them, ensuring she served the entire extra year and four months. SCALLOP then saw to it that the re-forged Arkansas state's governor pardoned Sarah and Tobias of all allegations of wrongdoing. The girls spent their time together at SWCC in 3SW. When Tabitha returned, she was shortly-after re-assigned to 1SW.
  • Vanna Kerling would have qualified for 3NW, and probably would have spent a lot of time in an MPF chamber. Special robots would have to be used to execute her: first to drain her energy and then to carry out escorting her to the roof. The facility would have to be evacuated and happy music played, so she would have no anger to feed on and gain power that way. SCALLOP was fully willing to intervene in St. Louis and see to this. However, she was killed by Extirpon before SCALLOP agents in the area had a chance to figure out how to apprehend her.
  • Kathy Hibbins would also have qualified for 3NW initially, though she would have been reduced to 1NW after Hea takes her powers away. She is killed by John Domeck before she has a chance to make it to SWCC.


  • "Altered" refers to any Phexo, Meethexo, or Marlquaanite - including Phexos and Meethexos with inactive abilities latent in their DNA. Altered beings that attempt to become superheroes or supervillains are automatically on a watchlist for this category.
  • "Associates of the Altered" refers to either altered or unaltered beings who serve as family, sidekicks, or otherwise accomplices to the above-mentioned altered and their activities.
  • "Perks" are special privileges that may be bestowed on inmates. Typically, South Wing inmates can acquire these more easily than North Wing ones.

Facility history

The Battle for Gerosha

See also: The Battle for Gerosha

As the Phaelite Society of Earth begins to reformulate into SCALLOP, a science center is constructed in such a way that it could become a jail for rogue Phexos, in the event this should ever become necessary. Another center contains a daycare for Phexo children, along with housing similar to a jail, for temporary storage while experimentation and testing are performed. This other building would later become known as SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center. Most actual prisoners of war leftover from the Battle for Gerosha, however, are still housed in ordinary prisons - or inside the Chen.

Of Emeralds and Sapphires

The Society of the Icy Finger begins revealing that it is back, seemingly from the dead. And now has enough strong forces to pose a credible threat. SCALLOP is forced to consider that the Phexo-Meethexo war, and the Hebbleskin Gang, may soon not be the only threat they have to worry about. There is stronger discussion on reworking the Western Outskirt Research Center into an Altered Humans Internment Center, as organizing programs for Altered Beings in trouble with the law has proven complicated.


The Hadley Mint case raises questions about non-Altereds who get involved in cases involving the Altered. Hadley's deteriorating mental condition, however, leads to her being one of the first patients admitted to SCALLOP's newly-acquired psychiatric hospital property: Gum Arabic. More pressure is put on SCALLOP to consider having facilities besides the Chen and SCALLOP HQ Jail in Houston and Evansville made available for dealing with the Altered who break laws. Darius begins drafting plans for a men's prison, but also develops plans to have the Western building converted into a small women's prison.

The Gray Champion: Freedom's Apparition

The Great Marlquaan Storm of 2012, caused by Dereck Johnson, leads to a massive increase in the number of dangerous Marlquaanites around the world - including a few women. Capturing the worst of them within its jurisdiction soon becomes a priority for SCALLOP. Their continued creation of new varieties of Phexos, in spite the preexisting chaos in the world brought on by Phaelite and Meethlite experimentation on humanity, becomes grounds for Rep. Tom Kirby in the Georgia House of Representatives to begin proposing ideas for a draft of legislation that would curtail SCALLOP's arguably unethical experiments.


The Great Marlquaan Storm is revealed to have also created Extirpon, Nematode, Cocklebur, and Spoliat, among others. Nematode's short-lived reign of terror in St. Louis becomes grounds for SCALLOP to further consider its ideas for a women's prison for the Altered.

Slip-Sadie: Slippery Slopes

See also: Slip-Sadie: Slippery Slopes

Being turned into a Marlquaanite by the Great Storm quickly ruins the life of a young Sadie Klink, who many years later would become a friend to a certain Candi Flippo.

Ciem: Inferno

In spite heavy criticism from SCALLOP lawyers regarding inability to hold the Hebbleskins accountable for their continued experiments in making Meethexos, Phexos are effectively outlawed when Congress takes Tom Kirby's "anti-centaur bill" to the national stage, creating the Kirby Act. While Candi herself is protected from the national stage's awareness, she has no idea she will one day meet and fall in love with Donte "Emeraldon" McArthur. Authorities on the national stage are unsure if Emeraldon, the Gray Champion, Hea Pang, Mapacha, Anarteq, Sniperbadger, Tamperwolf, the Critter Resistance, or the rumored-to-exist "Slip-Sadie" can be trusted forever.

Congress cites the actions of Extirpon, Cocklebur, Spoliat, Nematode, Eqquibus, Blackveil, Chillingworth, Scott Morrisson, the North Bond Hall Vampires, the Sapphire King, and others as evidence that the Altered cannot be trusted. However, passing of the Kirby Act immediately leads to men like Judge Terry Beliah wishing to expand its powers, due to a paranoid fear of Extirpon in particular.

This makes matters especially complicated for Candi, when Emeraldon and Anarteq are lured away on a mission together and Ciem is left to fill in for Emeraldon to handle an Icy Finger assault on Evansville. She is unable to stop the bomb from going off, killing Betty McArthur and wiping out an entire neighborhood. However, she does save a convention center full of hostages; disabling the worst of the invaders and their weaponry in time for SCALLOP and the National Guard to show up and restore order. This, however, puts Ciem on the radar. Emeraldon, when questioned about the centipede protector, gives her the "Ciem" moniker - which sticks with the media until Candi herself adopts it.

Lava Tigre and Drop-In soon become more reasons for Beliah to propose judicial expansions to the Kirby Act, as do the arrival of such unstable new forces as Screwworm, Eric Korsicht, Quoll, DeathDachshund, Melvin Markus, Flintirah, and more. There is fear that SCALLOP needs an internment camp for adult women more than ever, hence the official renovation of their old Western Research building into an official SWCC campus. This is compounded by the fact that the other center, already transformed into SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center, won't be able to hold adults and juveniles competently forever. Should Flintirah not be capable of total reformation, then they suspect SWCC will become her new permanent home once she ages out of SJCC.

