The following article is a list of the chronological order in which major events in the Cataclysmic Gerosha universe take place. This timeline was centered around an assumption in 2012 that the United States wouldn't last as a united country beyond the year 2018, and went into detail about how that could be the case.

Due to the complexity of Gerosha continuity, this article's timeline has been broken up into sections divided by volume.

Gerosha timeline by volume
Ciem Tomorrow

Overview of timelines by volume


As the name suggests, The Gerosha Chronicles Volume #1: Origins deals with all events that led up to the main heroes of The Gerosha Chronicles having the situations unfold that helped define their destinies. It establishes where the conflicts these heroes were born into originated, and who was responsible, how, and why.


In The Gerosha Chronicles Volume #2: Legends; the consequences of mankind's continued tampering with the Marlquaan prove far-reaching. New heroes and villains are revealed in the troubling 2010s. However, will the rise of these new heroes of legendary feat and ability be enough to thwart the onslaught of what's coming?

Moreover, a sinister invasion of manifested Biroots reveals that the ongoing war between angelic and demonic forces on the world cannot stay confined forever to outside the realm of human experience.


The Great Marlquaan Storm had effects globally, not just in the US. Rising star Shing Xu within the Chinese MSS thinks he's the Asian James Bond; but he's gonna need help from an erratic young Japanese woman to foil the Hebbleskin Gang's latest foul plot in China. Hebbleskin degenerates in 2012 would soon come to know and fear the Black Rat.

Meanwhile, a year later, another rising star within Chinese intelligence was the underestimated Mingmei Cheng, known better to her enemies as "Stung Hornet." Along with her best friend, Zize "Plum Bixie" Choi, Mingmei was able to uncover a subversive Hebbleskin plot from within the Beijing regime itself. But saving China proved dangerous: how could she prove the heinous plot without herself being labeled a traitor? Either way, she was out to prove to her superiors that she was so much more than just a honeypot.

Seeking to prove herself separately from "Big Sister" Mingmei, Zize heads to Japan to investigate an international plot by the Hebbleskins that threatens China and Japan alike. This leads to her having to assist Tokyo local superhero Charlotte "Mukade" Yamamura and her mentor, Imaki Izuki, in dealing with the Yakuza and with the ninja assassin Kimiyato, while Charlotte plans to start her life over in Louisiana. Imaki's being gone on this quest from Gerosha, however, spells trouble for his other goddaughter.

Three years pass. Mingmei has been promoted to working for MSS Team Black Rat, now officially operating under her codename of "Stung Hornet." Discovering sellouts to the Hebbleskins from within Beijing itself threw the whole country into question about its leadership; but she was acknowledged as a hero anyway.

Meanwhile, her "little sister" Zize continued to go relatively unnoticed, stuck in a rut of being a "honeypot," and longing for a chance to "finally make love to someone worthy," rather than have her body always being used as a weapon to seduce and destroy others with. At the very least, Zize reasoned, if she were to be a weapon, she should have her being an actual living weapon outside of the bedroom be acknowledged more.

Her redemption from this rut arrived in the most unexpected way. Some prominent government officials' sons were exchange students in the Boise area - now being occupied by the Hebbleskin Gang. Zize and a few others were charged to go in and rescue the boys.

However, Zize was among those captured and taken to a Hebbleskin death camp. The word spreading of a refuge in Texas for those fleeing Netheel and Ameristan sparked an urge to expand Imaki Izuki's Exodus Agenda to as many other places as possible.

Just as Gerosha became a Catacomb Community hosting the Exodus Agenda, Horseshoe Blend became just such a community - as did Idaho Falls. Some of the Horseshoe Blend resistance raids the death camp. While being rescued, Zize puts some of the rage in her heart and past MSS training she has to work. Her bitterness pours out on her new enemies, and she aids the resistance in making it back to camp safely.

Zize learns more English as time goes by, and the Hebbleskins soon learn to fear "Plum Bixie," as she is trained in the art of being a member of the resistance. To her shock, no one from China comes to rescue her. So she decides to become part of her new community full time.

It becomes much to Arfaas' frustration later, that he was able to come so close to eradicating the Flippos and crushing the Gerosha resistance to the Triumvirate; only for one sneaky Chinese woman to continually defy him successfully - with no liPo prophecy and no powers, in his own backyard! And much to Zize's surprise, she does finally find the love she'd always yearned for but had always been denied.


