Tom Flippo is the missing brother of Candi Levens in the Classic Gerosha continuity of The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. He appears briefly in Ciem, and is never seen again shortly thereafter.

Character bio

Gerosha Prime

For Gerosha Prime, the Dozerfleet founder allowed the game to have some say in how the story turned out. This resulted in Stan and Shalia wanting to have ten children. Candi wound up having significantly more siblings than her Comprehensive-canonical 4-1/2. Mike, Jeff, Jason, Tanya, and Vince also existed in this universe. However, Vince went missing and the game inexplicably turned him into a Townie. It took a long time to locate the file, in which case he was renamed Tom in literature due to the author forgetting what his original name was. Alas, Tom did not constitute a major player in anything as was soon reduced to a one-off mention.

Despair Gerosha

This version went into more detail to describe Tom's mysterious vanishing. It turns out that he was eight years old when he mysteriously vanished without a trace. He had somehow grown up a into a motorcycle enthusiast, and was in the greater Dirbine area somewhere. He was going to have a larger role in Candi's recovery and her path to becoming Ciem, but the 2006 webcomic was never finished.

Classic Gerosha

This version was almost a repeat of his Despair Gerosha counterpart in every single way, except for the fact that he actually did reappear. His reappearance as Candi's long-lost brother was very brief. Once his role in helping Candi get on her feet and arrange for the funerals of her lost loved ones, he quickly vanished again never to be heard from again. The complete inability of the Dozerfleet founder to find a constructive use for him as a character resulted in him being written out of Comprehensive Gerosha's continuity entirely. Therefore, he functionally doesn't exist in Ciem: Vigilante Centipede. Cataclysmic Gerosha's Sodality, likewise, has no use for him. He is one of five Flippo children whose existence was written out.

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