Candi's arrest yields with it the exposing of Ciem's identity to authorities, also making clear to SCALLOP that it needs to get its own system more organized. Miriam's arrest and confessions reveal that the Marlquaanite antihero Extirpon is now inspiring copycats, including the Purge-Flare. Connections between Duke Arfaas and Clyde Spendelworth are made by the FBI like never before, based on Miriam's testimony.

The Gray Champion: Shaken Dust

Hea and Marge are threatened with being sent to SWCC over the chaos they caused in Boston and Jonesboro when battling Bracket and Hibbins, as well as a warning being issued to John. John is granted a free pass for the time. But for Hea and Marge's actions, both are sent to much more temporary housing in SCALLOP HQ Jail of Houston instead.

Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance

Miriam is informed after being transferred to SJCC that she should be mindful of her own activities upon release, or else the newly-remodeled SWCC could become her permanent home.

Pilltar 2

After her defeat in Des Moines, SCALLOP acquired Audrey Golin - and began housing her in the North Wing of SWCC. Stephanie Barrin is warned that her Strawberry activities could lead to her being sent to SWCC as well. Construction is completed on SMCC.



Candi and Dolly face harassment numerous times, both from Houston police and from Darius. They are both threatened with long-term internment / incarceration at SWCC, but manage to get reduced to shorter amounts of time at Harris County Jail instead. After Milp kills Darius, Lex takes over as the new SCALLOP director and tries to reverse the legal damage done to Candi and Dolly by his malicious and spiteful father. However, Jim Oisdaat complicates matters. Lex tries to have Milp sent to SWCC, but she is killed by Mukade before this can happen. Mukade is not charged in the killing, however.

Lex is only able to slightly reduce the girls' assigned punishments, leading to Candi being on a watchlist and Dolly getting even-more-reduced jail time. However, they are both prime candidates for SWCC, given the sheer number of times they've both been arrested.


See also: Sodality: Determination

Candi and Stephanie are warned that if they get in trouble even a few more times, they could risk being sent to SWCC, instead of SCALLOP HQ Jail. It won't matter if it was their fault or not. Self-defense would be of little use as an argument in court, due to their status under the Beliah Amendments.

Battle for Metheel

See also: Sodality: Battle for Metheel

Candi and Dolly are warned after their roles in the adventure end that either of them could be called in to serve time at SWCC at any time, especially given their probation violations by getting involved in the fight against Morzhuk's invading forces. Candi is especially targeted. While all of them had to wind up on Metheel to finish the fight, Candi voluntarily ignored her probation to go to Louisiana and thwart the invasion forces there. She is told that the next time she has an issue, "it's prison, no matter how small the offense."


See also: Sodality: Vindication

During the Beliah Enforcements, SCALLOP was put on overtime duty to begin rounding up as many of those deemed in violation as possible. The women would be able to stay at SWCC under internment while they had pending trials, combining the functions of a jail and a prison with a more traditional internment camp function. While focus was initially on finding and rounding up actual criminals, Icy Finger infiltrators in the Toklisanan government began putting pressure on SCALLOP and on prosecuting attorneys to begin scrutinizing the actions of the Sodality of Gerosha more closely. Fearing this would lead to several innocent Sodality members being wrongly sent to regular prisons, Lex Philippine arranged for cover-up allegations, in order to have as many members of the Sodality as possible placed under internment. This led also to arrest warrants against all known members. At the same time, members of the Navyrope and Swappernetter societies fell under scrutiny, risking internment.

However, Rappaccini's increasingly bold global (and ultimately, interplanetary) measures meant some Sodalists would need to remain free - even if that meant becoming fugitives. Those willing to surrender to their arrest warrants were encouraged to become Team Caged Dove, as they were deemed more able to handle the legal battles at home than the war in Italy and Mozambique. Those fleeing into exile in Europe and Africa became Team Spaghetti Liberation instead.

Team Caged Dove initially made up 13 of 16 possible slots for the 3rd floor south wing (3SW), nearly maxing out capacity for that area and leaving only three possible female inmates that were not Sodality members. Since only one other inmate was housed in this area prior to it being set aside for the Sodality, the spare cells had been used prior to store lab equipment for other SCALLOP facilities. Of these 13, one of them was Mingmei Cheng - initially not a high priority, but going in the place of the more-high-profile Miriam. Another was the reluctant Keet Kabo, who was captured after being shot out of the sky by Phaletori forces. Tiffany Sterlie made up another of the 13 women. Due to Tiffany's special closeness to Vince Finton, she was placed in the fake water tower away from her other Sodality friends, leaving only 12 women from the Sodality total housed on 3SW. This was to ensure that the Screwworms, if they ever attacked SWCC, would not find Tiffany there along with the other Sodalists. Only a handful of trusted personnel were even allowed to know about Tiffany or the tower either, until after Tiffany's escape.

Keet Kabo was only with Caged Dove for a few days, though always looking for a way out. She also fared the least well in court, given her rotten attitude about the situation. Her annoying nature convinced the other girls that the best solution was to help her escape. Mingmei quickly became a "team mom" for all of Caged Dove due to her natural leadership qualities - including for Candi. Mingmei also developed great respect for Candi in a hurry, playing on Candi's being related to Miriam and having similar life goals. Keet's inability to avoid irritating other prisoners, as well as challenging Mingmei's authority within the group and threatening to gain followers of her own, led to Sadie Klink beginning to wonder if she should join the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers instead of the Sodality. Unwilling to distance herself from Candi right away, Sadie all the same was tempted by Keet's offer.

The damage done to group harmony convinces Mingmei most of all to help Keet escape - if only to get rid of her. Mingmei bribes Candi into giving up a hidden Zeran wardrobe, then gives it to Keet in the midst of a fight that breaks out when Keet attacks a guard. Keet uses it to facilitate her escape, at which point she contacts Titus and tells him to ready their ship for SMCC. Keet smuggles herself into SMCC, then rescues Evan. The ship reunites the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, who then head to Italy to assist Spaghetti Liberation in their mission. Mingmei falls under higher scrutiny, though she is not separated from the team. Yet, attention to her being in Toklisana leads to foreign dignitaries she'd embarrassed in the past calling for her to receive the death penalty. Brian Mizgel, with whom Mingmei is having an affair, warns her that the odds of her being executed have gone up exponentially.

