The first season of Sodality covers the origin stories and early conflicts of the show's main protagonists, with an emphasis on characters Ciem, Jackrabbit, Emeraldon, Earwig, and Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo. As they struggle to flee the tyrannical new Muslim Brotherhood-controlled prison state of Ameristan to new lives elsewhere in the world, their old enemies in the Hebbleskin Gang stalk them ruthlessly. The heroes not only fight back against the Hebbleskins' monsters; but also work with a resistance force to defy the regime that has trapped them in Ameristan, and to seek a safe exodus to the lands they were registered to live in.

Writing of actual episodes is set to correspond with the writing of episodes of Stationery Voyagers, and is halted for the time being until work can resume on that series. A basic plot synopsis is below.


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Disintegration of the United States

After the failures of Obama's second term, the United States falls into pieces. A band of Jihadists takes most of the eastern United States over for themselves, renaming their chunk of land "Ameristan." They immediately begin implementing Shariah law, starting with counties closest to Washington. They branch out, spreading violence and terror on their conquered population as they bring it into submission. When homosexual militants begin making unreasonable demands, their being mercilessly slaughtered in the streets becomes a warning to all others trapped in Ameristan. The new regime tolerates zero dissent. Those who chose to register as part of the new nation of Toklisana, with its headquarters on the border between Texas and Oklahoma, were initially promised safe travels as they left Ameristan. However, the government goes back on its word and begins implementing ways to trap registered Toklisanans inside Ameristan. The entire nation soon becomes a prison state.

To the west, the US has become two other nations. The notorious Hebbleskin Gang, headed by Duke Arfaas, has taken over and formed the nation of Netheel. South of Netheel is Chimerica, a section of the US that has become a colony of China in order to protect its financial interests in the US from being completely lost. The Hebbleskins, in order to advance their Meethexo monster army, embark on a campaign to destroy all the Phexos. They make a negotiation with Ameristan officials that all executed infidels revealed to be Phexos are to be given to Duke Arfaas. Ameristan can do what it pleases with the rest. In exchange, Netheel gives Ameristan the ability to construct a ginormous force field around the border between Netheel and Ameristan. Unable to get the same cooperation from Toklisana, which it seeks to attack eventually anyway, Ameristan heavily guards its southern border with that country.

Resistance militias have formed throughout the war-torn neighborhood of Ameristan, as soon-to-be Toklisanans prepare for an elaborate strategy to secure their exodus. A young Dolly Malestrom finds herself captured by regime forces after her husband, Jeraime Malestrom, is captured by Gunner and Skellig Soorfelt. Since her husband is not there to protect her, she is ruled invalid under Shariah fanatics' dictations. She lashes out in anger at the injustice of her captors, so they order her to be executed.

Candi and Dolly's escape from prison

A prison center for women is set up outside of Gerosha, IN. A naked Dolly is put in line behind several other young women being lined up behind a chopping block. After witnessing several executions prior to her own, Dolly is flirted with by an Ameristani guard. He makes several obnoxious suggestions, and she insults him back. He taunts that her insults won't matter in a few minutes. Meanwhile, a Centhuen Prototype is brought in behind Dolly, unconscious. The guard propping her up warns the executioner that the CP in question is "highly of interest to Duke Arfaas," and that she "ought to be considered extremely dangerous." The short, brown-skinned and black-haired young woman is revealed by a fingerprint test to be Candice Marie Flippo, the Phexo daughter of assassinated Gerosha town founder Stan Flippo. The guards begin discussing how Candi came to have the powers of a centipede, and about rumors that a vigilante with centipede powers had been taking rapists off the streets. Dolly listens, intrigued. One guard claims to have seized her diary, and read all about it.

Dolly asks them how they can revel in someone else's private dirt so much, and they order her on the block. They taunt her, jokingly asking if a "whore like Candi" is what the Toklisanans consider to be their salvation. Realizing debate is fruitless, Dolly lies down and assumes the position. Just then, Candi starts to wake. The blade is about to fall on Dolly, when the lights go out. Her senses immediately returning, Candi seizes the opportunity to take out the guards. She escapes the facility with Dolly, even as they try to get the backup generator going.

Once a safe distance away from the facility, Candi reveals how the drug "Bezeetol" is being used to subdue Phexos. She also mentions how the Phaelites have created "Remotach" pills so that Phexos who choose to fight back against Meethlites and Ameristani forces alike are less likely to lose their heads doing so. She also bemoans that yes, Don the Psycho is back. He's gotten taller since the two dated in grade school, up until the time he betrayed her. He's also become unspeakably evil and dangerous. She and Dolly begin their journey towards Imaki's base, albeit knowing how dangerous it is. All the while, Candi shares her history with Dolly. Dolly returns the favor by sharing her life story with Candi.

Candi was raped at the age of 12 by Don "the Psycho" Mendoza, who has been a fugitive ever since. It is believed he works for the Hebbleskin Gang. When warding off Don's attack, Candi's centipede powers manifested for the first time. It is also revealed that her sister Miriam is believed to have fled to Hong Kong, following the murder of her boyfriend Phil Couric. Miriam had been considering running away with Phil and getting married, especially after older sister Erin Flippo found out that Miriam and Phil had slipped up and slept together one time. Marina, as it was discovered, was also raped at the age of 12. Candi hunted down the boy responsible, and made him pay. That was the beginning of rumored vigilante centipede sightings. They also read from Candi's diary about how she and her boyfriend Donte McArthur were planning to get married. They had almost slipped up one time, though Donte prevented them from going too far. They both, however, felt bad about not being able to better control themselves.

