RIP Note: The following project has been canceled. Renewed interest in it is possible, but not likely at this time.

The Natural Logarithm is a horror novella first envisioned in May of 2004 for Dozerfleet Comics. In addition to being the final part of the able-to-operate-independently Meshalutian Trilogy, LN has its events rendered canon to Classic and Comprehensive Gerosha. The original premise was canceled in 2012, rendering the initial draft moot. A Meshalutian Trilogy reboot was considered in 2013, however. If pursued, this project could be revived in the future.


Having exhausted herself both in her failed attempt to kill Trisha in Colorado and in her failed attempt to kill Mandy Rintel in Louisiana, Meshaluta decides to take her campaign back home to Boston. Her spirit raids a library, and seeks to track down any and all possible connection to any Rintels and relatives living in the present day. Young Carla Rintel and her classmate Kaleigh realize they too are targets, as all of Boston soon finds itself haunted by Meshaluta and her followers.

Bodies begin turning up dead in freak accidents, with a logarithmic graph being the one common thread in all deaths. As the girls decide to crash Meshaluta's resurrection party and cancel it, they are joined by Tim's wife Cassie. Cassie has her own reasons for wanting to ruin Meshaluta's evil plans.


While shelved almost immediately, The Natural Logarithm was developed on the footheels of developing Cursed is the Ground. It both justifies the ending of that story, and provides closure for all Meshalutian continuity. The idea for having the ghost-witch Meshaluta obsess over the number, and its close approximate of 30/11, was inspired by various math class lectures at Holt Lutheran High School, where the Dozerfleet founder attended from 1998-2002. It seemed logical that since the first story began with a title about a witch using math in her scheme of things, that the final story would also include math, bringing everything full circle.

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