The incident of Keet's escape also leads to some reconsideration of having all of the Sodality women together in one place. Team Caged Dove Adult Women is split into Team 3SW and Team 2SW. Michelle, Dolly, and Marge remain with Candi as their leader in one cell in 3SW. Pam is sent home on probation, along with her son Wilfredo, when it's deemed that they could not have turned in Extirpon even if they wanted to. This leads to the remaining six girls being housed in the bunk community on 2SW. Given only 10 other inmates are in 2SW, the Sodality girls are able to make new friends with most of them rather quickly.

However, the final week of the first month proves too taxing on Stephanie, who starts suffering hallucinations and other signs of possible dementia stemming from her brain damage accrued about a decade prior. Stephanie creates a talking ceiling fan / sprinkler system with an AI, dubbing it "G.E.O.R.G.E." She installs this in the cafeteria, and soon has trouble standing up straight. She is sent to Gum Arabic Mental Hospital for treatment, with her physical health also heavily monitored. It is in there that she invents Pillcenary and Strawcenary, to aid with the war effort on Phaeleel. She hopes that if she has to retire as the pilot of Strawberry, that Strawcenary can take her place.

The first week of the second month, however, sees SJCC attacked and destroyed. Of the 400 inmates it could house, only about five made it out alive - all of them being led by Tabitha Pang. The other inmates and staff are all murdered by the Screwworm Network. This leads to Icy Finger plants in Toklisana's government arguing that SCALLOP needs to temporarily have its other facilities decommissioned for review, and inmates transferred to regular prisons and under regular sentencing guidelines.

Candi, Frank, and Donte are initially hidden in the basement of Greg's house. After Frank and Donte's safety is more guaranteed, SCALLOP assists them with building the Texan Triangulum. They are moved into there under probation, while Candi is placed on a rotating cycle of house arrest and incarceration at FDC Houston, with day release options, for the next five years. Hea is sent to McPherson's in Arkansas, along with Marge, though the two of them are able to get out after a few months and be placed on parole. Miranda and Jack are sent back to their Apache reservation of origin, forbidden to leave the reservation for five years. Tiffany eventually escapes the tower and vanishes. Emily is transferred aboard the Chen, and offered a job as a scientist aboard. In exchange, they will hide Jeral in a village in Mexico near the coast. Dolly is placed on the same rotating cycle as Candi, with the option to get twice as much time outside as inside prison, good behavior pending. Michelle is immediately deported back to Italy, and placed along with Angelo under house arrest.

This results in Mingmei and Celia being placed in FDC Houston, on a different floor from Candi and Dolly. The two of them make it their job to sniff out Icy Finger recruiters, as well as answer the call in the event of any jailbreaks to help with the recapture of more dangerous inmates. However, Celia is eventually deported back to Italy as well. Mingmei is sent to a decommissioned SWCC, and is allowed Remotach pills so she can Brian can feign her execution by guillotine for national news. She is then secretly deported back to China, while an impersonator cadaver is paraded as the dead Mingmei. Western media tells everyone that Stung Hornet is dead. The real Mingmei is moved by the MSS to a remote village in China, and marries Shing.

Most of the remaining inmates are either sent to FDC Houston, McPherson's, an equivalent facility in Louisiana or Oklahoma, or else are executed, to evacuate the center and use it as a science lab again while it lobbies for recommissioning. Most of the cells lie dormant for five years, as SCALLOP tries to regain the right to house female prisoners in SWCC's walls.


Newly acquiring the rights to open up SWCC again, SCALLOP soon finds it taking in refugees from the Chrome Kite's latest efforts to commit ultraviolent genocide against the Swappernetter Society. The Twirlflame Trio members turn themselves in, since their high-profile insurrectionist activities to undermine the Chrome Kite have endangered SCALLOP's mission to retake Arkansas for Toklisana. The Chrome Kite needs to believe that the Trio - and the orphans they rescued - all died in the blast. If they discover that the Trio - especially Tabitha Pang - are still alive, then that could create problems for Toklisana and SCALLOP's plans to overthrow the Icy Finger's puppet regime and make Arkansas part of a free republic again. SCALLOP in particular could get in trouble for colluding with a high-profile fugitive believed to be dead.

The orphans are placed in foster care. Tobias is sent under a fake name to SCALLOP HQ Jail. Tabitha is sent with Sarah Ruben to 3SW, to hide until six months have passed and a window of opportunity opens for Congress to approve of reconvening the Sodality of Gerosha to assist SCALLOP and the Toklisanan military with invading Arkonia. However, Tobias and Sarah assist Tabby in leading some troops and Sodalists on a tour of Arkansas to aid in disabling MPF generators and undermining Chrome Kite logistics. Tobias and Sarah abscond on returning to Texas. To prevent them from having any more problems after the war is over and Arkansas is taken back, Tabitha agrees to serve their time in addition to her own. She is moved to 1SW, and spends almost 2 years in SCALLOP custody. Operations for SWCC mostly return to normal after she leaves, and she moves on to marry Jordan Sterlie-Steel a few years after her release.

Prison rules and guidelines

While not an exhaustive list, these are some known rules:

