Editrab Peddleton / Tarantrum was the son of Silnya Semaphry and Hobanik Peddleton - the latter a traitor to King Morlikus and eventual ally of King Gwirmalesh.

Character bio

Hobanik helped Gwirmalesh capture Rakstafril and turn him into Raccglow, separating the Budantir siblings - one of whom (Vantina Rumastik) was revealed to have been the missing biological sister of Horzhed Crimazol, the original Red Serpent Knight. Vantina was made a vampire, but continued to resist Gwirmalesh's control. She tried to become the Crystal Swan Knight, but the mogriffer rejected her. Instead, she gave her mogriffer to the emancipated concubine of Peddleton - Lady Silnya Semaphry. Vantina later married Reelo Rumastik, the original Silver Ferret Knight. However, she was captured after Reelo's death and placed in suspended animation by Gwirmalesh.

When Queen Wontisha of Mighty Cortascia fell ill, Morlikus placed care of Prince Volkonir into Lady Silnya's hands, making her a surrogate mother to young Volkonir. Hobanik later captured his biological son, playing on his jealousy at his mother having adopted Volkonir as a way to make him feel that Gwirmalesh would make them more important. Editrab didn't totally believe what he was being told, but went along anyway out of his pain. He was transformed into Tarantrum, and remained in suspended animation until awakened in 2016 Bozeman. After a few short skirmishes with Volkonir and his new friends, Editrab rebelled against Gwirmalesh's control and went into hiding in Japan. He resurfaced later in Tokyo, where Volkonir had to convince Masato Yoneda - the Spectral Hare Samurai - not to kill him. A confused and grateful Editrab fled to Canada to lay low, but returned to Bozeman when Gwirmalesh turned the US government against Fred Hanom. To save Volkonir's life and keep Kayla Tarington from going back to prison, he sacrificed himself in a suicide mission of distracting police and SWAT teams that helped the others escape.