"The Rock Cycle" is a poem that was initially part of the Slushy the Bullfrog Show segment titled "Cone's Poetry Tire Swing," which was all part of a re-tooling of 2 Old Men and a Frog. It was first written as an answer to an essay question for a high school geology test, which asked that the entire rock cycle be summarized beginning at one step and ending on that same step. Bored with the usual answer method, the Dozerfleet founder surmised a poem that answered the question in a way that anyone could readily remember it.


First written

As the fall semester of the 2000-2001 school year at St. Matthew Lutheran High School in Holt, MI approached, instructor Jan Macy (later Poullet) decided that the class was not yet ready to transition to Physics. So she decided to milk biology for all it was worth, and then touch a little on geology at the end. One essay question for a geology quiz asked the students to describe the entire rock cycle. Feeling that was boring, the Dozerfleet founder turned it into a poem. It got mixed reaction from the teacher and class, but the poem was submitted to a nationwide contest and became a smash hit with the judges.

2012 revival

When the Dozerfleet founder's brother Aaron needed to adapt a poem into a set of storyboards for a class assignment, "The Rock Cycle" found a brief revival. The title card on this page is a thumbnail of the storyboard sequence that was created for such purposes, made out of mostly clips from The Sims 2.

Poem itself

"The Rock Cycle"

Deep in the Earth;
From there I came.

Volcano erupted,
Now I'm not the same.

Magma to lava;
The thought is ingenious.

Rock experts now;
Classify me as igneous.

Pounded by sea, the tyrannical waves;
A few of my substance, occasionally saves.

Now please don't go too far;
On your sentiment.

I've merely become;
What is called "sediment."

I might scrape up the toe;
Of an unaware jock.

Once I harden to be;
Sedimentary rock.

Add heat and some pressure;
I'll show you one more trick.

When suddenly;
My name is "Metamorphic."

The heat then grew greater;
I melted inside.

And back into the Earth;
As magma I ride.

Some doubt if I ever;
Will see you again.

However, the Rock Cycle;
Determines when.

Lyrics © 2000 Dozerfleet Records.

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