Tabitha Mahalia Steel (neé Pang) is an outlaw, freedom fighter, and Sodality of Gerosha member in Dozerfleet Comics, being the leader of a gang called the Twirlflame Trio in The Gerosha Chronicles, primarily Swappernetters.

She is a fan of Candi McArthur, and has also studied under John Domeck. She is the granddaughter of Gordon and Bella Medsor, as well as Joo-Chin and Dae Pang, and the daughter of Kyle Medsor and Hea Pang. Other important figures in her early life include Marge Ramirez, Pablo Ramirez, Anna Ramirez, Stephanie Barrin, Donte McArthur, Frank McArthur, Tiffany Sterlie, Vince Finton, Jordan Sterlie, Miriam Flippo, Marina Baret, Andy Baret, Reverend Renald Beauregard, Rev. Wilbur Brocklyn, Dolly Malestrom, Roy Bernald, and SCALLOP agent Shaniqua Tamery.

Born after the events in Freedom's Apparition, she was a 7-month-old baby during Chillingworth's Revenge. Almost two years later, she and her family were relocated from Boston to Jonesboro due to the events in Ciem: Inferno, Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance, and The Gray Champion: Shaken Dust. She was just old enough during the events in Ciem: Ash Cloud to understand that something terrible was happening. John would tell her of Candi's bravery in rescuing the prison warden Bruce Almin from Eric Korsicht, beginning in Tabby a long-running fascination with Ciem. She appears again during Augmentation, when she and her mother are rescued from Beliah sympathizers who are rounding up those not compliant with the Beliah Amendments to the Kirby Act. She is later captured again by King Morzhuk during the Battle for Metheel, but is rescued yet again.

During the events in Vindication, she was one of many Sodalists who elected to join Team Caged Dove. However, her plans to go quietly to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center were thwarted when the Screwworm Network sent goons to abduct her. Her antics to evade capture by Icy Finger affiliates, however, led to her being arrested by Jonesboro police. She was transferred to SJCC under SCALLOP insistence, and befriended an inactive Phexo named Sarah Ruben and a friend of hers named Tobias Reno. The three would become the Twirlflame Trio later on, and would devote themselves to taking down the Chrome Kite - a puppet rule organization serving Rappaccini and the Icy Finger's interests in Arkansas. When the Screwworms attacked SJCC with intent to murder everyone present, it was Tabby's quick thinking that spared her and her friends. This, however, led to her being sent to Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center in Arkansas for three years - along with her new friend Sarah.

Upon release, Tabby and Sarah joined the Swappernetter Society - affiliated with the growing Navyrope Resistance. They vowed to aid underground (and criminalized) private education, as well as look for ways to assist in taking down the Chrome Kite once and for all. Tabby and her friends become Marlquaanites after powers are donated to them via Marlquaanite ruby link by Mapacha, who sought to retire from being a superhero. Trista Clarion aids the Twirlflame Trio in their quest, serving as their mission control specialist.

With the mission gone up in flames by 2031 and Trista gone, Tabby and her friends help several Swappernetter society orphans to flee to Texas. SCALLOP regains the legal right to operate its adult containment centers, and Tabby agrees to go into protective custody in SCALLOP Women's Containment Center. Once the Icy Finger and Chrome Kite are expelled from Toklisana, Tabby spends just under a year and a half at SWCC to pay for her inadvertent role in creating the villainness Bliksemhek, and to sue for SCALLOP to have the right to help her family get put back together and get their jobs back. Her plan ultimately succeeds.

She focuses on her budding relationship with Jordan Sterlie-Steel after she gets out of prison the second time. The two eventually marry. Tabby becomes the mother of Trevar Steel, and the step-mother of Samantha "Dollschief" Steel. Her mother Hea eventually marries Darren Hayes, and has Tabby's half-brother Tommy. Tiffany, Jordan's mom, marries Warren Steel and has another child with him, Ricky.

Tabitha is portrayed on this site by model Ja Young Kim, an associate of DeviantArt stock artist Michelle Dae.

Powers, weaknesses, and accessories


  • Super speed: When accessing her Marlquaan bonds taken from Marge, Tabby can run fast enough to keep up with most highway traffic going normal speeds, and can maintain this speed for about a minute before she has to slow down.
  • Enhanced thermal generation and tolerance: Tabby generates a lot of heat when doing this, but is able to take it. This also improves her resistance to heat sources that are not caused by her ability, though she is not immune to extreme heat - especially not from non-Marlquaan supernatural causes, such as Frotchimar's demonic whips.
  • Neural disruption wave: Unique to her, Tabby can send an energy beam from her fingertips that confuses the nervous systems of her enemies, leading to temporary paralysis of certain muscles or even painful cramping. She primarily uses this to disarm opponents and keep them from chasing her, but can also use it to calm victims of a panic attack.
  • Air-stepping: Much like with Mapacha before her, Tabby can generate heated air constructs as "stairs" and walk on them, allowing her to run on air, temporarily.


  • Parkour: All Swappernetters are expected to train in gymanastics and parkour. Tabby knew some before being arrested, but made sure to learn it in prison whenever she had an opportunity. The guards were impressed that she refused to use it to escape, noting how easily she could have.
  • Espionage: Whenever there was a breakdown in security coverage at Mansfield, Sarah would teach Tabby how to spy on others and avoid detection. Sarah always had more of a flare for burglary than Tabby did, and the girls compared their differences in opinion on it to that of Emeraldon and the Sapphire King - albeit, with fewer hard feelings. The girls - and Tobias - realized harnessing these skills would be critical to developing a game plan for SCALLOP and the Texan government to successfully infiltrate the Chrome Kite and take back Arkansas.
  • Fisticuffs: While less fancy, Tabby did learn basic street brawl techniques due to belligerent and combative inmates at Mansfield running into her from time to time.
  • Some karate: Hea allowed Tabby to learn this at home, and she learned more on the streets. She never made it to a black belt degree, however.
  • Highly intuitive learning: Tabby is able to absorb new Swappernetter program lessons very quickly, acquiring new skills as the situation demands and become adept at them rather quickly.
  • Weapons knowledge: She was taught on the streets as well as at home about a variety of weapons-related disciplines. However, she has never never desired to own a large arsenal of any of the guns that she knows so much about. Yet, she can fire any of them in a heartbeat if forced to.
  • Marlquaan knowledge: Exposure to her mother and to the Ramirez family left Tabby very attuned to the nature of Marlquaanite types, rubies, levels of power, types of abilities, etc. She knew all too well what would happen if she took Marge's power; hence her hesitation to do so. She also has a sixth sense for members of the Microwave Mouth Corps.
  • Acute theology knowledge: Tabby's homeschooling under Hea and John left her able to go toe-to-toe with many theologians, and also able to frustrate many atheists whom she would encounter. This, unfortunately, backfired when her lack of compassion for Erica Johann after a debate turned violent drove Erica insane.
  • Acute history knowledge: Hea and John both taught Tabby a huge appreciation for knowing history, and understanding Biblical concepts to destiny, and how this should be used to put the entire world in context.
  • Debate skills: Whatever she didn't learn at home, she was taught in prison.
  • Gymnastics: The Ramirez family insisted she learn this early on. It would prove useful toward her application of it later on, when she was taught parkour under supervision while in prison.
  • Teaching: Her family never wasted an opportunity to teach her things, neither did Sarah. As such, Tabby became adept at teaching as well as learning. She uses this to help the other Swappernetters, especially the orphans, understand what they can do to better subvert the Chrome Kite.
  • Tactical analysis: She can rapidly take Trista's mission control inputs, and translate those to action. She is also skilled enough to know how to manipulate SCALLOP politics to her advantage when mobilizing allies, once her gang's street-level work is no longer good enough to get the job done.
  • Social engineering: Over time, she's learned how to sway others into seeing her as an insightful leader, making it easier for her to get what she wants. However, she knows to be careful not to misuse this gift, and is even afraid of being corrupted by it. She employs this to convince Sarah and Tobias that they are the real heirs of Swappernetter society, not herself, and to let her stay behind in Texas and serve their sentences in addition to her own, so she can be part of the Sodality again.
  • Urban adaptation: Tabby is able to use the structure of Little Rock's architecture to out-wit her adversaries.
  • Others: Per her highly intuitive capacity for learning, Tabby has acquired a plethora of skills in many other disciplines, making her a "Jill-of-all-trades."


