"The Bison's Apocalypse" is a July 23, 2007 song on the album Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante by Every Ape and His Brother.


The song features the various exploits of The Bison and his rampages, regarding exceptional ways in which he treats his victims. The grim messages of the song are contrasted with the light-hearted feel of the music, as the lyrics are set to the tune of "Cupid's Chokehold" by the Gym Class Heroes.


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"The Bison's Apocalypse"


Pirate Quote: "Fear ye, yer soul! The Bison's here! YOUR NEAR!!!"

[Pause before musical lead-in]

Slu-luh-luh-lurp! /
Slu-luh-luh-lurp! /

Slu-luh-luh-lurp! /
Slu-luh-luh-lurp! /
Slu-luh-luh-lurp! /


Take a look at the Bison! / (BISON!!!) /
He is here to seal your doom! / (Sluh-luh-luh-lurp-lurp!)/

Just one slurp and then you're gone! / (YOU'RE GONE!!!) /
Your future is certain gloom! / (Sluh-luh-luh-lurp-lurp!) /

Verse One

He never dies for some odd reason; /
But he kills in every single season! /

So you'd better just get out of his way! /
With his mind alone, you'll be the next thing he'll slay! /

He tears up every road that has grooves; /
Flies around and never raises his hooves... /

Doesn't believe you have a right to live well. /
So he'll hoof and gore you until you're in Hell! /

I mean he even causes earthquakes; /
Watches you die in the tornadoes he makes! /

If you ain't scared yet, then you don't have a clue! /

(Sluh-luh-luh-lurp!) /

You can never stop him with a pistol; /
Just as pointless to be firing missiles! /

You'd better run,/ cause if you try to take him with a gun; /
You'll be/ one slurped punk having no fun,/ better... /

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Two

Insult him a lot and you will not last; /
And I think if so you'd better run fast! /

Because he likes to smash through buildings just for fun! /
And brand his hoof into your side;/ leave you the dying one! /

And he can start a murder session; /
When your mind is under his possession! /

And the arrogant ones will end up with all the blame; /
As they're blown away in giant balls of flame! /

(Slu-luh-luh-lurp!) /

He'll burn your soul until it's all gone; /
If you think he'll leave then you'd be all wrong! /

If you ain't scared of him, then you don't have a clue! /

(Slu-luh-luh-lurp!) /

He'll haunt the halls of your best friend's home; /
Whether he's in Mozambique or in Rome! /

When your friend opens the door,/ he'll end up being dead on the floor; /
And reduced to a pile of messy blood and gore! / (The horror)! /

(So run..... / Ruuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!!)

[Repeat Chorus] x 2

Bridge Rap

He's got a soul burn technique that will make the most; /
Outwardly righteous old man go to Hell! /
(Not swell!) /

He's got, endless rage; /
You can't hold in a cage! /

And he simply won't care; /
(If you're scared!) /

He's been, trashing your hearse; /
Of course he's a curse! /

Now your little cousin's gone! /
(For very long!) /

He's got the, most menacing growl; /
That you've ever heard! /

And you'll be dead three minutes; /
(Spread across the backyard!) /

You and your friends; don't hide in the closet! /
Or you'll all end up as a bloody composite! /

Call it doom, / call it fate, / or whatever you want to but;/
Still better watch your back; /
Or you're the next one he will kill off so... /

[Repeat Chorus] x 2

Lyrics © 2007 Dozerfleet Records.

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