Silo Wade is a minor character in the Gerosha universe of Dozerfleet Comics. He is the son of Lex Philippine and Mallorie Wade. He is rarely seen or mentioned except in flashbacks; but is referenced in both Ciem 3 and Ciem: Condemnation.

Role in Ciem Tomorrow

When Silo and his mother go missing, Lex makes it part of his life's mission to discover their fate. Silo's existence is the beginning of a breakdown in Darius' ability to have full faith in Lex. When Lex gets older and runs his own operation in Gerosha similar to Darius', he remains haunted by the thought of never seeing Mallorie or Silo ever again. Dana McArthur, daughter of Candi McArthur, vows to help her cousin Lex in his search.

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