  • MPF generators: Fairly high-energy generators are required, since Tabby is such a low-tier Red Spectral. However, it is possible to trap her in suspended animation with less wattage than what was required to capture her back when she was a normal 8-year-old child. Because of this, Tabby and her Twirlflame Trio friends have to limit their reliance on their Marlquaan abilities, and employ their mundane skills as often as possible.
  • Delayed healing factor: While she can heal from almost any injury, it's not near-instantaneous like that of her role model Candi. She has some resistance to bullets, but can still be killed by one much more easily than Candi. As such, Tabby has to rely on her speed and strategy to avoid being shot. Candi could take some bullets, and then keep on going. A single bullet could still be enough to at least incapacitate Tabby.
  • Overstimulation: Too many things happening at once during a mission can cause her to become confused and get distracted rather easily. She relies on her friends in these instances to remain focused.
  • Impatience: Tabby has become very adept at getting things done in a hurry. She also expects the same courtesy of most others that she shows them. When Erica Johann loses a debate about God with Tabby, Tabby assumes Erica to slink away, if not civilly admit defeat. Instead, Erica lashes out and becomes violent, then falls to the ground and breaks her own wrist. Instead of calling for help, a disgusted Tabby leaves her assailant behind, humiliated and at risk of being arrested by the Chrome Kite. Tabby later thinks about this, and begins to regret leaving Erica behind. Erica becomes increasingly unstable, and then acquires Marlquaan powers by stealing the Basher's Ruby - after some Chrome Kite officials recover it from raiding Hea's house. She becomes Bliksemhek though this, healing her wrist and setting out on a campaign of spite and bloodshed to punish Tabby with guilt.
  • Internal moral conflict: Tabby knows that since the Chrome Kite are brutal and violent oppressors and usurpers, restoring legitimate control and overthrowing them is critical. This requires her also to engage in a number of activities that would be outright wrong and criminal under other circumstances, but which she must perform anyway. This weighs heavily on her conscience, as it also runs contrary to the law-abiding way she was taught to behave growing up. She also fears being corrupted by her necessary association with criminals. Much like how Candi was with Danny, Remy, and Donte; and also how her own mother Hea was with Kyle, Tabby longs for a deep and intimate personal relationship with Jordan. However, their young ages combined with their outlaw status mean that cultivating any sort of romance is dangerous. And as much as she would love to give herself to him sexually, she knows that the risks are too great. This becomes the grounds upon which Frotchimar attempts to seduce her, requiring Maurice and Cherinob's intervention to keep Tabby from making the same mistakes as the older women in her life.


  • Retractable blades (X-Acto knives): She uses these more for cutting boxes open than for self-defense, but has become adept at using these for defense too. Nearly getting shanked in prison once taught Tabby the value of having a knife like this around.
  • Remotach pills: Acquired from Candi, Tabby has a handful of these. However, she is not fond of using them. To her luck, most Icy Finger members are not head-hunters like the Hebbleskins were. However, she does wind up needing one to re-attach her right arm one time.
  • USB drives: As a Swappernetter, Tabby relies on these to swap lessons back and forth with other Swappernetters. They use virtual textbooks as a form of currency in that community.
  • Gloves: She protects the palms and backs of her hands with a set of black fingerless gloves. Sarah prefers gloves with fingers, hence another reason why Tabby does more espionage and diversion - while Sarah is the group's top burglar.
  • Disguises: Tabby sometimes works odd jobs for clients that don't involve espionage or burglary. When she needs to avoid being identified, she has various disguises and fake IDs, including her "Vanessa Chartreuse" persona.
  • Comms: Trista gives all of the Twirlflame Trio earpieces to communicate to them from their makeshift mission control. This sometimes includes 2-way radio.
  • Other / improv: Given her training to see everything in her environment as a tool, Tabby will utilize whatever is in front of her. Some of her enemies have noted that this makes her even more terrifying an adversary than Ciem or Gray, as those two are a lot more predictable in their movesets.

Character bio

Tabitha has made a variety of appearances in The Gerosha Chronicles long before her joining the Twirlflame Trio in Swappernetters. She used to be a part of the Sodality of Gerosha, and winds up rejoining its Team Caged Dove division later on to save her new friends.

The Gray Champion: Freedom's Apparition

Main article: The Gray Champion: Freedom's Apparition

Hea Pang was born the daughter of Joo-Chin and Dae Pang, Korean-Americans running a history museum in Boston. This instilled in Hea a great love for history, as well as theology and eschatology. Hea's father died protecting his family from Fistgate activists, leading to Dae becoming very bitter and even verbally abusive toward Hea. This inspired some rebellion in Hea's heart. Hea also became the girlfriend of Kyle Medsor, a junior SCALLOP combat agent in training. Through this, she learned more of Lord Zeras and the Marlquaan. She yearned to become a SCALLOP agent herself, but in the non-combat field work division. She was even further inspired on by Kyle's parents, Gordon and Bella Medsor.

Things came to a head when John Domeck was dropped off in late August of 2012 by the Great Marlquaan Storm, which traveled back in time to retrieve him. As Eqquibus and several LGBTQPIZ activists began terrorizing the city, Hea took John in with his newfound Marlquaan phantomimic abilities. She trained him in everything she knew, and educated him on who the present-day tyrannical forces were - including some dirty cops. John was able to use Hea's knowledge and resources to reinvent himself as the modern-day incarnation of Hawthorne's symbol of resistance to tyranny: the Gray Champion.

The Gray Champion spends the entire month of September of 2012 protecting Boston's populace - particularly its more conservative communities - from an onslaught of various existential and terrorist threats. Yet, he is unable to do much about Eqquibus right away. These activities, however, result in the Society of the Icy Finger's new leader, Rappaccini, connecting the dots and realizing that their ancient organization's top enemy is alive and well in the present day - somehow. They back off from considering Eqquibus a threat to their own operations, and allow for the rivalry between Gray and Eqquibus to come to a head on its own. Eqquibus is able to secure a primitive design for an MPF generator from one of his labs - which he sold to the Icy Finger front "Cold Digit." On October 4th, an argument between Dae and Hea leads to a hurt Hea running to Kyle's house for comfort. They consummate their relationship, with plans to elope as soon as Eqquibus is defeated. However, Eqquibus begins capturing those closest to Kyle and Hea - including the Gray Champion himself. Hea and Kyle strategize a way to free their friends, but also discuss their plans to run away together due to Dae's continued mistreatment of them.

The plan goes off mostly as a success, except that Eqquibus murders Kyle out of revenge for Kyle's interference in affairs. This buys John time to escape his MPF chamber, however. With Kyle dead, John realizes how serious the stakes are. John and Eqquibus battle each other in a brutal conflict spanning much of the city, with John eventually declaring victory over his nemesis. However, it doesn't take long to deduce that the Icy Finger is also alive in the present day. John prepares himself for the fact that his ancient enemies are not done destroying the things he cares about - and that they are much more powerful now.

On October 6th of 2012, Hea unknowingly has a child implant in her womb due to her encounter with Kyle - the child that would eventually become Tabitha. Discovering herself pregnant a month and a half later changed Hea's life dramatically.

The Gray Champion: Chillingworth's Revenge

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Tabitha was born June 27th of 2013 at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Due to the strain on Hea and Dae's familial relationship caused by Hea conceiving a child out of wedlock, Dae asks Hea to move out. Ashamed of her own actions, Hea complies. She moves in with the Medsors, who agree to take care of her in order to honor their son's sacrifice. They also provide housing for John, and the early Team Gray is born. Much to their displeasure, their predictions come true that the Icy Finger has returned. Cold Digit sends its spy, Miles Charleston, to manipulate Dae so that they can get close to Hea, and set a trap for John. However, Dae begins to feel ashamed of how her mistreatment of Hea drove Hea to rebel in the first place; leading to Dae wanting to reconcile with Hea. Dae's non-compliance irritates Miles, who murders her to draw John and Hea out. He takes advantage of the cold weather, and becomes Chillingworth II with his Marlquaan bonds.

Team Gray learns of the Ramirez family in Miami, the current bearers of Hester's Locket - who want someone worthy to pass on the legacy to. The Medsors believe Hea is qualified to be the new Hester, and attempt to flee with her to Miami in order to do this. They also learn of Marge "Mapacha del Feugo" Ramirez, the adopted daughter of Cuban-born immigrants Pablo and Anna Ramirez, who may in fact be the biological daughter of John Domeck and his late wife Kicked Deer.

Tabitha, at around 7 months old, stays with the Medsors and Ramirezes; while Hea assists John and Marge in defeating Chilingworth to save Miami - and Boston.

