The Triangulum is...

  • Location in-universe: 247 State Route 261. Gerosha, IN 47601
  • Real-world analog: 247 State Route 261. Boonville, IN, 47601


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Initial Sims 2 Triangulum design seen in the Gerosha Prime version of The Battle for Gerosha.

The Triangulum was a structure that was initially attempted for a family in the same neighborhood as Stan and Shalia's in Über-Proto Gerosha to live in. The structure was a tad bit of an actual triangle, though it was made with the hypotenuse facing the front. It was possible for a family to live in it, but limited by the game engine for Sims Deluxe. A second Triangulum was constructed for Gerosha Prime, and described for the first time ever as "the house that Stan and Shalia built." They were originally buried near the Triangulum, before story revisions had them buried at the Gerosha Cemetery. The second Triangulum was not very triangular, nor was it entirely all that spectacular. The Triangulum would be reinterpreted several times across several different games, before a design was settled on for on in The Sims 4.

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