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The Bison Dilemma is the planned sequel to The Bison Reborn and predecessor to The Bison Aquafied: Rise of the Eel Thing. It was first envisioned in June of 2003.


The Bison faces off against Grinodos, who has achieved beyondness but not fulfilled the necessary rituals to earn the right to kill the Bison. Grinodos sacrifices himself, however, to accomplish the next-best thing. The Bison is split into three beings.

The main Bison witnesses hoof sections of his powers flee, and becomes very disoriented. He isn't sure how to win them back. He decides he will hibernate for a time in the ice of Antarctica, and find the rest of himself later.

However, two rival farm boys end up with the hoof powers that the Bison loses. They start growing very hairy, and develop superpowers. One inherits just raw power. The other inherits the Bison's malice engine.

As they both compete for the same girl, they end up clashing in a major battle between the good and the evil that the Bison gave to them respectively.

When they are done, the hoof parts are separated from both boys. One boy ends up drowning in the ocean, whilst the other is rescued by a boat. The hoof powers are absorbed by an eel that coincidentally was swimming nearby, and the eel swims away, its eyes glowing red.


The Bison Dilemma is a lead-in to the final chapter of the Bison Tetralogy: The Bison Aquafied: Rise of the Eel Thing.

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