Ciem: Inferno

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It took not quite a full year after Chillingworth's defeat before the Icy Finger began pulling out all the stops to do something about the growing problem of the Gray Champion in Boston, Extirpon globally, Extirwraith in Japan and China, MSS Team Black Rat in China, Emeraldon and Ciem in Indiana, Pilltar in Iowa, the Purge-Flare across the US, Sniperbadger online, Cocklebur in Italy, SCALLOP across North America, Anarteq in Canada, and other existential threats that were rising up across the globe.

The Icy Finger joined forces with Halal Affadidah and his brutal band of Islamic terrorists, as well as Duke Arfaas and the dreaded Hebbleskin Gang and their recently-acquired sex trafficking ring Gleeful-N'-Young. Through this sharing of resources, they began a savage campaign to tear the United States apart through an expensive invasion and intense war. This included putting some of Affadidah's plants in the already liberal-and-compromised city government in Boston, planting the seeds for that city to fall. In 2013, Gray's need to save several children from Blackveil prevented him from doing anything about the Boston Marathon bombers, creating public doubt in the Gray Champion as a reliable hero. The Icy Finger continued well into 2015 with finding ways to keep John busy.

One method of appeasing the Hebbleskins for their cooperation included giving them the means to create massive Marlquaan-backed energy dome and wall fields, the first of which was used in an effort to reclaim Gerosha - to erase what little remained of the legacy of Stan and Shalia Flippo. The Hebbleskins obliged that by lending aid to the Icy Finger. Since Emeraldon had become a burden to both parties, they sought revenge by nuking his mother's house in Evansville with a 10-ton-output dirty bomb. The Icy Finger also took over a convention center in Evansville outside the nuclear zone, holding various city officials hostage. However, SCALLOP and the National Guard were able to reclaim the city due to Ciem's interference with the Icy Finger's security teams. Emeraldon was assisting Anarteq at the time in Canada, and was caught off guard.

When the Hebbleskins attacked Gerosha, they used a gang of teenage delinquents called the Pyro Panthers to start fires and wreack havoc across town. Ciem was assisting police in keeping them at bay, but Gleeful-N'-Young's Frank Morvel hires the Panthers to help him also kidnap young girls for Clyde Spendelworth's brothels, with proceeds going to the Hebbleskin cause. This attracts the Purge-Flare to Gerosha, still looking to get revenge on Clyde for manipulating him into murdering Mark Stefflin.Blood Over Water With news of Ciem and the Purge-Flare defending Gerosha, the Hebbleskins pitch in by sending Lava Tigre to fight back and defend the Panthers - both from superheroes and from the police.

At one point, a young Candi Flippo is caught off guard while at her boyfriend Danny Loffin's house, having sex with him. The Pyro Panthers begin torching the house, forcing the couple to flee. Danny meets up with his brother Roger, and they head one direction to find a motel to hide in - with Roger convinced that the Panthers have a special price on his head for humiliating them in a grocery store earlier. Candi goes another way, promising to catch up later. She attempts to put on her Ciem costume and help the police fight back against Lava Tigre and the Panthers, but isn't quick enough about finding a hiding place to change her clothes. Police mistake her for a member of the Pyro Panther gang, and she is promptly arrested.

A search through Candi's backpack reveals the existence of Zeran wardrobes, which local police were not supposed to know about under the Kirby Act. This places Candi in the position of being automatically a felon per SCALLOP protocol, so she agrees to plead guilty to that before a judge. When being escorted to jail, the car she is in is attacked by a mysterious villain known only as Drop-In. The police distract Drop-In long enough for Candi to put on a Ciem suit and battle him to the point of forcing him to retreat, though she fails to identify who he is under the mask. She is taken to jail, and later has to negotiate her way out long enough to return to Gerosha. In that time, Sniperbadger and the Purge-Flare get creative on ways to save the city without Ciem, SCALLOP, or the police to help them. Candi arrives back in the city just in time to stop Frank Morvel and save his captives, while the Purge-Flare battles Lava Tigre to the death.

However, Candi's heroics are not enough to get her out of trouble. She winds up being sentenced to approximately 2 years at Madison Juvenile Correctional Center. Her sister Miriam is later indicted for aiding the Purge-Flare in escaping Gerosha, in spite knowing he is the wanted murder suspect Chris Kennal. Miriam is sentenced to 2 years at SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center near Houston.

In spite the Flippo girls' small victories, they are unable to stop the Icy Finger's greater war. A war which intensifies as they get the Phaletori to do business with Rappaccini as well. Candi doesn't know it, but she becomes a lifelong hero and legend in the eyes of a young Tabitha Pang - who was a toddler at the time Candi's major adventure happened.

The Gray Champion: Shaken Dust

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It's only a short time after Candi is sent to prison in which the political instability of the ongoing war all over the US sees Affadidah and his men completely topple Boston. Brackett and Hibbins are sent to hunt down the Gray Champion, and the power grid is disabled to weaken his teleportation abilities. Gordon, Bella, Pablo, Anna, and Marge head with young Tabitha to their planned escape route to Jonesboro as soon as possible, leaving John and Hea behind to wrap things up and prepare to move west as well. Tabitha finds herself being primarily cared for by Marge, who is also mentoring a furloughed SJCC inmate named Amirah "Flintirah" Rose - who happens to also know Candi rather well from their shared days at Madison Juvenile.

While this is happening, John and Hea are unable to move all their remaining possessions due to the battles happening in Boston. Hea is captured by the enemy and placed in Suffolk County Jail, along with other prisoners of war. Some quick thinking allows her and a few others to escape, as well as rejoin John. A lucky bolt of lightning in the sky allows her and John just enough energy for John to use his abilities to teleport them out of the city. They make their way to Jonesboro from there, but soon have to team up with Mapacha and Flintirah to prevent Brackett and Hibbins from destroying Arkansas. All the chaos results in John going into hiding, Hea being fired from SCALLOP and incarcerated briefly, Marge being briefly incarcerated along with her, and Flintirah being sent back to SJCC - where she would become a bodyguard for Miriam while the latter helped the Pentagon stop DeathDachshund from further compromising national cyber-security.

Boston, meanwhile, is allowed to fall. Affadidah makes it a major military outpost for his new Ameristani empire. Intrigued by the tale of a mental patient named Hadley Mint, he resolves to one day hide a 1-gigaton nuclear bomb in Room 237 of North Bond Hall at Ferris State University.

Ciem: Ash Cloud

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Going on 3 years old, Tabby is bothered when half of her family heads without her Cincinnati to aid Ciem, Emeraldon, Extirpon, Purge-Flare, Flintirah, and any other heroes SCALLOP can muster, to save that city from "the assault from Hell." Ciem in particular finds herself having to save her own warden, Madison Juvenile's superintendent Bruce Almin, from the psychotic Eric Korsicht - as well as prevent Korsicht from generating a 48-megaton volcanic eruption to destroy Cincinnati the way he did to Louisville. The news footage proves dark and menacing, as a 100-mile radius of the blast of Louisville's destruction covers that region in an ash cloud producing perpetual nightfall. Candi is unfortunately forced to return to prison afterward, but with a warden who is incredibly grateful for her willingness to put her life on the line for him.

Hea and John return with stories of Candi's bravery, and Tabitha soon wants the Medsors to tell her everything about Ciem that is on SCALLOP file. Candi becomes the unusually highly-intelligent Tabby's idol, to the point that she asks for Halloween of 2016 to go trick-or-treating in a Ciem costume. Marge helps sew a crude Ciem suit together for this very purpose.

Pilltar 2

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It's not long afterward that Hea receives word that Lambrelli Labs founder Seth Lambrelli has thwarted yet another Icy Finger attack in Des Moines, this one caused by the Icy Finger's Screwworm Network division of terrorists, led by Audrey Golin. Seth's Pilltar droid didn't act alone; being backed up by a "Strawberry" version piloted by the brave Stephanie Barrin. Stephanie's tech prowess and rising through the ranks at Lambrelli Labs to become a favorite of more than just Seth himself inspired Tabby to want to learn as much about technology as possible, in the hopes she could one day be an inventor like Stephanie. She hopes to invent technology to aid in scene profiling, which would make Candi's future career prospects more likely. However, Tabby also develops an interest in nursing. She decides not to ever be a fashion model, as Marge warns her about the pitfalls of that job.


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Once the nation has fallen, Tabitha learns in 2019 that she is now a citizen of Toklisana, not America, as the United States has ceased to exist. The six-year-old Tabby is homeschooled by Hea, who now works at a museum and has a good working relationship with the owner - one that has a deep vested interest in preserving the knowledge and life values which Hea must also guard as the Keeper of Hester's Locket. Tabby also is often allowed free tours of the museum, and begins to follow in her mother's footsteps. She even gets brave enough to attempt to send Candi a letter in the mail, but realizes that the mail might not get delivered due to Affadidah's regime being untrustworthy.

