The Sturthrom Fighting Competency Rating System is a measure of a character's capability of holding their own in battle in the Cagegirl universe. On articles for characters related to that world, the Sturthrom number is used alongside that character's GBS ratings.


The Sturthrom numbers were developed in the Cagegirl universe as a way for the enhanced to rank each other in regards to how much difficulty it would be for the Union of Civilized Nations to recruit said character to the military - or how difficult it would be to subdue them if they resisted. Michael Harrington's underlings particularly paid attention to the Sturthrom numbers of their opponents. In one panel, they are discussing a target who is said to be "about an 8 or 9."

According to Adam-00 himself the scale ranks "1 as being really weak and 9-10 as a total badass."

The Sturthrom system is utilized for Cagegirl character articles on this wiki in keeping with the fact that it is the system developed specifically for that world. Adam has stated that he finds it "a better all-around reference" for characters, compared with the GBS (which is modeled after the Marvel Power Grid.)

Differences between Sturthrom and GBS

Much like the MPG, the GBS measures 7 different scales of competency from a character. In most cases, a "2" is considered "normal human levels." "Fighting ability" is measured as a strict constitution of one's ability to perform melee or ranged attacks, as opposed to utilization of abilities in conjunction with such traditional skill.

The Sturthrom system, however, considers this confusing and misleading. A character's intelligence, strength, agility, combat skill, and blast range are averaged out to give a number from 0-10 on approximately how lethal a character may be. Empirical evidence is favored over informed statistical data when measurements are made.


Since only characters inside Cagegirl ever reference each other by this system, only that universe's characters are ever assigned Sturthrom numbers on their infoboxes on this database. All characters outside the Cagegirl universe use the GBS as a default measure for displaying their statistical ranks.

Scale rank

No ability to fight, or special notes required.

GBS equivalent: 0

Very weak, no powers

GBS equivalent: 1

Weak, even with powers

GBS equivalent: 1

Capable fighter

GBS equivalent: 2

Competent fighter

GBS equivalent: 3

Skilled fighter

GBS equivalent: 4

Very skilled fighter

GBS equivalent: 4-5

Expert fighter

GBS equivalent: 5

Hardcore fighter

GBS equivalent: 5-6


GBS equivalent: 6

Instant legend

GBS equivalent: 7


So far, the term "Sturthrom" itself appears only in the wiki and supplementary materials, but is never used in the actual story. It's implied to be named after a certain Ned Sturthrom, though he too is never mentioned by name in the story itself.

Xira's rating of a 6 on the Sturthrom is the result of a combination of her blast range rating, intelligence, strength, durability, and her latter GBS fighting ability rating. She has a fighting ability rating of a 3 in the GBS, because her strict combat tactic is undisciplined and relies on her raw power.

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