Viola Hunt was an energetic gymnast and dancer in the town of Feltipwa. This town was afflicted with Yehtzig and la-Qualda violence and oppression long before Port Metaball; but it acted on the threat with immediate maturity and swift action. The more-militarily-capable town of Port Metaball, however, was stalled by ineffective and aloof leadership. As a result, the brave and heroic efforts of Feltipwa to keep Yehtzig influence out proved an ultimate failure.

The town's mere suggestion of wanting to protect itself was enough to provoke a Yehtzig response of pure disproportionate revenge. While a sliver of the city remained prosperous, most of the town was torn to pieces. Yehtzig affiliates began to go underground, corrupting any businessmen and government officials who would listen.


Viola's Mantithian form

Before long, the town's majority had been reduced to ashes and slums. Poverty afflicted many, as did unemployment. This was the world Viola had to live in.

Fed up with the ghetto, Viola devised a scheme to get herself into the Voyager program. She ends up joining the team immediately before their mission to Verinthia on Whixtitout. She is quick to action and has a hot temper and big mouth at times. Yet, she ends up completely in love with Oceanoe, who shares her affections.

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