During much of this time of quiet, Team Gray attempts to maintain a low profile. Even so, the Icy Finger look for every possible way to infiltrate Arkansas government, and that of Toklisana in general, in an effort to avenge Brackett and Hibbins. Rappaccini plays things cool, trying not to deplete his resources too quickly even as he waits patiently to collect more. Meanwhile, Arfaas takes a large portion of the nation for himself, and creates "Netheel." He quickly begins squandering Netheeli resources to conquer Toklisana with, and wipe out SCALLOP and the Phexo resistance. Chimerica, the west coast states colonized by a fearful China, assist Toklisana however possible in preventing this. Tabby pays very close attention to any news the Medsors can give her about the growing Sodality of Gerosha movement, and the heroes within it. She pays especially close attention to what happens in Candi's life, and learns that personal sacrifice - even of one's freedom - is sometimes necessary to do the right thing.


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The Sodality's exploits continue to inspire Tabby, who is convinced that growing resistance to them from Judge Terry Beliah could mean that Team Gray has to join the Sodality one day. She also becomes interested in the "Sneakernet Underground," also called the "Swappernetter Society." The idea of trading lessons on flash drives and by-passing the Prussian model of education entirely becomes appealing to her. The Navyrope Society also becomes a topic of interest to her, as does the Sodality Church. She finds that Arkansas politicians' increasing hostility to private education poses a credible threat to liberty, and vows to resist that. The young Tabby also hears wind of how Candi used Remotach pills to survive being captured and beheaded, and put herself back together and escape. Tabby hopes she will never have to face a similar near-death experience.

Convinced that the war the Icy Finger started under Rappaccini is only gearing up for its second wind, Tabby asks to be taught how to fight. Her family obliges; and enrolls her in gymnastics, karate, and parkour via private teachers they trust.


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As the Sodality teams up with Team Black Rat to stop Captain Aardwulf and recover the Ming-Yo for China, Rob and Hannah Marrington set out with Jake Asawa on their own quest to keep the Hebbleskins and Icy Finger from getting their hands on the Ming-Cho.Path of the Ming-Cho. Tabby and her family are involved in other activities to keep the Icy Finger and Halal Affadidah's Ameristani troops at bay. However, the Navyrope Society that's forming warns them of infiltration in Arkansas state government. Tabby also becomes an outspoken critic - even at the tender age of 7 - against Judge Terry Beliah.

However, Team Gray becomes one of many targets for Beliah's supporters, who begin rounding up on their own those they deem to be in violation of the Kirby Act via the Beliah Amendments to it. They eventually plan to fill their storage basements full of MPF-captured heroes and Sodality sympathizers, then deliver all of them to the Icy Finger for execution.


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Jordan Sterlie meets Tabitha, supervised by Tiffany and Hea. Original quality here.
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Learning of Beliah's sinister plans, as well as how he sold his own daughter to a brothel in southeast Asia, the Sodality lobby with SCALLOP to have the crooked judge removed from power. This only forces SCALLOP into a corner, and the Sodality into acting slightly outside the law to rescue as many of the Beliah Pact's victims as possible. The Beliah Pact, however, was foolish enough to not search for Hester's Locket, meaning they captured the Pangs without evidence of them having it. Once the Sodality is able to free all the prisoners in one basement sector, Hea and Tabitha break free. They use Hester's Locket to enable other prisoners to escape, and secure an escape for themselves.

Hea and Tabitha meet up with the Sodality Elites in Houston to discuss what to do next. It is there in which Tabitha meets Jordan Sterlie for the first time, as he is with his mother Tiffany along with other rescued Beliah Pact minions. Tabitha at this time also gets to meet her heroes Candi and Stephanie for the first time, learning from them how to avoid making the same mistakes in life that they made. Over time, she begins bonding with the entire Sodality of Gerosha, considering all of them her "church family." Around this time, she also begins noting the hostilities that the budding Swappernetter society is facing, a less-extreme offshoot of the Navyropes. She grows sympathetic to their cause, yet is hesitant to fully join them. A few of them don't trust her, since Hea and Marge's jobs allow Tabitha to live more comfortably than they do. However, sharing her story while exposing a communist infiltrator in their midst convinces some skeptics of the movement to trust her a bit more.

Battle for Metheel

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With the Hebbleskin Gang on Earth all but completely destroyed, King Morzhuk of Metheel decides he owes it to his kinsmen to be the one to reclaim the Grand Ultimates' Ruby and become an Ultraviolet Spectral Marlquaanite. He believes with this sort of power, he can reset the lock on his own universe and activate it for the Percolation Wave. From there, he'd work with other versions of himself to fuse every version of Gerosha into a united universe - then invade other Abdygalian splits across Outer Reality until he could reconfigure the Abdygalis itself and fuse the entire multiverse into a single, coherent universe, with himself in charge as its new god.

He realized this would involve a race against time, as the Society of the Icy Finger wanted to achieve these same goals for Rappaccini. He sends forces to Earth to search for the ruby, but also to perform a show of force to Earth by kidnapping the Sodality of Gerosha - particularly, the Legends. He is unable to capture all of them, however, and forgets about the Sodality of Florence entirely. A desperate SCALLOP loses communication with the Sodality after Morzhuk's forces wipe out comms, forcing many in the Sodality to converge on hit targets in Oklahoma and Louisiana in spite not having permission to do so. Ciem, in particular, is warned that she is violating her probation by doing this. Yet, they don't stop her, realizing what she is doing is necessary. They ensure she is issued minimal punishment for leaving Texas.

Morzhuk next moves to capture Team Gray, and is successful. However, some quick thinking on the part of Earwig and other heroes prevents him from abducting Extirpon. SCALLOP sends a distress call to allies on Phaleel, who respond by getting their own army involved in the conflict. A Meethlite resistance leader opposing the Hebbleskin Dynasty, Shabika Kribbenswik, takes in Team Pilltar under her wing. Phaelite Captain Hophily Yemodan and his crew infiltrate one of Morzhuk's transport ships, and free Navyrope and Team Gray from their MPF caskets. A fight ensues, and Hophily is just barely able to get the hostages to another ship in time. The ship continues onward toward Metheel, and the crew is forced to crash-land it without the prisoners promised to Morzhuk.

Navyrope, Gray, Hea, and Tabitha are taken to Yemodan's base of operations, which Morzhuk's forces quickly siege. The Sodalists travel by foot to the given coordinates for Desulon's lab nearby, with Gray and Navyrope protecting the crew from any additional hostiles they might encounter. Once inside, Tabitha offers to be of assistance to Desulon however possible. Hea is sent back in time to recruit Hester Prynne and Kicked Deer to the Sodality, and to destroy the Grand Ultimates' Ruby in the past so that Morzhuk cannot ever hope to use it. They must also do so without the Icy Finger learning of its whereabouts, or that it's been destroyed.

The plan is almost foiled when Hea runs into the original Roger Chillingworth, who attacks her with his own power set. She uses her acquired martial arts skills and knowledge to get the jump on Chillingworth, defeating him and even taunting him that his future successor will be an equal disappointment. Kicked Deer, Hea, and Hester finally achieve their goals, but require Pilltar's intervention when an Icy Finger raid follows a tip Chillingworth provides them. Navyrope and Gray meanwhile protect Desulon and Tabitha from additional hostiles that would have reason to attack the lab - including Bosom-Serpent.

With all of Team Gray except for Kicked Deer and Hester having returned to the present, Desulon deactivates the time machine. Tabitha is kept safe with Hea on Phaleel, while John heads to Metheel with Marge to help the Sodality put an end to Morzhuk's tyrannical rule once and for all. Morzhuk is eventually overthrown, once SCALLOP agrees with Desulon to send Extirpon to Metheel. The Sodality members topple what remain of Morzhuk's loyalists, and a free Metheel takes control with the Hebbleskin Dynasty finally defeated. They mourn Shabika, who gave her life for the cause.

Tabby does her best to resume her ordinary life afterward, able to further humiliate the street bullies that doubt her value by pointing out that they never had to survive being abducted by aliens. She quickly becomes one of the most revered and envied members of the Blue Knot Homeschool League (a front for Swappernetters and Navyropes.) By the age of 11, Tabby decides that she and Jordan have a lifelong special bond, even though he's only 8. She promises to wait for him, and he asks her if they can know that either of them is worth waiting for. She assures him that if God is in it, they both will be.