  • SWCC may outsource some of its resources to other facilities if overflow should ever become an issue.
  • Since it can only hold 112 inmates total, each of its three floors are designed with a 15-inmate-max-to-a-floor-per-wing mindset.
  • Gifts are analyzed, and confiscated if determined at staff discretion to pose a potential problem. Inmates are encouraged to keep gifts hidden, to avoid spreading jealousy and breeding theft. They may also request that a gift of theirs be placed by staff in safekeeping, if they fear losing it to an inmate and staff did not foresee this.
  • Most things that could be considered a weapon are contraband, and confiscated. Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are forbidden. Street drugs, such as marijuana, are confiscated if found. Frequent drug violations could lead to transfer to a worse facility.
  • There aren't many phones capable of outgoing calls. Inmates are encouraged to use the mail. They are allowed up to two hours maximum each day to use a computer - one which is heavily filtered to eliminate all but a few e-mail and social media outlets. However, limited resources also means that inmates are expected to be courteous and not overuse the machine. Typically, messages are completed in 15 minutes or fewer. This usually translates to a quick Facebook post or two before getting off, informing families of updates. Posts are monitored by staff. Passwords must be stored, allowing for staff to edit posts of inmates by logging in under the inmates' names.
    • This privilege is only to be used by staff if there is some inherent danger to the free sharing of an inmate's thoughts and words. Harmless posts are to be left alone.
  • Visits are by-appointment. Visits are usually expected to last no more than two hours, and a visitor ideally does not visit the same prisoner more than once a week. Visitors are also expected to be on an inmate's approved visitor list, with few exceptions permitted.
    • Visits may be off-location, if the visitor is an important-enough individual. Otherwise, visitation occurs in the basement cafeteria with security present. Only in select instances may inmates receive conjugal visits, inside their cells.
  • Both COs and inmates are strongly discouraged from exhibiting any intentional and / or gratuitous hostility toward each other.
  • The nature of an organization with one or more inmates consisting of its members determines the status of whether or not they are allowed to be housed in proximity to one another.
    • Generally well-meaning organizations with members who ran technically afoul of the law due to the Kirby Act, but who did not intend to become criminals from the outset, are able to be housed on the third floor of the South Wing, provided their convictions aren't overly serious and they maintain a general good attitude.
    • If, however, only one member of the organization in question remains in custody, and the inmate's power level is not high enough, they may be moved to the first floor of the South Wing, vacancy permitting.
  • Vacancy permitting, a moderate-power-level and low-tier prisoner may sometimes be transferred from first floor to second floor.
  • Women with a high enough profile under the Kirby Act may, circumstances pending, be outsourced to another facility. Approval pending, South Wing inmates not listed as high-power-level beings may specially request to be transferred to the non-Altered residential prison of their choosing. Too high of a profile will, vacancy pending, lead to being sent to FDC Houston. Lesser profiles may be transferred to whichever state-level prison is most suited for them based on the particulars of their state.
  • All North Wing prisoners, save for the solitary cell dwellers, face some risk of execution. Nature of crime and demeanor while incarcerated will determine if and when execution is deemed necessary. Inmates sentenced to death in court are almost guaranteed a trip to the roof.
  • The cafeteria or lounge may double as a chapel, but only a handful of religions are permitted there.
    • Secular humanism, Satanism, Wicca, Islam, and Icy Finger / Hebbleskin religions are expressly forbidden. Buddhism is allowed, but monitored.
      • SCALLOP's unique nature as an entity allows it to set such a policy, though this would not be the case for most any other Toklisanan institution. Individuals of those faith persuasions may request transfer to other facilities that permit such a practice - except for Hebbleskin and Icy Finger dogmatists. They are forbidden to practice nor try to win converts, as they pose a particular existential threat.
  • Unruly prisoners may be put in solitary. If their powers make them enough of a threat, they may be put in a North Wing cell temporarily, vacancy pending. Being trapped for a time in MPF suspended animation inside a cell capable of such generation can be an alternative to execution.
  • Certain inmates can gain wandering privileges if they acquire enough perks. However, even small violations of code can lead to revoking of perks and mandatory timeouts.
  • Sodality members housed are expected to attend shop classes, as well as aid in mission control. Most other prisoners are discouraged from having jobs inside the building, though prisoners with sufficient perks may join a chain gang to get more exercise than is typically permitted.
  • The cafeteria or lounge may double as classrooms.
  • Inmates on 3SW for affiliation with an organization such as the Sodality, especially if the others from that organization are all gone, whose only other crimes are misdemeanors, may be transferred to a county jail upon request.

Earth-G7.2.1 SWCC rules

These are unique to the Gerosha Crossover Gaming Universe, since mainstream Cataclysmic Gerosha has a red light to Percolation sensitivity.

  • If an inmate is Percolated to another dimension, the facility goes into lockdown for at least two hours. This could last longer, depending on what is required to return the inmate to SWCC. This is a policy shared with Camelorum Correctional.
  • Percolations that arrive in SWCC from other dimensions are held to determine their safety level, before they are allowed to interact with other Crossover Gerosha natives outside the prison. If Percolations are male, they are transferred to SMCC and follow a similar process.



Advancement of Sodality plot mythos

After the plot to Augmentation was mapped in 2013-2014, a burning question arose regarding what the logical next step would be for the Sodality of Gerosha. Even though Judge Terry Beliah was dead at the hands of Extirpon dropping the Titanic on him and the Centhuen army had been pulled back, the Beliah Amendments and Society of the Icy Finger were still at large - and gaining influence in Toklisana's culture and government. Resistance was strong, except in parts of Arkansas. Most of the Sodality was trusted and popular, in spite the Kirby Act and Beliah Amendments making them illegal to even exist. However, their triumphs in saving innocents from being abducted by Beliah's sympathizers and the Phaletori cemented their image as true heroes. The public knew, however, that if the Beliah Amendments weren't overturned and the Kirby Act repealed; then it was only a matter of time before government mandates led to the Sodality having to go to prison.

It was decided that Team Gray would be in one of the most precarious dispositions, since the Icy Finger's various related factions would undoubtedly be most obsessed with John Domeck's team being destroyed. Due to Darius Philippine harassing Candi and going to some lengths to ruin her reputation, she and her new McArthur family would be especially under legal scrutiny. It was retconned into the premise that her role with Stephanie Barrin in exposing Senator Gobar would result in her being on some kind of probation as a result. However, the events in Battle for Metheel would require her to violate the terms of that probation, placing her and her friends and family in serious hot water.

Two other major issues stood out about Augmentation and Battle for Metheel: while the entire Sodality of Gerosha roster is utilized, the Sodality of Florence gets sidelined for use in the final battles. A new season would be needed to have a new main battle near the end, one which would correct this by giving the Florentines something to do. Rappaccini's role in matters, inspired by some of the Black Panther film setup subplots in Avengers: Age of Ultron helped form the backbone of a plot for what would become Sodality: Vindication. Also, the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers were seen as ready to be involved with the two Sodalities in the new adventure. They'd have to be worked into the plot somehow, to make the ending of Vindication feel like the Sodality's magnum opus - right before it would be forcibly dismantled as an organization. This plot would also require a lot of change to happen rapidly to the characters, forcing the various team members to have to grow up and change based on their dramatic new life experiences.