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Sodality: Instigation begins this arc, a season of Sodality chronicling the Exodus Agenda and Sodality Church's plans to forge a Sodality of Gerosha league of heroes to keep the cause of Gerosha alive after the city has fallen - by relocating them to Houston. America has fallen. Four new nations arise in its place: Toklisana, Ameristan, Netheel, and Chimerica - the last one a colony of China. It's fall of 2019.

Toklisana (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana) faces constant threats of attack from Netheel and the Icy Finger - as well as harassment at the border with Ameristan. Candi Flippo is now secretly (and illegally) married to Donte "Emeraldon" McArthur. The young couple plan to aid the Exodus Agenda make the perilous voyage to Texas from southern Indiana however possible - with Affadidah's forces ravaging the countryside. Along with them is Imaki, as well as new friend Dolly Malestrom.

Meanwhile, Miriam finds herself working for MSS Team Black Rat to take down the Hebbleskins in China. Down in Texas, Arfaas is planning something big. With his girlfriend, Miranda Kanla, having been abducted; Jack "Jackrabbit" Mercreek fears the worst. He finds himself in a game of cat-and-mouse with Don the Psycho.

Convening the Sodality will force everyone to risk their lives.


The year 2020 has arrived. Having barely survived the journey with their lives, and with Imaki dead and Donte captured and presumed dead, Candi and Dolly need all the new help and friends they can get. They get rich off Candi's inheritance; but have to hide their new wealth. The two soon learn that corruption is everywhere; and that Darius may be the biggest frenemy they will ever have to deal with.

Befriending Jack and Celia proves to be only the beginning for these girls to turn matters around. They must also recruit Mukade, Meerkat, and Arbustombre to their cause in order to stand a chance against Arfaas' onslaught - while also dealing with the harassment they face from local police and SCALLOP.

In order to blend in, the new Sodality attend the University of Houston. Yet, managing school and preparing to make Arfaas' final invasion blow up in his face pushes them to prove their merit.


Summer of 2020 arrives. Candi faces a new threat in the form of the corrupt Senator Gobar and his minion Gerald Milewing. With Lex taking over directing SCALLOP from his father, efforts are made to make SCALLOP less corrupt. However, Candi must be put into protective custody after Gobar's goons make an attempt on her life - while she's revealed to be pregnant.

Celia feels neglected by her friends, and wants revenge for Agent Oisdaat having raped her. Jordan "the Sapphire King" Reddlewick plays on her frustrations to pursue his own vendetta against the corrupt SCALLOP agent; and falls in love with her. Celia finds herself on a separate path from the Sodality of Gerosha, and joins Jordan under the new alias "Taterbug." With Oisdaat walking into a death trap, the couple flee.

However, the Sodality's troubles have only begun with losing Celia to Jordan. Down-on-his-luck Simon Ardvin, a scientist working for Arfaas, is transformed into the part-aardwolf "Capp Aard." Utilizing the stolen [Ming-Yo]], he intends to prove he can lead the Hebbleskins better than Arfaas did - with more focus and purpose, and less sexualized sadism. His splinter faction holds all of Toklisana hostage, after killing Arfaas and scattering the Arfaas loyalists.

Every Gerosha Sodality member available must rally to the front lines to foil this plan - as well as the surviving members of MSS Team Black Rat.


Several years prior, Judge Beliah had a daughter - whom he sold into slavery to Chinese sex traffickers. He receives a warning that Camille has escaped; and intends to go to Interpol and testify against everyone involved. Beliah panics, because he knows that either Extirpon or the Gray Champion could easily find Camille, rescue her, and bring her back to the US. Therefore, he plays his cards in 2015 to have his amendments made to the Kirby Act via legislating from the bench. Icy Finger sympathizers within the DNC protect Beliah from facing any scrutiny for this scandal. However, it dramatically limits Extirpon's ability to generate and submit evidence against anyone to any department. All evidence submitted from Extirpon or any similar being is now inadmissible.

To further cover up his intentions, he began his campaign to make virtually all Phexos and Marlquaanites illegal to even exist - except those protected by the Icy Finger. He refused to answer questions on why he didn't address Meethexos loyal to the Hebbleskin. This led to all the heroes' jobs becoming much more dangerous, as they could be arrested for practically anything.