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After years of planting infiltrators in Toklisana's government, Rappaccini finally decides to act on his plans to take over Arkansas and create the Icy Finger Conglomerate of Arkonia. He begins ousting legitimate leaders in Arkansas, and placing his Chrome Kite leadership in charge in their stead. He also uses his forces in the Toklisana federal level to enforce the Beliah Amendments to the Kirby Act, requiring that court hearings be held to determine the future of the entire legislation. In order to comply, SCALLOP has to stop arguing that the Sodality of Gerosha and Sodality Church are anything other than "criminal" organizations.

However, it's also discovered that a large deposit of Marlquaanite rubies exist in a cave hidden somewhere in Mozambique. Rappaccini allows the Screwworms and Chrome Kite to take over his plans for Toklisana, and instead focuses most of his Icy Finger forces' main concentrations on conquering Italy and then claiming the rubies in Mozambique. Unable to handle stopping them alone, the Sodality of Florence sends its Gerosha sibling a distress call. The Sodalities merge into a single organization, but are confronted with the fact that SCALLOP agents are now under orders to arrest all of them. Jack Mercreek sends out a distress video to all members, informing them that they must choose for themselves which of two strike teams they will join, to combat which of the two existential threats they now face: Team Spaghetti Liberation to become fugitives and continue fighting across the globe, or Team Caged Dove, to comply with SCALLOP's arrest warrants and fight their organization's legal battles in court.

After Chris and John are equipped with new suits courtesy of a donation by Dolly, John makes his intentions very clear to head to Italy. Hea helps him do so, and then meets with the other members of Team Gray to discuss their plans. Anna and Pablo elect to go with John, and also to ensure that they find another keeper for Hester's locket so that Hea cannot be compromised. Hea, Marge, and Tabitha elect to stay behind and hand themselves over to SCALLOP. Hea and Marge explain their plans to Tabby on how to get caught loitering and then get SCALLOP to retrieve her from the police. Hea heads out in the morning of June 15th of 2026 to gas her car and then drive to Houston, where she intends to hand herself over to SCALLOP for internment. However, she is arrested by Shaniqua right away. A surprised Shaniqua is startled that Tabby is not with Hea, and then both of them become troubled when they see evidence of Screwworms in the distance.

While Tabby is outside of a bar trying to get noticed for loitering, Marge goes inside to get drunk. However, the Screwworms attack the area upon recognizing Tabby. Tabby flees from them, and Marge does her best to provide a distraction for them. However, being drunk results in Marge being fairly ineffectual at fighting. Police finally shoot a few of the Screwworms dead, and arrest Marge for public intoxication.

Tabby is revealed to have secretly stashed away the Pusher's Ruby, terrified of being killed. However, she struggles with her conscience and decides she doesn't want to become a Marlquaanite for personal gain. She uses some of the ruby's features to destroy a small stretch of road, delaying her pursuers. However, they prove persistent. She next runs through traffic in a busy stretch, and heads toward a shopping mall. The chaos she causes for traffic further slows her pursuers down. She notices some drunks at the mall, and tricks them into fighting each other, resulting in a massive brawl. She uses this calamity to further create an obstacle for her pursuers. They get caught up in the brawl, and are forced to give up their search for Tabby.

Seizing the moment to get away, Tabby realizes that she is now a fugitive with no family to turn to. Fearing that the Screwworms will find her again - or that she will be tempted to use the Pusher's Ruby again - Tabby heads to a pawn shop and tries to sell the ruby. However, the shop owner quickly identifies that she has a Marlquaanite ruby. Given it is illegal under the Kirby Act to sell one to a pawn shop, the owner reaches for a shotgun and then orders Tabby behind the counter. A terrified Tabby complies. The shop owner calls police, and Tabby encourages him to inform the police to contact SCALLOP. She admits she's wanted under the Beliah Amendments, and only tried to sell the ruby because the Screwworms were after her.

Sandra Thriggin of the Jonesboro PD arrives at the shop, and arrests Tabby immediately. She is soon handed over to a SCALLOP agent to be sent to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center, and is informed that she will be there for a time regardless of her pending court date. She is devastated by the news, but complies. News outlets comment on the story, with much of Tabby's homeschool association friends astonished that she, out of all of them, would be the one to get in so much trouble with the law.

Tabby's court case initially informs her that she could be facing anywhere from 6 months to 5 years for her public stunts, served concurrently with the time she is already to serve as a target of the Beliah Amendments. She can use her time in juvie to help the Sodality of Gerosha plead before Congress on repealing the entire Kirby Act. Initially terrified of being killed by superpowered gang members, Tabby's nerves are put at ease when she meets Sarah Ruben - in for aiding and abetting. The two quickly become friends, and Sarah notices Tabby's tendency toward quick thinking and sharp strategy. She decides to teach Tabby in the ideology of the Swappernetter Society, as well as enhance her instruction in parkour. Tabby teaches what she knows to Sarah in return, and they begin evangelizing the cause across SJCC whenever and wherever possible. She also meets Tobias Reno, in for having inactive Phexo DNA primarily. He further instructs Tabby in how to think like a Swappernetter, even warning her that she may have to join the cause officially if the Sodality of Gerosha can't win back its good standing with the government in time.

As much as the facility will allow, Sarah and Tabby train for their eventual return to life on the streets in Arkansas - as well as cooperate with SCALLOP officials on how to find weaknesses in the Chrome Kite puppet rulers that Rappaccini is beginning to install all over Arkansas in a bid to take it over. Tobias contributes where he can, but seems somewhat distant from the two girls for reasons he isn't ready to share. Hea is eventually allowed to visit Tabby once. She meets Sarah and Tobias as well. She informs them that if the Sodality is unable to defeat the Kirby Act right away and get reinstated, the two of them will have to become a family for Tabby in her stead. Sarah considers it a great honor to be serving Team Gray in such a capacity. Tabby also gets a visit from Candi. However, Candi informs her and Sarah that Mingmei sacrificed her freedom specifically to prevent Miriam from needing to also be captured. As such, Sarah won't get to meet Miriam so soon. However, she also informs them that Marina is interested in helping both girls out any way possible. Andy Baret, around the same age as Tobias, sympathizes with him and his prior life goals.

The attack on SJCC

Tabby also spends a lot of her time, perks pending, checking the news for updates about Spaghetti Liberation. However, her ability to get comfortable in her new life quickly comes to an end when the Screwworm Network makes a desperate attempt to draw out SCALLOP and the Sodality, as well as discredit SCALLOP, by launching a spontaneous full-scale raid on SJCC on July 20th. Guards are shot, and pandemonium breaks out. Tabby, Tobias, and Jordan try to help the guards fight off the onslaught of Screwworms, but Sarah and Frank convince them to barricade themselves in the laundromat as the Screwworms bring bazookas to the fight. Antoine Medeaux, another inmate, barricades in with them. One Screwworm breaks through the barricade, but is attacked with a shank by Antoine. THe two wrestle each other to the death, while the other children seize his crowbar and break the laundromat windows with it to find a way out.

They catch a lone Screwworm at the outer gate while fleeing as he is off guard, and ambush him as well. Tabby is forced to shoot him in the right forearm with his own gun, which she snatched away from him while Sarah, Jordan, and Tobias distracted him. Hearing backup arriving from inside the facility, Sarah breaks into the agent's car and hotwires it. The gang of Tabby and her friends hop inside, and drive off in a mad dash. The Screwworms, meanwhile, gas the facility to kill as many children as possible.

Fallout of the escape

They are able to find a friend in the elderly Greg Yorner, who takes the gang in and gives them fresh clothes. Jordan and Tobias discuss what must be done to ready the Navyrope Society and the Swappernetter Society for the changes happening rapidly to Arkansas during the Chrome Kite's takeover. However, they realize that Tabby's stunt is going to increase their heat level if she is seen with them right away. Tabby also fears that Frank would not be able to last on the run with them; and wants to ensure that she can bargain for Donte's release so that Frank can at least have a father. She realizes that this means she'll be sent back to prison; but is insistent that this is the right course of action. Jordan assures her that he loves her, and will wait for her. He then leaves with Tobias. Sarah agrees to stay with Tabby, so she doesn't have to face her time alone. Greg prays with the girls. On July 21st, Greg calls SCALLOP to inform them that he has three of the missing five survivors of SJCC in his house.

Candi is relieved at the news, as is Frank, to learn that Frank is among the survivors. SCALLOP personnel construct a cage in Yorner's basement so that the McArthur family can be relocated there until further notice. Sarah and Tabby are arrested once more, and are soon transferred to Craighead County Juvenile Detention Center near Jonesboro. They are later sent to the Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center, to serve 3-year sentences. Tabby is allowed one more tearful visit with her mother, before the two are forced to part ways. Hea warns Tabby to consider the Swappernetters her "family" until Team Gray can be a family again, and Tabby promises to try.

Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center

Due to Tabby and Sarah's sacrifice to protect their loved ones, the two of them were sent initially to Craighead County, and later to Mansfield. An unruly Jessica Softstone was also sent there around that time, and attempted to have Tabby and Sarah killed due to their unwillingness to join her gang. She assumed that acts of her gang being exposed were the two Swappernetters' faults somehow, and played on paranoia to inspire an assassination. Chrome Kite top general Will Clamdor caught wind of this, and began putting his own in positions inside Mansfield in order to orchestrate perfect conditions for Jess to get her way. Tabby was informed that she needed to be moved to solitary for her own protection, as there would be an attempt on her life. While she was sleeping, Michelle Grean of Jess' gang headed toward Tabby's door with two of Clamdor's men, carrying a shank. However, Michelle and one of the two fake guards were immediately impaled with a sword before they could open the door.

Numerous white-armored troops surrounded the inside and out of the facility. Jess was dragged out of her cell by one of these officials, and executed in front of several other inmates. Security's attempts to suppress the hijacking army proved fruitless, as they were unable to reach out and touch them. They also attempted to activate MPF generators, yet the intruders were immune to them. It was initially assumed that John Domeck killed Michelle and the first of Clamdor's men; yet the real killer revealed himself to be Maurice the Ferryman.

After the reveal, Maurice prophecies that "all will be laid bare" in regards to plots on Tabitha or Sarah's lives. While they will not be invincible, nor protected from all dangers, Sarah and Tabby will have heightened protection "from the beyond." Attempts on their lives inside Mansfield will always fail, even if Maurice has to personally play executioner each time. Maurice also proceeds to threaten Rappaccini, making sure that even Chrome Kite central broadcasts catch wind of it. Hasam Arbini is forced to report to Rappaccini that this mysterious "Maurice" being, claiming to be an "Angel of Death," has made such a threat. Rappaccini and Arbini double down on their overall defiance, but agree to wait until Tabitha's release date before orchestrating any more attempts on her life. The terrified staff and inmates realize what a fraud Jess was, and agree not to bother Tabitha again. She awakes, and is confused as to why everyone is behaving differently. Sarah is convinced that Maurice must be an actual angel, and Tabby is forced to take her at her word. Sarah wonders how it is that only Tabby was allowed to sleep through the events that unfolded. For a week afterward, the entire facility is on heavy lockdown.

Arbini instead decides that if he cannot kill the "Granddaughter of Domeck" through traditional means, he'll attempt to drive her to suicide. He has a juvenile court judge deliberately issue contradictory release requirements, ensuring Tabby will either lose hope and kill herself or else will invariably run afoul of the law after release and have to go right back to juvie - or be killed. However, the reading of terms only causes Tabby to become more defiant, and more determined than ever before to take Arkansas back from the Chrome Kite.

Through his latest professor, Tobias is able to find an indirect way to re-establish contact with Tabby and Sarah. He keeps them posted on what all has been happening in the time they've been away, yet is careful to not reveal details of his present whereabouts. The girls continue to train in parkour as much as the facility will allow them to, and they learn other skills sporadically, spreading Swappernetter culture to other inmates. The girls also being formulating plans on what to do to find any possible weaknesses on the Chrome Kite, and relay that information to SCALLOP.


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Season 1

Escape from Ameristan

Tabitha, using her neural disruption wave on a Chrome Kite guard.

On August 1st, of 2029, Tabby and Sarah's 3-year sentences are declared over. However, they are placed under heavy restrictions. Their release is interrupted, however, when Chrome Kite officials arrive and abduct them. The drivers, Ted Yusef and Horace Rantiba, drug the girls with Bezeetol and then strip them naked. They are escorted to a shack across the Ameristani border.

It's revealed that Tobias intercepted the plot by Arbini, and relayed the plans to other Swappernetters. Cassidy "Atroce" Verner fled across the border with Texas, and relayed the information to SCALLOP agent Shaniqua Tamery. Shaniqua further relayed the information to Lex, but Lex declined to give Shaniqua an assignment to rescue Tabitha. He also declined to have her call a press conference to motivate Congress to act against the Chrome Kite, stating that the death of one juvenile delinquent would not be enough to motivate such action. In secret, he encouraged her to conduct her own rescue mission. However, he warned her she'd have to choose between the mission and her job. SCALLOP could not at the time, while the Beliah Amendments were still being negotiated for keeping or repealing, risk being seen authorizing invasions. Shaniqua readily resigns as an agent, and heads out on her own to save Tabby. Lex is forced to announce that Agent Shaniqua Tamery has gone rogue.

Yusef and Rantiba are about to execute the girls inside the shack when they decline a sexual offer, which Tabitha correctly points out would not save them anyway. However, Shaniqua catches up to them and shoots Yusef dead. She engages in a shootout with Rantiba, who's better-armed. Tabby and Sarah flee into the grass fields, and wait for Shaniqua to draw Rantiba away from the house. Sarah is nearly bitten by a rattlesnake, but Tabby distracts it and hits it with a rock. Rantiba activates his truck and begins fleeing southward, with Shaniqua in hot pursuit. The girls head back in the house and find some clothes to put on. They hear another truck coming, and realize that it belongs to Ameristani troops. They flee the house heading westward, and set a trap for the guards to get their guns away. However, the guards are revealed to be rotting away from misuse of Krokodil. Tabby is nearly impaled when one is revealed to still have a knife, yet he is stopped by Sarah beating him over the head with a rock. The girls then seize the guns and shoot their adversaries dead. With no ammo left, they decide the guns aren't worth keeping. Tabby reflects back to her time in Mansfield, and to times she was threatened with an X-acto knife. Finding one on the guard truck, she takes it for her own use. The girls drive the truck as close as they can to Arkonia, then realize they will have to sneak back into the country at night on foot. Tabby reminds Sarah that this is almost a repeat of the perils of Candi and Dolly's journey to Toklisana a whole ten years prior.

Shaniqua is able to sneak across the border as well, with Rantiba finally dead by her hands. She contacts Tiffany Sterlie immediately, informing the latter that she will need a safe place with the Navyrope Society. Tiffany also relays to Atroce that Tabby and Sarah are on the run. Atroce locates Tobias, informing him to look for the girls up north. He is able to locate them just in time to prevent some Chrome Kite-loyal police forces from locating and arresting them, then helps them get to Little Rock safely.

Formation of Trio

Atroce leads the reunited Trio to an underground meeting, where the catacomb leader is Reverend Renald Beauregard. He is touched by Tabby's extra-special insights, which allow the Swappernetters to see just how much they truly matter given the Sodality's fall. She informs them that not only must they be willing to do the small work that the Navyropes cannot, but that it will be the Swappernetters that convince SCALLOP and the Toklisanan Congress to let the Sodality rise again.

However, after only two successful missions with her new friends, Tabby comes to the realization that they will need an edge over other Swappernetters if they are to perform missions against the Chrome Kite with the Microwave Mouth Corps. around. Other than "the Tug" able to pull at them almost as much as at John and Roy, these fiends seem to have no fear. The two Gray Champions are able to rescue several Swappernetters on Tabby's third mission, but Atroce is among the ones to fall. A troubled Erica Johann witnesses several Swappernetters being slaughtered by Microwave Mouths, and decides that she will have her own revenge on the Chrome Kite while the Swappernetters serve as a diversion. The Grays and Extirpon flee almost as soon as they arrived, fearing the Tug being too strong, and that they'll be pulled into the MPF generators any second that Clamdor built all around Little Rock.

Beauregard and Trista Clarion, the latter of whom housed Tabby and her immediate friends in a run-down wooden house for a hideout; explain to the remaining trio that it will take an orchestrated effort on the part of the Sodality of Gerosha, Navyrope Society, Swappernetters, SCALLOP, and the Toklisanan military to disarm those generators. Without the generators disabled, the Gray Champions and Extirpon were unable to make much of a difference in Arkonia. It would be one of the Swappernetters' missions to intercept locations of generators and plans to install newer and better ones, and relay this to sabotage crews. In the mean time, the Gray Champions focused on containing the Icy Finger to Arkonia. They were to make sure that the Icy Finger and Chrome Kite didn't spread elsewhere. Extirpon's focus became to protect Canada and Mexico from the Icy Finger, while the Navyropes in general fought the Chrome Kite in small towns and countrysides away from major MPF generator installations. On top of this, the Twirler's Ruby was in Arbini's possession. It was slowly growing in size inexplicably, and Arbini suspected it was going to become a new manifestation of the Grand Ultimates' Ruby. Getting it to SCALLOP would be an imperative - if its location could be detected.