Dolly ends up joining a crew of underground railroad workers that sneak past the Ameristani guard, with Candi's help. Candi, however, says she must stay behind to help her loved ones escape with her another time. While she is out of town, the Ameristani guard works with Duke Arfaas to track down whatever else remains of the Flippo family and its legacy in Gerosha. Donte begins helping a resistance force shield their homes from raiders, all while in touch with his main group's base of command. That base is revealed to be operated by Imaki Izuki, who is the source of much of Donte's gear. As Donte tries to confirm another group saved, his signal is intercepted. An arrogant Ameristani agent mocks him, saying he should try harder to encrypt his messages. Imaki is forced to fall back on his backup base of operations, as federal forces zero in to obliterate the primary one.

Erin arrives at Imaki's secondary base, demanding to know where Candi is, and Imaki explains everything to Erin. He explains that Candi is ashamed to return home, due to her and Donte having not been able to save each other for marriage. He also explains that Candi has been captured, and he fears she is dead. He shows news clippings of Ameristani guards boasting they have captured the last true Flippo child, and that she will soon die with the other "infidels." Erin, angry and sad, says she will let Imaki claim all of Candi's possessions. She goes so far as to accuse Imaki of having failed in his role as a godfather. Imaki warns her not to go alone, as that will make her a target under the Shariah fanatics' arbitrary decrees. Erin ignores the warning, going home. However, she is attacked almost immediately upon doing so. Her house is burned to the ground, and she is decapitated on the spot. When Candi makes it back, Imaki reveals to her that she and Miriam are the last two Flippos alive still going by that name. And in the former United States, Candi is the last Flippo.

Resistance forms

As Donte, Imaki, and Candi set up a third base of operations in anticipation of their main base failing, they begin plotting their escape from Ameristan. Darius Philippine establishes contact with the trio, and informs them that he's working on a plan to cause a breach over the border between Kansas and Colorado. A path was built along the border for sympathizers of Toklisana to aid Ameristani in escaping, even though it would technically mean crossing over into Netheel. After hanging up with Imaki, his jet is immediately fired upon. Toklisanan Air Force personnel immediately come to back him up.

Meanwhile, Duke Arfaas reveals to his troops that air strikes will be necessary to destroy the last visage of Americana in the former US, so that the Meethlite way can eventually prevail. He checks in on a monster he assigned his experiments division to create, one that will specialize in Centhuen Prototype hunting. They reveal that an AI backvisor they created, dubbed "Musaran," was working quite well on the captured prisoner Jeraime Malestrom. Arfaas orders Musaran be sent to the underground center in Toklisana immediately, and prepared for assaults on civilians.

Jackrabbit vs. the Psycho

In Houston, an Apache named Jack "Jackrabbit" Mercreek is revealed to be running a similar operation to that of Imaki, Candi and Donte. He finds that Don the Psycho truly is very much alive, and begins taking it on himself to find and put a stop to the menace. At the same time, Jack wants to know the whereabouts of his own missing girlfriend.

Imaki reveals that the safe place for Candi and Donte to go during the exodus being planned is Houston, but warns them that they may want to be on their guard in case either one is captured. Imaki himself explains that because of his age, he doesn't expect to make it to the "promised land." Candi assures Donte that she'll take the Remotach if she's captured. But if he's captured, she'll fight to get him back. If she has to change her last name to "Levens," as Imaki opted for her in a strategy meeting, she'll do it. Donte states that whatever her last name, he wants no woman but her. He also promises her the day will come when they'll be married.

It is a short while later that Imaki reveals the Ciempiés, or "Ciem" suit that he constructed for Candi. It would allow her to carry on her operations with a bit more secrecy. She claims that her identity - in Ameristan at least - has already been compromised. Imaki argues back that Ciem is primarily for use when she gets to Houston; but that certain accessories from the suit may be used in advance. These include the dart shooters in her new gloves, which she can soak in a solution of venom extracted from her own centilegs. This way, she doesn't always have to get right up close to her targets and crush them in her embrace before she can sting them. She is also given Zeran teleporters and Zeran wardrobes, so she can change quickly and get around town faster.

Miriam in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Miriam is at her wits' end. She nearly begins work for a strip club to make ends' meet; when she is discovered by a scientist named Steve McLaine. After the two of them foil a Hebbleskin plot to assassinate a provincial leader, they are recruited to work for China in overseeing visual communications in the colony of Chimerica. Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo and her new boyfriend Steve end up with work partners: Black Rat, Tin Dragon, Stung Hornet, and Teal Hog.

Episodes in the first season then go back and forth several times amongst several sub-plots. Darius attempts to secure a strategy for the Exodus Initiative, while Miriam and the Chinese agents' attempt to keep Chimerica and Hong Kong safe from Hebbleskin Gang influence. Imaki's gang is trapped in Ameristan, and gathering as many for the Exodus Initiative as possible while trying to survive. Meanwhile, the cat-and-mouse game between Don the Psycho and Jack the Jackrabbit continues.

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