The Longacre House Cooking Show was a monthly cooking show sponsored by the city of Farmington Hills and hosted at the Longacre House near Heritage Park. Episodes aired on Channel 8, hosted by SWOCC Studios. The article below describes its late 2010 episodes.


In June, Anne-Marie taught the audience how to make "the perfect baked tilapia." This was soon followed up with a July show. This show is lost in Dozerfleet project history, since it was removed from the Video on Demand before being documented. In late August, the "perfect barbeque" was the day's theme. Several other shows were done, to an average of one every month. Topics included such features as a German stew recipe, a new way to make shepherd's pie, and even some elaborate sandwich recipes.


Almost every cooking show required the exact same setup. Three cameras were set up to take angled shots of either Anne-Marie or different components of her cooking setups as she put her show together. A fourth camera was often set up as an overhead, with Paul supervising its movements and focus. Cables for these cameras were snaked in through the house's backdoor, and were often hidden behind tables in the back. Visitors ate at tables that were very near to Anne-Marie's setup, making for difficult times and arrangements for camera crews trying to get decent shots of food but instead getting the backs of elderly women's heads showing up in shots.

As a treat, camera crews were often allowed to sample some of the finished food items.

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SoaT rating

The rating below is based on an estimate of what the cooking show cost Farmington Hills.

SoaT Index Rating
SoaT 10%

Based on this low rating, it appears that the project was fairly well-managed, and will not likely be cut from the city's budget any time soon.

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