The following is a template for comic characters to embed the Dozerfleet Gold Bar Statistics System into infoboxes.
Blast range


Enter "gold," "red," or "blue" / "lime" to indicate a value.

  • Blank is the default value, and it is a color of #555. This indicates either that a character isn't at this level, or else that they require special notation. Entering "blank" will break the system, so enter nothing if you want the bar blank.
  • Gold is to indicate that the bar is a core elemental power of the entity.
  • Red is when the character is enhanced, either via super mode or henshin or an accessory.
  • Blue is for any additional enhancements beyond the red enhancements.
  • Lime is for any additional layer of enhancement beyond blue, no matter how many layers up from there. Ideally, the scale will never have to account for more than red levels of enhancement. Most characters will seldom go beyond gold.


Usage looks like

When and when not to use

This template can be used for any comics character. However, it is impractical to use it on characters who do not engage in combat regularly, or else who do not possess some form of combat-useful alteration or enhancement.

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