Stan Flippo is a Flippo family patriarch, Gerosha town founder, and more, mentioned in Ciem along with his wife Shalia.


Similar to those of his Earth-G3.1 counterpart.

Character bio

The opening text of Ciem suggests that Stan saw "miraculous events" in his day. Otherwise, the generic description given focuses primarily on the aftermath of his death. Unless otherwise noted, it is to be reasoned that this Stan Flippo's life narrative was similar to that of his Gerosha Prime counterpart.


Similar to that of his Earth-G3.1 counterpart.


  • It was primarily the decision to fix some issues with how Candi interacted with Denny Levens and with Don Mendoza that prompted the need to start making distinctions between this Stan's universe and those of his previous incarnations.
    • Before that, it was merely one general concept of Stan, with several retcons.
  • Given the fact that Stan was made here the same way (with The Sims 2) as his prior incarnations, his life story here deviates very little from how it was told in prior incarnations.
  • As the number of children Stan had became more focused around forging a good narrative and less around preserving the nostalgia of Stan Prime, each incarnation of Stan after Gerosha Prime had fewer and fewer children.
    • Stan Prime had Ploribus, Reily, Mike, Jeff, Jason, Tanya, Vince, Candi, Miriam, and Marina, biologically.
    • By Despair Gerosha, Jason and Tanya had been written out, and Vince's name was changed to Tom.
    • By Classic Gerosha, Mike and Jeff were no longer major story contributors, and were only still in the story by technicality. Of Candi's "missing siblings," only Tom makes a cameo appearance.
    • By Comprehensive Gerosha; Mike, Jeff, and Tom were also written out. Ploribus had his name changed to Darius.
    • Marina was almost written out of Cataclysmic Gerosha, making Candi and Miriam twins rather than triplets. She was preserved only due to the need for Andy Baret to exist for the future timeline.

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