Excitement in late 2014 and early 2015 over the announcement of Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters in 2016 also led to the desire to capitalize on the Marvel Civil War premise to ask: "What would divide the Sodality?" Instead of fighting each other, however, there'd be a twist: They'd split into two organizations to tackle two different theaters of the same conflict, caused by the same outside enemy.

It was already established canon that CandiCiem: Inferno, Instigation, Adaptation, Determination, Battle for Metheel had already been (usually wrongfully) arrested many times, so it seemed logical she'd be fresh out of short jail stays and would face prison time the next time her enemies did something to make playing by the ever-increasingly-strict rules impossible. It also seemed logical that whatever it would be that got her sent there this time, the measures would be extended to her husband and son as well - who had managed to narrowly avoid such trouble thus far.

Therefore, it became clear that since the McArthurs didn't want to run afoul of the law, but were entrapped, Lex Philippine of SCALLOP would provide them a way out of having to face the regular prison system - by way of an internment camp. SCALLOP was no stranger to internment with its HQ jails; so the idea of having an internment prison or two or three in their possession wasn't outside the realm of possibility. Having Rappaccini's activities in Europe and Africa be one theater of war would necessitate the creation of Team Spaghetti Liberation, consisting of heroes stubborn about protecting their freedom willing to risk living forever as fugitives in order to fight the wars nobody else either could or wanted to. But to deal with the legal firestorm that their enemies had brewed for them with local authorities, the Sodality would have to go to court - and some of them might have to face prison time for their methods in world saving.

From there, it was decided that the team would decide among its members who got to join which faction of the split. The heroes with the best chance at defeating Rappaccini became Spaghetti Liberation. The heroes that had to surrender and go to prison in order to lobby for the rights of themselves and their organization in courts and the media were deemed "Team Caged Dove." SCALLOP would do all in their power to aid the legal causes of Caged Dove's members - and minimize their sentences, if they couldn't pardon a particular individual entirely. Each member's case would be unique.

Instigation and Adaptation also revealed that Dolly had been arrested a small handful of times too amid her attempts to save the world - though her record was not enough to top Candi's. To negotiate to keep Jeraime out of trouble, Dolly would take the bait and surrender herself. Since Candi and Dolly played smaller roles in Augmentation than they did in prior seasons, Vindication and the mission of Team Caged Dove would give these girls at least one more important mission - before they could (semi)-retire from superhero work.

JohnA So-Called Heretic, HeaThe Gray Champion: Shaken Dust, MargeIBID, StephaniePilltar 2, Determination, KeetFall of Phaemer Village, Phemer Village Peacekeepers, AngeloA Bur in Missouri, CeliaAdaptation, Determination, and MingmeiLittle Shanghai Hornet had all been arrested at least once before as well. Where they were destined to be sent as part of Caged Dove was not a new idea to them. Miranda, Emily, Tiffany, and Tabitha had prior experience as well with being kidnapped, though not legally arrested.

As much trouble as Extirpon was in, it became obvious he and the Purge-Flare would join the Sapphire King in Italy to fight Rappaccini. There was no way that they would be readily and easily willing to turn themselves in, convinced they'd be executed on the spot if they tried to surrender. Yet, they felt a need for John's leadership and instinctive knowledge of the enemy - as well as his powers. Therefore, John, Anna, and Pablo made the painful decision to leave the rest of Team Gray behind to join Caged Dove, while the three of them joined Spaghetti Liberation. Team Gray prayed and planned heavily for what this would entail, understanding their roles perfectly so there was no confusion nor hard feelings. When John doubted a bit, Hea insisted he go; and that it was for the best. Tiffany and her son Jordan would be sent to SCALLOP's internment as peace offerings, in order to allow the Navyrope Society to hide Vince Finton and keep him out of the plot for as long as possible.

Knowing what he could do that the others couldn't as easily, Emily even encouraged Jeral to join Spaghetti Liberation - and to come back for her when it was over. Mingmei had to join Caged Dove so as to protect Miriam from being dragged into the plot, as the McLaine family was no longer in any shape for such perilous adventuring. Forked Tiger and Scratched Hen smuggled the McLaines back to China, while Mingmei took Miriam's place and also answered for her own past crimes. This drove Black Rat to join Spaghetti Liberation, as there had to still be one member of his team left to report back to the MSS on what was happening in the war against Rappaccini in Europe.

It became a game of algorithms from there to determine who stood the best chance at joining which faction, and how the plots would play out. For Evan, Tabitha, Jordan, Frank, Michelle, Miranda, Kyle, Charlotte, and Jack, the idea of being in trouble with the law was new. To avoid Lambrelli Labs being shut down, Ron Barrin decided it was better to flee and join Spaghetti Liberation than to be rounded up to SMCC for Caged Dove's initiative. However, Stephanie's brain injury at the end of Pilltar 2 would resurface as a plot point, requiring her to join Caged Dove. It was ultimately decided that until the Second Battle for Dephinapolis, Kyle and Charlotte would be allowed to stay out of the plot. They'd be given a free pass, provided they never left Louisiana without permission.

Desire to create a sequel series, in what would ultimately become the plot to Swappernetters, also took hold in 2015 - as a desire developed to explore how Tabitha would grow and change from the timid child seen in Augmentation to the retired superhero and active nurse seen in Ciem Tomorrow. The series would shift the focus away from Candi, John, Hea, and their massive band of friends, family, and church congregants. Instead, Tabitha and some new friends of hers would become the main characters, changing the entire perspective. Practical tactics would be preferred over simply using powers all the time. And while the Sodality often had to play nice and allow themselves to be arrested on occasion to complete their missions, the different nature of who was in charge during Swappernetters would mean that Tabby and her friends would have to take pains to evade arrest more often than not.

SCALLOP logistics role

Many times for Candi, and a few times for a few other Sodality members, brief incarceration / internment in a SCALLOP HQ jail was nothing new. Prison, however, was another story. As for whether they were interned or incarcerated: Candi would walk a thin line, given her history. Her internment could become a true incarceration later on, especially if she needed for whatever reason to be transferred to a regular federal or state facility. Dolly was much lower in profile, and could probably get away with going back on parole / probation / house arrest.

