Vindication is the fifth season of Sodality, and the final season before it is replaced with the Swappernetters timeline in the Cataclysmic Gerosha universe of The Gerosha Chronicles in Dozerfleet Comics.

Season synopsis

Following five years after the events in Sodality: Battle for Metheel, Candui and Dolly are still on probation. A new villain named Rappaccini seizes control of the Society of the Icy Finger, and starts putting his minions in play to control both sides of the law in Toklisana. He also begins plotting elaborate heists in Italy, and discovers a hidden cavern in Mozambique containing enough Marlquaanite rubies to enable world domination. As a safeguard, he forges an alliance with the Phaletori to set up bases on Phaelon. This leads to the assassination of a key political figure on that world, resulting in the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers being sent as bounty hunters to Earth to prevent further political instability on their homeworld.

Around this same time, zelaous and corrupt prosecutors begin enforcing the Beliah Amendments to the Tom Kirby Act with more aggression than ever before, effectively outlawing the very existence of the Sodality of Gerosha. The Sodality of Florence responds by attempting to fill in, but they too become targets. The combined Sodalities, to foil Rappaccini's evil plan, are forced to split into two strike teams in order to get an edge. The first of these strike teams is dubbed "Spaghetti Liberation," and is sent to Italy with the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers to battle the Icy Finger directly.

The other team, "Caged Dove," remains in Texas to debate the Beliah Amendments and try to get them overturned - thus protecting the civil rights of Phexos and Marlquaanites across the whole universe. However, the members of Caged Dove find themselves assaulted by Icy Finger and Screwworm operatives, as well as hunted by the law. They are one-by-one sent to prison, and must learn to survive in that environment to expose the Icy Finger's recruitment methods within that system and foil them. While Spaghetti Liberation seeks out a plan to stop the Icy Finger and Caged Dove lobbies for their rights while trying to survive prison, various individuals attempt to fulfill their individual agendas. Candi seeks to finally ensure the safety of her whole family. Celia seeks out her missing mother so she can put her family back together. Mingmei seeks out redemption for her multitudinous past sins, as well as fulfillment of her longing for a spiritual peace she'd never known before. Shing, fearing Mingmei won't survive, vows to bring the Icy Finger down to honor her memory.

Amidst the Sodality's downfall, young Tabitha Pang finds herself wrongly incarcerated in a juvenile prison due to the Beliah Amendments; and must now make new friends in order to survive. What she finds awaiting her is more than she imagined - and will set her on a path with the Swappernetters to fight corruption in Arkansas when the Sodality no longer can.


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1 Wither or Not David Stiefel - February 22nd, 2015 - 501 -
The Sodality of Florence and Chinese MSS uncover Rappaccini's sinister plan, while the Beliah Amendments start being enforced aggressively on Phexos and Marlquaanites. Marblefaun goes to Phaelon and picks a fight with the Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, who then follow him to Earth to bring him to justice after he assassinates a key political figure. Miriam and her family are evacuated from their science center in Alaska by Agent Scratched Hen. The Gray Champion gets a new outfit. The Swappernetters are introduced, and some insight into their life in Arkansas is revealed. Things take a turn for the worse when Katrina is assassinated and Tobias is arrested for witnessing too much - and for his inactive Phexo DNA.
2 Shaken Elite Foundations David Stiefel - February 22nd, 2015 - - 502 -
SCALLOP and the Icy Finger begin an arms race for who can capture which members of the Sodality first - SCALLOP to protect them and the Icy Finger to torture and execute them. After Wilbur Brocklyn is arrested, Jack and Miranda issue a distress call to both Sodalities. They are themselves soon also captured. Given several outstanding warrants on her and also to take the heat off of Miriam, Mingmei agrees to go to the SCALLOP Women's Containment Center in Miriam's place. Shing vows to join Team Spaghetti Liberation and make the Icy Finger suffer.

Extirpon, Gray Champion, Botan, Purge-Flare, and Sapphire King decide they too will join Spaghetti Liberation - along with Anna and Pablo Ramirez. Emily, Tiffany, Jordan, Celia, Angelo, Michelle, and Hea make preparations to join Caged Dove - to take the heat off of their relatives and loved ones. Celia is determined to find her mother. Pam and Wilfredo are taken in by SCALLOP.

An attack on the McArthur estate by Icy Finger goons leads to the McArthurs fleeing into SCALLOP protective custody to ensure Frank is kept safe. However, this requires that a Kirby Act-wanted Candi surrender to authorities and that Donte - wanted for the same reason - be sent to the SCALLOP Men's Containment Center. Dolly is also arrested by SCALLOP, as a precautionary measure and in accordance with the Beliah Amendments being enforced. Vince Finton goes into hiding. Kyle and Charlotte Freneti are issued warnings not to leave Louisiana. A dogfight over the skies of Alaska gone bad leads to Keet and Evan being captured by SCALLOP. Anarteq III loses a battle against new villain Lionfish, and uncovers a dastardly Icy Finger plot to free Cupric and upgrade him. Fearing the worst after learning of recent events via Shaniqua, Hea has a meeting with Marge and Tabitha to alert them to their dangerous near-futures and come up with a strategy.

3 Taming of the Screwworm David Stiefel - February 22nd, 2015 - - 503 -
(Description pending)
4 (Title pending) David Stiefel - - - - 504 -
(Description pending)

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