A desperate trio concluded that they needed to consult Hea Pang on the matter, and on whether or not this warranted them becoming Marlquaanites. They knew they would have to visit at night, in secret, as Hea and Tabitha were forbidden from contacting one another. Hea and Tabby get caught up on what is going on, yet Hea warns them they have to leave immediately. Hea hands them a ruby, but tells them that Hester's locket is now in Mallorie's possession - and must not be found. She informs them that she and Audra both came under attack, and SCALLOP seized the museum. Audra is in witness protection, and Hea will likely be arrested soon for violating parole by using a ruby to defend Audra. She tells them to visit Marge, who wants to retire from being Mapacha. The Trio agree to these terms, then vanish just minutes before Chrome Kite-loyal police barge in to arrest Hea. Details of her arrest makes their way to the news on Marge's TV a day later, when Tabby arrives.

Marge informs the Trio that there may be side effects to dividing her power among the three of them. They proceed, but the bright red light produced from the windows nearby causes some MPF generators to start reacting. Chrome Kite troops head toward the house, but find Marge the only party there. She is promptly arrested, though she is considered a low-level threat given her lack of any Marlquaan bond.

Tabby and her friends are soon labeled the "Twirlflame Trio," given how their new abilities work. They set out on dozens of missions to aid the Swappernetter cause. Tabby usually finds herself playing the role of decoy, while Tobias uses his increased strength and durability to battle tougher enemies and Sarah becomes the chief burglar. Tabby also becomes the trio's de-facto leader and tactician. Trista begins running the mission control comms for the team. Tabby learns that to avoid the Tug, she and her friends must use their new abilities sparingly. It is to keep them from getting shot or arrested; but they must not over-rely on powers if they wish to avoid being trapped in an MPF chamber. Over time, the Trio becomes more and more focused on learning the whereabouts of the Twirler's Ruby. They are sometimes aided by a Swappernetter who uses dance moves and scavenging talent to compensate for an inability to run: Charlie "Chanticleer" Cleems. One of Chanticleer's proudest achievements was finding and repairing Drop-In's jetpack, though he regrets he couldn't recover Eric Korsicht's.

Rivalry with Erica

Erica at one point resurfaced, this time making an attempt on the lives of several low-level officers while searching for a rumored Marlquaanite ruby shipment in the area. Tabby interrupts her and saves two officers' lives. The officers are grateful, but threaten to arrest her if she doesn't get out of the area quickly. Erica gets away, but then tracks Tabby down to get revenge. The two fight in a parking lot, and Erica uses her nihilistic and atheistic attitudes to justify why she is an adversary to both Swappernetters and Chrome Kite. Tabby has an answer for every single moral or science point Erica can address, which only infuriates her. The two girls stop exchanging knife swings, and Erica pulls out a gun.

Tabby uses her abilities to knock the gun from Erica's hand, then sends her flying an extra level down the parking ramp. Erica breaks her wrist, but her screams activate the ruby as the delivery is being made. She binds to the Marlquaan after Tabby leaves the scene to retrieve the ruby and have it delivered to SCALLOP. The officers from earlier immediately arrest Erica, and Tabby walks away assuming that is the end of the matter. Erica vows revenge. Annoyed by Erica's spiteful attitude, Tabby doesn't bother to save her from the cops nor seek additional help. However, she feels guilty about this later on.

Jobs and adventures

Tabby and Sarah start trying to get various odd jobs to blend in, and also to oversee what they can. Sarah discovers that the only job that will sufficiently hide her identity is working as a trash collector. Tabby adopts the alias of "Vanessa Chartreuse," posing as a bodyguard for hire. This allows her to get close enough to Hatori Imokara to photograph a multitude of his blueprints while he is in surgery. Hiding the backup phone, she uses her main phone to get past other security. She also later finds herself working as a bodyguard for Steve Trussel, a wealthy businessman who proves to be secretly a Swappernetter Society sympathizer.

However, Trista grows concerned when Tobias doesn't follow the girls' lead right away. This leads to Tabby spying on Tobias to discover why he has been so distracted from the team, and she learns about Tobi's secret girlfriend Francine Smith. Rumors of an attempt on Trussel's life being underway force Tabby to choose between learning more about Tobi and Fran's relationship, or heading back to the hospital to save Trussel. She contacts Sarah, inadvertently blowing her cover, and informs Sarah to head to Tobi and Fran's location as more Chrome Kite tanks appear to be headed in that direction. Sarah escapes the police, then attempts to intercept the scene. However, she is unable to get the couple out of the apartment before it's blown up. Tobi and Sarah survive, but rogue Swappernetter Jill Hook reveals that she tipped off officials to Fran's location. Tobi reveals that Fran was pregnant with his child, but Jill only gets more excited.

Jill chases after Tobi and Sarah while Tabby attempts to make it back to the hospital in time. She arrives to foil an attempt on Trussel's life by a Stagtar droid, keeping its comms together just long enough to threaten to expose Clamdor if he makes any more attempts on Trussel. Trussel deduces, however, that Vanessa is Tabitha. Tabby tricks the Stagtar drone into shooting several other Stagtar drones that arrive as backup. Tabby attempts to escape the hospital with Trussel, but the place is surrounded by Stagtar drones. Trista contacts Ron Barrin, who sends Jonathan Tannuli and Roger Homink's droids in from a satellite to even the odds against the numerous-yet-cheaply-made Stagtars.

Sarah and Tobi rendezvous with Tabby, with Jill - now "Lady Chillingworth" - in pursuit. Jonathan grabs Trussel with his Pilltar, and flies away. The Twirlflame Trio take on Lady Chillingworth. However, the attention she draws to the scene lead to confused police opening fire. Aiming for Sarah, an officer hits Jill by mistake. An unprepared Jill falls to the ground and dies, and the Trio flee the scene. The officers in question fear for their jobs, realizing they shot a Chillingworth and knowing that their overseers will not look kindly upon it.

A short time later, Trista embarks on an underground railroad toward the recently-reclaimed Ameristani territory of Missouri. Chanticleer has been leading Swappernetters on an exodus there, particularly younger orphans. Tabby is sent by Trista to retrieve a package in Oklahoma that the Navyropes claim was delivered to them by Donte McArthur, with the Twirlflame Trio being the intended recipients. Realizing that Donte risked his and Candi's futures to make that donation, Tabby heads that direction anyway. This leaves Sarah and a still-mourning Tobias to deliver more orphans to Chanticleer in Joplin, revisiting the birthplace of Centipede Charlie. Their party comes under attack from both invading Ameristani troops and Microwave Mouth Corps., but the attack is thwarted by Roy. Sarah later rescues Chanticleer from some Screwworms, while Tobias sets out with Roy to aid a rancher in the Netheeli territory of Wyoming who is also being harassed by Screwworms.

Tabby discovers that the package is one of Remotach pills, in case she ever has to face an enemy capable of mutilating or decapitating an opponent. She heads out with Jordan to spend some time with a batch of Swappernetters in Russleville, AK, that are in hiding from an assassin gong by "Sicklesaw." Tiffany is unable to follow, due to her trying to save a fellow Navyrope associate named Warren Steel from the Screwworms. They learn that Sicklesaw was once a man named Lawrence Scothington, who now acts like a mixture between Cocklebur and Rockpapsci. Tabby and Jordan take some Remotach pills, and these prove handy when he slices off Tabby's right arm. Jordan is able to hotwire a car and ram the monster, while Tabby re-attaches her arm and then runs to safety. Her allies take her in, and Jordan also retreats. Jordan and Tabby assist the Swappernetters into uploading footage past a firewall showing Sicklesaw attacking indiscriminately at a library, when he was supposed to only target Swappernetters. Sicklesaw is apprehended by Russleville police, who return him to the Chrome Kite leadership to have him lectured about his lack of discretion.

Trials and temptations

A mysterious Fred arrives, and lures Tabitha and Jordan off to Conway. They intercept a plot by some locals to rebuild Gleeful-N'-Young with kindergarteners in the area. Gina Swinton's Essential Values curriculum reeks of being the worst of Common Core on steroids, and a stolen textbook is revealed to be filled with obscenity and corruption poorly masquerading as "education." Insisting that the residents not take this, Jordan and Tabby encourage Swappernetters across town to enlighten "the orthonoid" - including giving them counter-literature published by Beauregard's associates. However, they are attacked by one man who has already sold his children to Gina's new trafficking front. Jordan is captured, but Tabby breaks into his home with Fred's help. She is unable at first to understand why being around Fred causes her to suddenly feel distracted by an overwhelming amount of lustful thoughts for Jordan; yet she convinces herself she doesn't want to make the same mistakes as Candi - or her mother.