Jack, Miranda, Wilbur, Donte, Dolly, Michelle, Frank, Pam, Wilfredo, Tiffany, Jordan, and Tobias were most definitely receiving internment rather than proper incarceration, with any charges being covers. Keet, Evan, Hea, Emily, Tabitha, Marge, Stephanie, Mingmei, and Angelo were incarcerated at SCALLOP facilities. Keet and Evan were in for vandalism after crashing into a shed when their space pod was shot out of the sky. Sarah, Hea, Emily, and Pam were all in trouble for not turning in their respective men - not that they couldn't stopped them. Tabitha's stunt to flee the Screwworms resulted in her facing actual criminal charges, which she didn't anticipate. Marge staged a stunt to get incarcerated with SCALLOP on purpose, so she'd be in trouble for being Marge rather than for being Mapacha. She figured this would improve her chances of getting her job back when she got out, if she could spin the situation.

Stephanie's latest effort to save herself and her new husband from the Screwworms inadvertently led to a house fire, resulting in pending arson charges. Her charges were later reduced due to her transfer to Gum Arabic Mental Hospital, though she did have to spend a long time under house arrest - and retire from being the pilot for Strawberry. Angelo had been deported once before, and Mingmei's past espionage exploits had earned her some dangerous enemies in Toklisanan government. Sarah rescued her professor from being murdered by the Chrome Kite, as it was in the process of slowly revolutionizing Arkansas for Icy Finger rule. Her interference led to her being arrested, with SCALLOP intervening in the nick of time to prevent her from being sent somewhere worse.

The bottom line was that the regular small jail halls of SCALLOP's main stations in Texas would not suffice for the needs of housing Team Caged Dove, nor handling all their delicate specific legal needs. To alleviate this, it was decided that SCALLOP had remodeled a few of its science facilities into prisons - and built a new prison just for housing men. It was a given that low-level men involved in regular criminal activities would be sent to normal prisons; yet those involved in things that mattered under SCALLOP jurisdiction could have the option to get better treatment in a SCALLOP facility - space permitting.

Most of the supervillains the Sodality had fought in the past had a tendency to die in battle, rather than be captured. However, several Icy Finger and Hebbleskin goons of lower rank were able to survive and be captured. The SCALLOP small jail halls would not be big enough to house them long-term, so it was ruled that three separate facilities would be created to house these categories.

Female villains tended to have the fewest odds of survival, and male adults were slightly more likely to live long enough to be captured. Therefore, SMCC was to be a brand new campus of connected buildings that housed male prisoners. The capacity could be as many as 2,000, since the Hebbleskins and Icy Finger more often recruited men rather than women to their grunt forces. SJCC would mostly be for internment rather than true incarceration, and would be for the children of the Altered and their associates. This could reach as many as 400 - 200 per gender, with some options for using the unused areas of the female wing for male overflow. SJCC could also separate children by age groups in some instances, as having a five-year-old interned Frank share a cell with an incarcerated twelve-year-old Tabitha made little sense.

While most of the big name villains to fight the Sodality were dead by the Vindication arc, Cupric and the original Screwworm were still alive. It would not be hard to find ways for them to become part of the plot. SCALLOP also hoped to catch Wishpon, Lionfish, and other enemies working with the Icy Finger.

All of this detail therefore required that SCALLOP also have a special facility in which to house its adult women. Since they'd be implied to be fewer in number than men or co-ed juveniles, it made sense to create the Women's Containment building in a CAD program or a Sims game first, to get an idea of the layout that would eventually define season continuity for all adult female Caged Dove member subplots. In spite the facilities canonically hosting more men than women, more of the Sodality's female members were captured than its male ones, requiring particular attention to detail regarding the female prisoner heroes to make their greater role seem more credible.

Outside influences

Early work on showing how Candi and Dolly coped with numerous false imprisonment situations in their past journeys yielded for the author a troubling realization: little clue regarding the expected norms of social interactions in a regular women's incarceration scenario. What did they talk about to pass the time? How big are the influences of gangs, really? How would a fallen female superhero function in an environment like this?

As of early 2015, the Dozerfleet founder's only exposure to the idea of superheroes and supervillains in ordinary prisons consisted of Beast in 1992's X-Men, John Hancock from 2008's Hancock, and Catwoman in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Even then, the Catwoman example failed epistemological obligation in that she was the only female prisoner in Gotham's otherwise inexplicably all-male city jail. Interactions of female prisoners with each other was virtually non-existent on Heroes most of the time, which also offered very little insight into practical knowledge of social interaction norms of ordinary prisoners in general. Males in prison were almost always both Evos, and their conversations were influenced heavily by this.

Even with their powers; most Phexos, Meethexos, and Marlquaanites tend to behave more like they're still a part of regular humanity; rather than assume themselves to have left it behind. They would mostly have the same social topics and concerns as ordinary human prisoners. The desire for more knowledge on this topic led to a newfound interest in the Women Behind Bars trope in general, as well as exploration of the WiP genre.

Exploration throughout 2015-2017 on the topic yielded a variety of very interesting results, yet seldom anything conclusive regarding conversational norms for female inmates who are not part of gangs nor of a gang mentality. Whatever was mustered together was employed into developing the culture of SWCC - as well as how the Sodality women would react to being placed inside such an environment.

For understanding the mindset of the North Wing, Wentworth proved the most useful show of reference. Orange is the New Black proved useful for understanding what sort of conversations might happen in the South Wing, though how the Sodality's peculiarities would factor in remained a topic of some mystery. The most useful TV series by far, however, proved to be A&E's Lucky 8 Studios docuseries 60 Days In. Slightly more helpful were the comments on YouTube of Jaime Lind, a former real inmate featured on the show who exposed what was genuine on it versus what was faked for the convenience of production.[1] She was particularly hard on Barbra Williams and Tami Ferraiuolo, plants whom she claimed were rather brash and hypocritical, yet whom the production crew played up as heroically as possible. Jaime was also highly apologetic of Maryum Ali, whom she claims the other two plants went out of their way to not treat fairly, implying racial prejudice.

