Xemzera, Wife of Kevend / Suncore is a supporting character in the Adam-00 graphic novel Cagegirl. She is the mother of Xira, and is targeted by Michael Harrington's cartel due to the fact that they perceive her as a threat to their plans.

Powers, weaknesses, and accessories


Xema can make herself intensely hot, and project massive amounts of heat and light energy from her body, similarly to a supercharged version of the Human Torch in nova blast mode. Her plasma can damage even hard-to-hit enemies like the Diver, instilling intense fear in others. When in her Suncore mode, Xema is either a blindingly bright white light, or else appears as a woman covered in ashes.


Harrington's forces appear to have developed special equipment that is capable of negating her energy absorption from her surroundings, thus making it possible for Ultimate to drain her and exhaust her faster. She needs to attack based on her ability to absorb and then re-utilize raw energy, a contrast from Xira's focus on kinetic energy and raw matter. This can be exploited more easily by her enemies in the cartel, as they specialize in energy-based Improved individuals.

Character bio

"I am the goddess of hellfire!!!"
- Xera

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Xera contemplates the terms of Xira's release.

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