Fred helps the couple get back together, but they are overcome with romantic urges and make out. Fred drives Wallace Brenston to suicide, then helps the two get back to Little Rock. He blinds them to the realization that Jordan needs to return to Oklahoma instead. While they are sleeping in a run-down motel, Fred teleports back to Conway and begins locating hard drives containing the Swappernetters' counter-literature. He heads back to the motel before Jordan and Tabby wake up, pretending nothing happened. Pressing a button, an associate of his begins attacking those PCs and infecting them with viruses to punish those who subscribed to Swappernetter literature.

Tabby and Jordan meet up at Trista's house, along with Fred. Sarah and Tobi are immediately suspicious of why Jordan is there, confronting Tabby over how unwise it is to have him there. Fred suggests that they're being too hard on Tabby, and that she did what was necessary to protect Jordan. He then asks them why they walked in so close behind each other. This causes Tabby to question her teammates over their hypocrisy. As Sarah and Tobi begin discussing upstairs what that means, they begin to learn that they do have feelings for each other. Yet, they are still bothered by Fred's presence. Trista returns from the bathroom to find Fred, Tabby, and Jordan missing. Her comms are found on the fridge, along with a note from Fred that he's "swept them away to greater happiness." He informs the team that he's put Tabby and Jordan in a trance, so they'd have little choice but to follow him. He insists that the team not attempt to track their friends down, if they want them alive. Cherinob arrives and scolds the team, warning them that Fred is really her enemy Frotchimar. She'll attempt to track Frotchimar down. She also warns Tobi not to let his past tempt him regarding his future with Sarah, lest Frotchimar gain power over them the way he did over Tabby and Jordan. Sarah begins asking Tobi what he would want from life when their quest is finally over.

Frotchimar meanwhile takes the young captive couple back to the previous motel, and continues to fill their heads with romantic and lustful fantasies involving one another.

  • Sarah and Slip-Sadie switched
  • Sarah arrested during burglary gone wrong, Tabby must save her from guillotine.
  • Botan vs. Birch
  • Crew saving Hea with help from John and Extirpon.
  • Return of Erica hinted at.

Season 2

  • Chanticleer and Richard Swean killed by Bliksemhek, Tabby narrowly escapes.
  • Bliksemhek goes on rampage, killing Swappernetters.
  • Bliksemhek tries to blackmail Tobias in order to get to Tabitha, but Tobias refuses to completely abandon his allegiance to the cause. Threatens Sarah as bait.
  • Bliksemhek murders Gina Swinton, blackmails rest of Chrome Kite.
  • Tabby turns herself in to police chief Geoff Throba, in effort to warn him and Hasam about Bliksemhek. Bliksemhek kills chief. Tabby goes to Clamdor to warn Hasam instead. Clamdor tries to have her killed by Sicklesaw, but Maurice intervenes.
  • Warns John via encrypted message that Bliksemhek has all of Arkonia in danger. Roy attempts to help out, but becomes distracted by need to save children from government crackdown on Swappernetters.
  • Twirlflame Trio aid Roy to frustrate Bliksemhek. Clamdor attempts to kill them all, sending Sicklesaw for revenge.
  • Extirwraith defeats Bliksemhek and Sicklesaw, who've forged a shaky alliance to take down the Trio.
  • In daring mission, Tabby and friends recover Twirler's Ruby, give it to Shaniqua.
  • Shaniqua and Trio flee to Texas, deliver Twirler's Ruby. Shaniqua turns herself in, to allow Trio to escape.
  • Loss of ruby irritates Rappaccini, who threatens Hasam's job.
  • Tabby and friends must stop Christmas from being disrupted by Sicklesaw 2.0 and the Microwave Mouth Corps.
  • SCALLOP, winning major legal battles, allows Trio and other Swappernetters to hide inside recommissioned SWCC and SMCC, but they are unable to get Candi, Dolly, and Hea transferred back to SCALLOP justice. SJCC bulldozed, remains decommissioned. Swappernetter orphans under 17 put in foster homes instead.
  • Trio turn themselves in while in Texas, and deliver plans to Texas.
  • While hiding the Trio in prison, SCALLOP head Lex Philippine plots to get Toklisana government to use the Trio's information to cooperate with Navyrope Society and to reconvene the Sodality of Gerosha to retake Arkansas. Tabby to remain in prison until cleared for mission to overthrow Chrome Kite.
    • Tabby informs Sarah that if Sarah and Tobias flee to start their lives over, Tabby will return to SWCC without them and serve their time for them. Sarah is uneasy about this, but agrees that it is the best overall strategy.
    • Fadimo and Tabby deduce that Maurice and Cherinob are angels.

Percolation Warrior

See also: Camelorum Adventures, Percolation Warriors Saga

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(This section is incomplete or pending.)

  • Overthrow of Chrome Kite
  • 2 years after Swappernetters began
    • Tabby now 18, 2031
    • Yet, Candi remains behind bars until end of year
  • Returned to SWCC afterward, in early July of 2031.
  • Served a term from July 2031-January 2033, released to Jordan.

Getting Jordan back

  • 2032: Jordan abducted, half-cloned, by Phaletori looking to help rebuild Icy Finger.
    • Clone rescued by Jordan, becomes Samantha "Dollschief" Sterlie.
    • Jordan about 16, Tabby about 19


  • 2033: Tiffany marries Warren Steel, who adopts Jordan.
  • 2036: Jordan and Tabitha get married.
    • Tabitha legally adopts step-daughter Samantha.
  • Would eventually have a son with Jordan.

Ciem Tomorrow

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  • Starts out very humble and timid.
  • Gains desire to learn.
  • Frightened, both times abducted.
  • Frightened, yet determined, during Vindication
  • Angry by events in Swappernetters season 1.
  • Torn by guilt over role in Erica going over the edge evil.
  • Complacent by end of season 2
  • Leadership quality during invasion of Arkansas.
    • Teams up with others from Trio, plus Candi, plus Jonathan, to disable MPF generators.
    • Nurturing after pardoned and set free.
    • Settles down quickly after marriage.

Family tree

Joo-Chin Pang
Dae Pang
Gordon Medsor
Bella Medsor
Darren Hayes
Hea Pang-Hayes
Kyle Medsor
Garret Whaling
Tiffany Sterlie-Steel
Warren Steel
Tommy Hayes
Tabitha Pang-Steel
Jordan Sterlie-Steel
Ricky Steel
Trevar Steel
Samantha Steel
Guardians Heroes / Mentors

Supernatural / secret


  • SatAM Sonic
  • Pearl Prynne
  • Faith Connors (Mirror's Edge)
  • Casey Newtwon (Tomorrowland)
  • In spite being first drafted in 2015, before the Dozerfleet founder had ever played a Far Cry game, Tabitha's sense of fashion would be seemingly validated by the very similar Ubisoft character of Carmina Rye in Far Cry New Dawn in 2019.
    • Curiously, Carmina would also prove, just like Tabby, to be a rugged-dressed, athletic freedom fighter with a beanie cap on - who had a white father and an Asian mother.


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  • Sims 3
  • Sims 4
  • MakeHuman
  • Ja Young Kim, Michelle Dae, Ulzzang Packs 40


JaYoungKim-as-TabithaPang.png Ja-Young Kim as Tabitha Pang. Original photo from this pack by Michelle Dae on DeviantArt.


Tabby according to MakeHuman, ca. Sodality: Augmentation.

TabbyAge12-MakeHuman.png TabbyAge12-Sims4.png
Tabby at age 12, according to MakeHuman. As seen ca. Sodality: Vindication. Sims 4 version of the same.

Tabitha-SJCC-BodyShot.png Tabitha-Mansfield-BodyShot.png Left: SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center uniform. Right: Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center uniform.


Default Twirlflame Trio Tabitha street warrior outfit.

For missions where being identified as a known delinquent won't matter.


Black ops outfit for special missions

Aids in concealing her identity for missions where being spotted and identified would jeopardize something important.


Ameristan Survivor / Greasemonkey outfit

Compiled with clothes appropriated from an abandoned house in Ameristan.


Vanessa Chartreuse bodyguard outfit

Worn when going undercover, as the law isn't looking for anyone named Vanessa Chartreuse. Can get odd jobs for rich clients under this alias, to finance the cause, in places where being herself would get everyone in trouble.

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