At the same time that research was being done on this topic for SWCC, research on some male facilities was also done for SMCC. It was concluded that a futuristic San Quentin-style facility was not an unrealistic choice for what SMCC would entail. However, the challenge would be to keep the Sodality together, whilst keeping members of other organizations separated from their associates. The Sodality's teamwork, with the exception of the still-bitter Angelo, would benefit SCALLOP personnel. Yet, leftover Hebbleskin and Icy Finger associates, along with other high-powered criminals, posed a constant threat of danger of escaping and re-forming their organizations into credible threats.

Efforts to learn about juvenile centers for purposes of creating SJCC were also carried out. These led to discovery of Jared Cohn's films, particularly his 2014 Asylum release Jailbait, based on the 17 & Life graphic novel. The film was ultimately deemed not particularly useful for understanding background socials for what Tabitha Pang would encounter at SJCC, but it did assist with understanding what she might fear would happen to her. Certain plot elements of that film were later incorporated into Ciem: Inferno and the "17 and Amphibious" 2-parter of Camelorum Adventures, both of which ruthlessly parody Jailbait even as they attempt to tie together their own original subplots.

Flintirah as a character started out as a parody of Erica O'Brien's Kody character, for example; the joke being how Kody's efforts to bully Anna would have gone very differently if she'd tried to pick on a trained superhero instead of a random, timid, sexual abuse victim. Camelorum nearly repeated the scenario, but showed how replacing Ciem with Lemon Witch and MODM would have caused the Kody stan-in's gang to suffer even worse humiliation. Anna Nix was also parodied as Anna Ford, who is later cloned into the Dromedeverse by the Percolation Wave and turned into a bullfrog by Carly - and is then hired to be Stan's new secretary. Frustration with the Cohn film's bad writing led to watching documentaries on YouTube and Netflix about actual juvenile prisons, to understand the psychology of those environments more realistically.

Given how sympathetic SCALLOP is to Tabitha and Sarah, they find themselves treated less like criminals, and more like junior high students who are "stuck in extended daycare." The wing of SJCC they're sent to runs its lobby and cafeteria areas more like what would be expected at a daycare than a proper prison, even though the girls still have to wear uniforms and be assigned to cells. While preferring to be home, Tabby gains a great respect for the facility in which she's been placed in internment - and grows to care about most of the staff. SJCC's destruction later at the hands of the Screwworms becomes the catalyst for her electing to go down the path with Sarah toward becoming a Swappernetter.


The building's exterior is a mixture of tan stucco and gray brick, with the emphasis being on simplicity. Sims 4 renders don't show the barb crowns, but the outer fence is 2-stories tall in order to ensure that no one who lacks an inherent flight ability has any chance of simply climbing over the gate. Such individuals are usually to be restrained in MPF chambers, or else given other incentives to prevent them from utilizing such an escape. Wearable Marlquaan inhibitors may be placed on some other prisoners, in an effort to reduce their ability to walk through walls to escape. MPF generators capable of producing "tug" are also at the fence posts, so as to catch anyone bold enough to attempt climbing the fence.

The canonical parking lot is much larger than the Sims 4 render depicts, to allow for the various sorts of traffic the facility would require. The building's interior sports an array of silver fences and white security doors, along with white metallic vents. Flooring consists of diamondback metal plating for most major hallways, beige linoleum tile for the lobby and booking station, wood for the changing room, and concrete for most other rooms. White rubber padding makes up the walls to the solitary rooms, though most cell room walls are simple gray concrete.

Since most cells need to be able to double as MPF chambers in a heartbeat, the cell entrances are made up of reinforced glass doors and windows to better hold in an MPF once generated. Using reinforced glass rather than metal bars also adds a futuristic flare to the cell blocks, as opposed to the more traditional metal doors at SMCC and Camelorum.

The walls of most other rooms in the building, primarily non-cell block hallways, use a sand beach tan pattern with steelblue accents - the official organization colors. The overall structure has the appearance of a highly-stylized (and compressed) county jail building.


The building's division structure is centered around the fact that not all inmates are going to be powered the same way, nor have a consistent profile of power level or seriousness of crime nor personality. Holding about the same total number of inmates as Camelorum, SWCC is also structured around the fact that far fewer female Phexos and Marlquaanites commit serious enough crimes to warrant being sent to a special SCALLOP-run prison. As such, it can get away with having far smaller capacities than even other women's prisons.

The hallways, stairways and jailyard structures are set in place to ensure that the North and South Wing prisoners remain segregated more often than not, as South Wing is low-moderate security and North Wing is maximum security. The building's facade faces west, and refers to the wings as "north" and "south" to minimize political and directional confusion over which prisoners are the "left" or the "right" faction within the building. One of the only times that North and South factions can interact, is for certain basement functions in the laundry room, lab, or lounge. Cafeteria times are also differentiated, so as to ensure that North and South prisoners seldom have to interact.

The model of the facility in The Sims 4 features a much smaller parking lot than what is canon to Gerosha mythos. It also was built on a 40-tile x 30-tile lot per that game's zoning limits. This places restrictions on building codes that essentially force the staff to adapt to having to negotiate prison population numbers with other facilities in the event of overcrowding. Also, these restrictions require that the cafeteria also serve a visiting center, chapel, and classroom. The lounge may be used as an infirmary, though sick patients are usually transferred to the SCALLOP Houston HQ Jail's infirmary or to Houston hospitals for more serious medical needs. First Aid and other lesser needs are usually addressed in the laundromat, cafeteria, or lobby. Sufficiently low-tier power level individuals may also request transfer out of the SCALLOP justice system and into a regular prison, if they fear that their medical needs necessitate more attention than SCALLOP can provide. However, this usually comes at the expense of receiving longer sentences in the regular court system.

SCALLOP's additional facilities mean that special visits to prisoners can happen at the SCALLOP Houston HQ Jail, if safety is a concern for either inmates or visitors.

Important rooms such as the booking station, lobby, warden's office, and changing rooms are located in the Central Hub, which separates North Wingers from South Wingers. This series of hallways is not very large, and the rooms are just large enough to serve their purposes. The reason that 2SW houses lower-power-level prisoners than 1SW, in spite 1NW housing lower-power-level prisoners than 2NW, is because the receiving dock is also located on 1SW. SWCC is very compact in this fashion. Part of this is its legacy, as it was a science center before it was converted to a prison.