With Lex Philippine now in charge of SCALLOP in Darius' place, reforms to SCALLOP begin. In 2021, moles are exposed and dealt with. This causes Beliah to panic. He believes that if the Sodality of Gerosha grows any larger, there will be nothing stopping them. And they will expose what he did to Camille, one way or another. Therefore, he uses his ties to the Triumvirate to begin a massive campaign to hunt down and abduct into MPF chambers every single being that could pose the threat of exposing him.

The Sodality finds it difficult to gain any cooperation legally, and SCALLOP is all but forbidden to help them with this war that's been declared. To make a stand and end Beliah's tyrannical abductions, the Sodality will need to augment the most powerful of those it rescues. Their organization grows quite massive; but they succeed in both defeating Beliah and in stopping an army of True Centhuens from destroying Houston.

Battle for Metheel

King Morzhuk is the final king in the Hebbleskin Order on Metheel; and Meethlite civil war is brewing. The king decides to make good on his deal between Arfaas and Rappaccini from years earlier, and to acquire the Grand Ultimates' Ruby for himself. Meanwhile, he stages a plot to get revenge on the Sodality for destroying the Hebbleskin Gang - and to capture them and make them into his trophies. It feels almost like deja vu for the heroes, except that they wouldn't be merely stored underground. They'd be on another planet!

Morzhuk also begins his final assault on Phaeleel, before his war baton is handed off to the Phaletori. Interception by Phaelites results in the heroes escaping, and only a few winding up on Metheel at first - only to join the revolution. The rest find themselves saving Phaeleel - with Hea Pang going back in time to destroy the Grand Ultimates' Ruby before it can be removed from its casing in 2021 - thus, preventing an additional Divergency Event and also exploiting Schrodinger to the Sodality's advantage.

Peace is restored to Phaeleel and Metheel alike; but at the expense of several already-scrutinized members of the Sodality facing additional legal scrutiny back at home.


Five years go by. It's 2026. The Sodality has been split into the Sodality of Gerosha defending Texas and the Sodality of Florence defending Italy. However, Beliah's closest comrades in government continue to linger. The Icy Finger also plans a coup to overthrow the state government of Arkansas and put a puppet regime dubbed the "Chrome Kite" in charge.

The hunt is on for the Phaelite Abdygalis Shard, as well as some rumored caverns in Italy and Mozambique where thousands of additional Marlquaanite Rubies are stored.

Unfortunately, the Sodality's past actions have put them on the government's radar, and globalists are hellbent on making them pay. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Lex discovers much to his frustration that the best way to protect his Sodality allies is internment.

The Sodalities are merged back into a single Sodality; but then must split into two teams to address their challenges: lobbying for their rights before the crumbling Toklisanan government from behind bars, or defy arrest warrants and head to Italy to take the fight to Rappaccini. Team Caged Dove elects to stay behind in Texas, where they face an almost 100% chance of being arrested. Team Spaghetti Liberation assembles to tackle the problems in Italy.

Victory is imperative. Yet...the Sodality members know that pulling this task off will come at significant personal cost. One by one, members of the team are arrested on increasingly arbitrary grounds. But perhaps it's the children, that will suffer most.


Planned as an eventual follow-up series to Sodality, the year is 2029. Tabitha Pang and her new friends now have to save Arkansas from the Chrome Kite regime. However, it'll be their smarts, stealth, skills, and faith that get them through. They don't have a lot of superpowered friends anymore. Other than a handful, mostly enemies, the Altered have otherwise just about been completely banned from "Arkonia," forcing the "Twirlflame Trio" to seek out mundane solutions whenever possible to the challenges before them.

In a poor effort to disguise its absolute brutality of totalitarianism, the Chrome Kite attempts to appear benevolent by hiring Cold Digit to rebuild Little Rock. Forced futurization leaves Tabby and her friends in a world they barely recognize - but must reclaim all the same.

One of the keys to doing this? Helping an underground indie education movement to flourish, and to defy the oppressive state-run education system. With deranged supervillains, killer robots, and frenemy officers around every corner, the teens must find a way to disable "the Tug," and allow their old Sodality friends a way to come back.

Ciem Tomorrow

Set in the 2050s, this series is about the fall of Beliah's regime, as documented in Centipede + 49. With Ameristan fallen, time has come to rebuild the US. Candi's daughter Dana is among those who set out to rebuild Gerosha, in Ciem Tomorrow. Yet, it proves more perilous than thought. The Phaletori are determined to fill in the power gap left behind with Rappaccini and Arfaas' defeat.

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