Tom Torrin is a minor character in the Q-Basic Gorillas fanfic webcomic in Dozerfleet Comics. He is the personal assistant to George Mirafuentes.

Top quote

"You'll get nothing out of me!"

Character bio

Little is known about Tom, except that he shared enthusiasm for working with George. However, neither of them expected to be captured by the Ice Chimps and tortured for knowledge about the Omni Transmogrin and how to use it. While George was turned into a cat, Tom found himself brutally murdered by Lord Quirini and his minions. After the Battle for Lansing, George and the Gorillas buried what was left of him with honors for his courage in standing up to his captors.


Tom was developed in the story so that George wouldn't be the sole captive outside of Stacey to ever suffer from the Ice Chimps' quest to understand the Omni. His death served as a reminder that the Chimps can be truly dangerous and murderous when they choose to be; that they're not all silly hijinks as their love for turning victims into cats may suggest.

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