Shen Ke is a stock model, best known for her role on DeviantArt as the artist "Kizysem." She has one of the most open usage policies of any stock artist, as well as over 1,140 watchers.


According to her DeviantArt page, Shen is eager to teach Chinese culture to whomever shows interest - even going so far as to say she'd "be greatly honored." She also enjoys photomanipulation; setting up her account largely to see what others are willing to do with her pictures. She also enjoys painting. Her favorite music band has been listed as being Jay Chou.

Dozerfleet relevance

In 2015, Shen's picture was chosen as the official look for the Cataclysmic Gerosha timeline's version of Mingmei "Stung Hornet" Cheng. This "Chinese answer to Marvel's Black Widow" character seemed a perfect fit for Shen to portray, given her uncanny resemblance to prior artworks depicting the character in various games. The other reason Shen was chosen was due to her policy on image sharing and alteration being fairly flexible.

Languages spoken

Shen's native language is Chinese. However, she has learned a few words of English and claims to know some words of French also.

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  • Weibo, one of Shen's favorite sites (note: Site is in Chinese)
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