While the canon building and its Sims 3 counterparts may well be larger, SWCC is restricted in what it can do largely by the limitations of the game engine in which it was first generated. Its overall narrative and functionality are focused primarily on this.

The building's structure is critical to helping the Team Caged Dove sections of the plot to Sodality: Vindication have a sense of internal visual continuity. Early Sims 3 panel art depicted the Caged Dove women sent to SWCC without much of any sense of visual continuity to their whereabouts, based on what the PC's hardware and Sims 3 working together would allow.

As such, those early renders often depicted the girls inside variations of the Sims 3 version of "Sim Quentin." (Not to be confused with Sim_plistic's model for Sims 4, which uses a very different layout.) Kevinworth from The Sims Resource was another popular template, though it was often redecorated to look like a SCALLOP facility. Since SJCC is supposed to hold 450 juveniles max (225 of each gender,) it would require a much larger campus consisting of many connected buildings in order to depict - something that was also not possible with the early renders. Therefore, the Sim Quentin template often doubled for SJCC in early renders as well.

The need for a clear model for SWCC took precedent even over the need for clear models for SJCC, SMCC and Gum Arabic Mental Hospital, since most of Team Caged Dove consists of the women of the Sodality. Only five adult men became part of Caged Dove, entering SMCC. And they were mostly reduced to minor subplots while the women in SWCC formed a larger subplot. The two plots that receive the most attention are the SJCC subplot about Tabitha Pang's evolution from timid homeschool genius to bold street warrior, and Team Spaghetti Liberation's quests around the world while trying to avoid going to prison.

SWCC vs. Camelorum Correctional

See also: Camelorum Correctional

In the Dromedeverse, Camelorum Correctional becomes the de-facto place to incarcerate co-ed prisoners with bizarre situations or weird superpowers. However, women with less-bizarre convictions may be sent to Baylor instead. Women with powers deemed too evil for Camelorum may be sent to Muscarum instead. Men with no-low-tier power levels who are deemed too evil for Camelorum may be sent to Llamalorum Correctional instead. Women too crazy, and therefore not criminally responsible for Camelorum, may be sent to Alpacalorum Mental Hospital instead - the Dromedeverse equivalent to Gum Arabic Mental Hospital in Gerosha continuity.

SWCC's inmates are exclusively female, whereas Camelorum's are simply predominantly female. With exceptions like Keet Kabo, most SWCC prisoners are expected to be mostly human and human-looking in their anatomy and physiology. Camelorum, at least until a new zoo is built, doesn't have this same restriction.

SWCC has four floors total, whereas Camelorum has only three. The Sims 4 model for Camelorum, however, doesn't allow for its parking lot to be depicted accurately - nor its soccer field. As a tradeoff, Camelorum is shown as being able to use its internal space much more efficiently overall than SWCC does its space. SWCC has to use its lounge and cafeteria as classrooms or chapels, whereas Camelorum has one actual classroom. SWCC has one shower stall room, whereas Camelorum has two.

Camelorum puts its more dangerous inmates - or its higher-level convictions - in the basement. Basement dwellers who are too powerful and too dangerous may be transferred to Muscarum. Unusual yet violent crimes not involving superpowers are in the basement, which has a lot more solitary cells than SWCC does. SWCC puts its most dangerous offenders on the third floor of North Wing. Arguably, even with all the Carly-related incidents, Camelorum treats its most dangerous inmates more humanely overall than SWCC does its equivalents. Melody Trank, for example, is given a chance to redeem herself and get promoted to 1st floor. Sadie Klink, however, needed Candi to prove that her trial was rigged before the warden would cut her any slack after almost 10 years of psychological torture. The closest Camelorum equivalent to 3NW's mind torture darkness and solitary confinement structure would be the Red Ribbon Room in the Paradox Wing.

Camelorum's general population cells in its basement are a hybrid of bunk community and dorm-style pod structure, while most of the rest of it uses dorm-style housing. SWCC has five hallways that operate with a strict dorm structure and one large room serving as a bunk community. The receiving door on SWCC's 1SW room helps demonstrate mail logistics for the structure, whereas Camelorum's Sims 4 model keeps the way Camelorum handles its mail a mystery.

The classroom and cafeteria of Camelorum may double as chapels, but so can the lounge, dance room, or theater room. SWCC has fewer options for this. SWCC strictly has no cells on its basement level, as this is to provide extra safety for staff. Camelorum also has a staff break room and armory in the basement, but finds creative ways to have cells on all of its floors.

Camelorum also comes with an indoor gym in the basement that can provide inmates with a variety of health and fitness options, though basketball is the most popular item. The lounge is tiny, and features a piano and some easels. The SWCC lounge features a karaoke machine and a foosball table. Its cafeteria is also considerably smaller. SWCC offers a segregated jail yard for North and South Wingers, with basketball hoops and picnic tables for its small populations of prisoners to interact with. It does not have flexibility of options. SWCC also has no soccer field.

Both facilities will use cooperative inmates as mercenaries, with various perks awarded for good behavior and job completion. However, training for mercenaries from SWCC has to be done off-site. Camelorum has its own "Risk Room" (similar to the Danger Room in X-Men comics) for this purpose. Security in SWCC is also monitored from the warden's office, whereas Camelorum divides responsibilities for security and CCTV monitoring between its warden's office and a small security room hidden behind the basement library. The SWCC changing room also doubles as a small library, whereas Camelorum has its own library.

Inmate self-defense is handled differently too. SWCC rooms on the North Wing usually come equipped with MPF generators, assuming that the worst thing in the cells are the inmates themselves. Camelorum equips most of its cells with Tobey alarms and Tobey Swatters, assuming that the most dangerous thing that could be in the cells are not the inmates themselves, but Tobey the Toilet Monster seeking to eat the inmates. Eventually, the Tobey Swatters are upgraded to also ward off Abductor Goose.

One thing SWCC does better is its handling of changing rooms. When inmates are able to secure a release, there is a special room for them to go to in order to pick out civilian clothing to wear - and get their personal ID and other valuables back. Camelorum either gets creative with storing entry civilian clothes in back closets or the Warden's on-site bedroom closet, or else mails inmate's civilian clothes to a family member - to be collected again by the inmate later upon release.


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