Stan Flippo is one of the first characters ever created in The Sims Deluxe for use in what would become Dozerfleet Comics.

Character bio

Little is known about his early life. However, he arrived in "the town" one day, and settled down with some of his sports-earned wealth. He built a house for himself in a triangular shape, dubbing in "the Triangulum." It was the most outstanding and amazing mansion in town, and the oddest-shaped house.

He also met the Hood family, and discovered that Shalia wasn't anything like her brothers or her mom. She was virtuous, sweet, and had real dreams. She also loved Stan, and saw past color differences. Marissa was soon in a hurry to get Shalia married off to Stan, so that at least one member of the Hood family could be spared from dire poverty. As the Hood family's fortunes in life got worse, most of Shalia's brothers turned to a life of crime. They lost their homes in spite of this, and had to take up shelter in the city park. In the end, only Marissa and Jabal survived of the Hoods after Shalia moved in with Stan.

Stan and Shalia would eventually have a son, named Reily. But unlike Stan, Reily would take up interest in cooking.


Much of the original game information is lost on Stan; but he was a proud family man and a talented baseball player.


  • This crude Stan was initially supposed to be a DIY wonder; but became a rich baseball player due to the game's limited options for self-sustainability.
    • The DIY wonder thing would be attempted again in the base game of Sims 2, only to be changed due to the same frustrations.
    • Later, Stan's being a minor league baseball player became canonized for most later iterations - even after the DIY wonder lifestyle became more of an option in later Sims games.
  • The initial reason for creating the Flippos and Hoods wasn't even with the initial intent of getting an epic Gerosha Chronicles saga started. It was to get familiar with Sims franchise game mechanics, so as to be able to build better character designs and storyboards for 90 Has No Secant. If something went wrong with the Flippos being experimented on, then the Rintel family's save files would remain unaffected.

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