"Serial Bomber" is an August 27, 2007 song off the album Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante by Every Ape and His Brother. On Wednesday, September 10th of 2008 around 4:30 PM EDT, the song was uploaded to the official Every Ape MySpace page.


The grim messages of the song are contrasted with the light-hearted feel of the music, as the lyrics are set to the tune of "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

Instead of a jealous woman, a morally confused man sets out to find unfaithful women and force them to meet an explosive demise, reveling in how his crimes grow increasingly violent.

Cultural references

  • The Serial Bomber is also revealed to be a skilled sniper, with movies such as Phone Booth having inspired his persona.
  • The basement dynamite trap is a tipped hat to Jigsaw's death traps in the Saw movie franchise.
  • The green T-shirt line is a reference to the "Stoplight System"[1] at some bars, in which women who wear green T-shirts are single and women who wear red T-shirts are "taken." Yellow signifies a complicated or open relationship. Women who have their men on the cell phone while wearing a green T-shirt at a bar are usually painstakingly obvious as cheaters. This was reinforced by the Dozerfleet founder discovering this to be true at the River Rock bar of Big Rapids, MI in September of 2006.
  • The line about the girl shooting her man in the face is a reference to a murder case in Oklahoma, where a woman and her insurance salesman teamed up to murder the girl's missionary husband. The story featured in an episode of Forensic Files.


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"Serial Bomber"

First verse

Right now! /
Your girl's making noises that / if you could hear her make them; /
You would have an aneurysm! /

Right now! /
She's doing things too hot for TV; /
And I can feel the loving start to schism! /

So now! /
You know she'll break your heart / and probably shoot you in the face; /
Unless somebody takes some action! /

And I'm that someone! /

First chorus

Cause I placed a pipe bomb / on the passenger side; /
Of that pink convertible / that she loves to drive! /

Dropped gunpowder in cracks between the seats... /

I've stashed nitroglycerin/under the hood! /
Rigged the ignition,/ fixed her up real good! /

Let this be a lesson to gals who cheat... /

(Ha ha ha ha ha!) /

Second verse

And now! /
A gal in another town / is wearing a green T-shirt / and she isn't even single! /
Right now! / Her hubby's on the cell phone! /
And she's not telling him yet / but she's dating Mr. Wringle! /

So now! /
She's tried my patience to the last; /
And she's about to find out / I won't show them any mercy! /

Just wait and see!!! /

Second chorus

Cause I'll snipe a bullet / into his side; /
And watch her scream in terror and try to hide! /

But my next trick that's what's really neat! /

She'll try to run for the basement; /
With her head in my sights! /
Next thing she knows; off goes the dynamite! /

Let this be a lesson to gals who cheat! /


I'm saving dirty bombs up for the next girl! / (Next girl!) /

Cause the next time someone cheats... / oh! /

[Demonic voice:] She'll get a visit from me!!! /

(Ha ha ha ha ha!) /

Final chorus

And I'll blast a hole / right into the side /
Of the hotel / of that cheating little runaway bride! /
Cheer as she tastes her utter defeat! /

I'll leave half her town smoking in a mushroom cloud; /
As I make my escape laughing way out loud! /

Let this be a lesson to gals who cheat! /

Ohh...Let this be a lesson to gals who cheat! /

(Ha ha ha ha ha!) /

[Instrumental Fade]

Lyrics © 2012 Dozerfleet Records.


  1. Dave Harris. "Stoplight Party" (definition). Urban Dictionary. November 25th, 2007.

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