Thomas Wilson is an IT3-COR account manager for the US Navy, having graduated from Ferris State one semester ahead of the Dozerfleet founder. He double-majored in Journalism and Television, receiving a minor in French and having even worked for Ferris as a student accountant. In addition to life at Ferris, Tom has been a corn quality and health inspector working for Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

He has been an opinions editor for The Torch, and even been a freelance writer for the Sentinel-Standard. Since Ferris, he has attended grad school at Cincinnati Christian University to study Pastoral Care and Counseling. Before Ferris, Tom attended the American Military University and Montcalm Community College. He also attended high school at Central Montcalm.



Status: Completed
Project Type: Magazine Show
Position: Producer (5 episodes), Editor (5 episodes), Segment host (10 episodes)
Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk Show
Season: 2009-2010
Semester: Fall

Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


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