The following article pertains to the historical message board. For the forum's most current incarnation, see Forum:Index.

The Dozerfleet Forum is the official message board of Dozerfleet Productions. It was once hosted as part of Forumotion from late 2010 until February of 2011, replacing its counterpart at Proboards.

For concerns about operations on this database, a built-in forum exists that now functions as The Dozerfleet Forum. In 2011, the Forumotion version was replaced with The Dozerfleet Blog, which was later itself phased out in favor of social media outlets due to low demand and even lower membership. The forum is for general discussion about universes and opinions regarding the stories that happen within them as of 2016.

By contrast, discussion about specific issues with articles pertaining to topics related to a project or its universe are to happen under the talk pages for those specific article.


The forum was founded in late October and early November of 2008, as a way to publish articles of importance to the Dozerfleet founder in a way that would allow others to join the forum and comment. Shortly after its creation, it began to replace the Dozerfleet MySpace Page as a blog archival center.

Issues with the staff at Mod The Sims led to the forum developing a section for the Dozerfleet Sims Downloads Collection, dubbed "Utterly Sims." Downloads were first offered in a completed form on June 21st of 2009. In July of 2010, Utterly got a facelift, and became Utterly Sims 1&2 and Utterly Sims 3. Later, the Utterly Sims category would be expanded to include sub-boards for all Sims games, as well as a board for Sims-related games and a sub-board for games not related at all to the Sims franchise.

Radical change arrived in September and October of 2010, when the forum was moved from Proboards to Forumotion. However, low traffic and skinning issues prompted yet another change. Blogger, part of Google's network, offered free blog hosting necessary for The Dozerfleet Blog. As another plus, Blogger/Blogspot offered better integration between its service and various social networking media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The forum's comments and articles were moved to the blog, while its Utterly Sims downloads were moved to DozerfleetWiki. Later, archives of the blog were moved to the wiki's forum section. The Blog was reincarnated on Tumblr on September 8th of 2012. Utterly Sims would go on to become DzMD.

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