Tinshpuut the Confident is a minor character in the Q-Basic Gorillas fanfic webcomic by Dozerfleet Comics. As part of the royal guard placed to protect the Transmogrins, his failure to follow protocol is responsible for the Qilantan Nation becoming the Gorillas to begin with - as well as the creation of their arch-nemeses the Ice Chimps.

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"We can hold!"

Abilities and equipment

In human form, Tinshpuut carried small swords and long spears as part of his arsenal as a member of the royal guard to Queen Qilanta. However, his misuse of the Ape Transmogrin turned him into a giant gorilla. It also drove him insane, resulting in him going on a rampage in which he could no longer tell friend from foe. In this form, he relied on brute strength to crush all his opposition.

Character bio

Tinshpuut rose in popularity quickly in Queen Qilanta's kingdom, but his arrogance soon got the best of him when he decided he could wield the Ape Transmogrin that had been declared fit only for a queen to wield. His misuse of it transformed him into a monstrous, giant gorilla. He soon went on a rampage, killing Bokomar and Canaanite alike. When he destroyed the Transmogrin finally, the Bokomar began slowly transforming into gorilla-like creatures. He also created the Ethermangs, Pyrangutans, and Ice Chimps from the invading armies. All armies involved in the mess forged a temporary truce to take down Tinshpuut, which they eventually did. However, Prince Duqat's obsession with getting his hands on a Transmogrin led to more fighting. This resulted in Qilanta having to trap him and his troops in what became known as the Vase of Ethermangs. The Ethermangs' defeat led to the Pyrangutans and Ice Chimps retreating, with the Pyrangutans being transported supernaturally to South America and the Ice Chimps setting up a base for themselves in Antarctica to deal with their increasing intolerance of summer heat.

It is because of Tinshpuut that the Qilantan Nation began building Q-Bases all around the world, and becoming the "Q-Basic Gorillas."

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