The Chicken of the Opera is the third album by Every Ape and His Brother, and features the third character in line at the imaginary red carpet meeting where "every ape and his brother is going to be there!" Chicken spoofs two folk and traditional tunes with the Every Ape treatment, along with spoofing the usual the fare found in the previous two albums. First conceived of in 2008, it took until February 25th of 2012 to complete this album. Its completion paved the way for the next installment: Poss Window.


After Morbid the Horrendous Hobo and Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante found their way to the Red Carpet Event, they were surprised to see a chicken following right behind them. It also shocked the officials at a local theater, whose performances were being constantly interfered with by a chicken that dressed in a tux.

Tracks listing

Track listing
  #  Name  Original song   Original artist
  1.  Jerry the Psycho Reindeer  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  Johnny Marks
  2.  Salt the Raging Hamster  Puff, the Magic Dragon  Peter, Paul and Mary
  3.  Jokerfish  Poker Face  Lady Gaga
  4.  The Eel Thing  The Real Thing  Bo Bice
  5.  On the Ethics of Creating Werewolves  Face Down  Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  6.  Meat Cleaver  Hash Pipe  Weezer
  7.  Serial Bomber, Part 3  Grenade  Bruno Mars
  8.  As One  Wag Mo Na Sana  Parokya ni Edgar
  9.  Pokédices Apart  Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)  Journey
 10.  War Crimes  Firework  Katy Perry

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