Shortimo Bokakrast is a Meethlite scientist in the world of The Gerosha Chronicles, who features prominently First Meethlites. He is the former apprentice of the inventor of Meethexos, central to the Gerosha mythos of Dozerfleet Comics.

Character bio

Shortimo is a scientist who believes that Meethlites should differentiate themselves from their Earth cousins by showing off their mastery of genetic engineering, something Earth is far behind on. Raised as an apprentice to a scientist who first discovered how to make Meethexos, Shortimo seeks to perfect what his mentor started. He actually becomes the first Meethlite to look like the Meethlites in later Gerosha works, after a successful experiment on himself. He immediately goes around trying to sell his inventions, but runs into trouble when the tyrannical new regime taking the throne of Zeras decides to be the highest bidder. When he refuses to sell to them, he is declared an outlaw. He manages to flee with most of his inventions and other things, but his graphite skin formula and Meethexo instructions end up in the hands of his enemies.

He ends up creating green-skinned Meethlites, and siding with them against the new graphite-skinned regime. However, the ensuing civil war does not end well for him and his friends. They are exiled to the world of Phaelon, which is then taken over aggressively by the regime and made a prison colony. Non-changed humans are enslaved, whereas the green-skinned residents are sent into hiding on their new world. Shortimo is eventually captured, and executed.


Shortimo is a 20th-century Modernist living centuries ahead of his time, and his optimism tends to get him in a lot of trouble. He is eccentric, burying himself in his work to the point that women are invisible to him. As such, he never marries nor has any children. He is devastated by how his innovations end up being used for evil, but refuses to give up his belief that his ideas can serve a good purpose in the universe.


In February of 2013, it was decided that Shortimo would be the main protagonist of First Meethlites. The original draft in 2010 stated that "several Meethlite scientists" would create the distinct graphite skin that would later become part of what defined Meethlite civilization. However, it wasn't until the first bits of artwork were done that Shortimo's physique would be defined, or his role in the greater story.

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